Heavenly Echoes: A Journey into Humanity’s Hidden Spiritual Connections


I believe Angels Do Walk Among UsHey there!

Imagine a world where angels walk beside us, hidden in human form, working tirelessly to uplift and evolve our collective consciousness.

Today, we explore the captivating concept that a small percentage of humans are, in fact, angels in human bodies.

How does their presence impact our spiritual growth and the destiny of humanity?

Get ready to embark on a thought-provoking journey as we explore the consciousness calibrations that reveal the extraordinary truth behind this phenomenon. (These seeming phenomena)

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Unseen Guardians: Unraveling the Divine Essence Within Us All

Angels Among UsHave you ever stopped to consider the possibility that there are angels among us?

It’s a captivating concept that invites us to contemplate a world where divine beings walk alongside us, concealed in human form. These celestial entities, who have already transcended personal spiritual ego, tirelessly strive to uplift and evolve our collective consciousness.

Their presence offers us a profound opportunity to learn from their wisdom and integrate their teachings into our own lives. They act as saviors from the spiritual ego, guiding us toward higher consciousness and helping us navigate our spiritual journeys.

The idea of angels in human bodies is not just an abstract thought but a subject of exploration backed by consciousness calibrations.

Recently, I stumbled upon some fascinating insights on ConsciousnessCalibrations.com, a community I regularly follow for inspiration.

Their latest calibrations, specifically regarding the angelic realm, the statement “angels in human bodies save mankind from its spiritual ego,” and the video “Life After Suicide: Given a Message for Humanity (NDE),” sparked my interest in this intriguing topic

Discover the Calibrated Truth

Are There Angels Walking Among Us?

Explore the Divine Presence Hidden within Humanity

Consciousness Calibrations BadgeAccording to ConsciousnessCalibrations.com and the Founder Brian Gibbs:

1.5% of humans are angels in human bodies. That’s the result Brian Gibbs got in his consciousness testing. This means that out of every 1000 humans, 15 chose the circumstances of their birth explicitly to help the evolution of humanity.

To do this, they were voluntarily born at a lower level of consciousness than their subjective reality, thereby taking upon themselves negative karma in the collective consciousness. So it is that level of consciousness is set at birth, a fact ascertained by Dr. Hawkins.

In addition to processing human karma, angels in human bodies show us we are not forever limited to our current level of consciousness–that it’s possible to shift to higher consciousness by spiritual will, dedication to a true path, and devotion to God.

This post calibrates at 550.

Discover the Calibrated Truth

Invisible Wings. You’d Be Surprised (of NOT!)

Angels Among Us Come in All DisguisesWe often imagine ethereal beings with wings bathed in heavenly light when we think of angels. But what if these divine beings were walking among us, hidden in plain sight? Imagine your neighbor, coworker, or even a stranger you pass on the street as an angel in disguise. This notion challenges our preconceived ideas about spirituality and divinity, pushing us to expand our consciousness and break free from limiting beliefs.

Angels among us, or rather angels in human bodies, offer us invaluable lessons. They embody a level of consciousness free from the constraints of spiritual ego, paving the way for us to follow suit.

Their existence serves as a reminder of our potential to reach higher levels of spiritual development and encourages us to strive toward this goal.

Life After Suicide : Given a Message for Humanity (NDE)

According to ConsciousnessCalibrations.com this video calibrates as true at 500 on the Map of Consciousness.

Chris Batts shares his Near-Death Experience after jumping from a moving vehicle during a suicide attempt. On the Other Side, he communicated with Source, met with Angels, and was given a message for humanity.

According to consciousness research and the books Power vs Force and Truth vs Falsehood, the Angelic dimension starts at the energy level of consciousness and goes up from there.

Archangels go up to 500,000. To put these celestial beings into context, the highest level of consciousness a human being can reach and remain in the body is 1,000 on the Map of Human Consciousness. This level of consciousness has the mind-blowing ower to offset the negativity of all mankind!

Avatars at HIghest Level of Consciousness include, Jesus Christ, Dr. David R. Hawkins, Buddha and KrishnaAvatars throughout history that calibrated at this level include:

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Angels Uplift Our Collective Consciousness & Offset Negativity

Angels Among Us Come in All Disguises (1)The presence of these celestial beings also impacts the evolution of humanity on a larger scale. They guide us toward a future defined by spiritual awakening and enlightenment by elevating our collective consciousness. They inspire us to align ourselves with a path of personal growth and spiritual development, contributing to the joint evolution of mankind.

In recognizing and embracing the presence of angels in human bodies, we open ourselves up to their profound influence. We begin to understand their role in our lives and their impact on our spiritual journey. This understanding can lead to personal transformation, allowing us to shed our spiritual egos and embrace a path of higher consciousness.

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There’s a Chance You’ve Encountered an Angel in Human Form

Angels Among Us Come in All Disguises (2)I invite you to delve deeper into this fascinating topic. Explore the research, converse with others who share this interest, and keep an open mind.

The concept of angels among us challenges our understanding of spirituality and invites us to consider new perspectives. It opens up a world of possibilities for our spiritual growth and development.

Remember, the belief that there are angels among us isn’t just about acknowledging their existence. It’s about recognizing their influence, learning from their wisdom, and integrating their teachings into our lives. As we navigate our spiritual journeys, these celestial guides offer us invaluable insights and guidance.

So next time you’re out in the world, take a moment to look around. Consider that the stranger passing by might be an angel in disguise. And remember, whether we see them or not, angels are among us, guiding, inspiring, and helping us evolve toward a higher state of consciousness.

In this journey of exploration and understanding, we find that the divine is closer than we think, hidden within humanity. In recognizing this, we open ourselves up to a world of spiritual growth and enlightenment, affirming our belief that there are angels among us.

Who Is Proven to Have Been an Angel Among Us?

Winston Churchill is proven in consciousness to be an angel among us (1)According to Consciousnesscalibrations.com, Winston Churchill was an angelic entity in human form. This calibrates at a high consciousness level of 515 on the Map of Consciousness, which is also the calibration level of his “angel mission”.

Calibrations within the range of 500 are associated with the energy of love and the angelic dimension.

There have been other historical figures whose personal calibrations were also within this range:

1. Abraham Lincoln: 565*

2. Thich Nhat Hahn: 500

3. President Ronald Reagan*

4. 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso: 510

5. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: 570 (equivalent to the level of a Saint)

*Per consciousness research from Dr. David R. Hawkins in his books Truth vs Falsehood and Power vs Force.