The Map of Consciousness Explained by Dr. David R. HawkinsWhat is the consciousness of love? Today’s episode of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness podcast and videocast takes a look at the calibrated level of consciousness on love from the Map of Consciousness®. If you are unfamiliar with the Map of Consciousness®, it is

“A proven energy scale to actualize your ultimate potential.”

It is the life’s work of Dr. David R. Hawkins, a world-renowned advanced spiritual teacher of the pathway to enlightenment as well as a preeminent researcher into the study of consciousness.

An explanation of the higher levels of consciousness on the Map can be found here s well as the lower levels of consciousness on the Map here.


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What is Love Consciousness?

What is Love Consciousness_Love consciousness is simply a measurement of the “energy” of the frequency or vibration of love. Energy is energy. The higher the level of consciousness or “energy” of a thing, a person, a place, a belief,  an action, teaching, etc… the more powerful it is in consciousness.

The higher the measure of consciousness, the higher the level of truth that thing “holds” in consciousness.

Just like watts, amps, nuclear power, full gas tanks, or empty gas tanks, it’s a measurement of energy or power required to manifest what you want or get the results that you want.

Whether you need to light a lamp or fire up a commercial bakery, or if you need to travel a mile in your car or 3,000 miles. Energy is required to get you the results you want.

Regarding consciousness calibrations, there is a certain level of consciousness required to manifest what you want.

Here are some examples:

For something to be “effective,” it needs to calibrate at 210-215 on the Map of Consciousness®. If some idea, belief, science or teaching,  calibrates below 200, won’t be effective at proving the change or results you seek. It will only perpetuate the problem and perhaps result in resentment for trusting a level of consciousness that “holds no truth” or power for that matter.

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The Consciousness of Love Calibration

Love Calibrates at 500 on the Map of ConsciousnessThe consciousness of love calibrates at 500 on the Map of Consciousness®.

This is a logarithmic calibration of 10 to the 500th power.

If you learned about logs in school, then you understand the quantum nature of logs. The higher the log, the more quantum in nature the calibration rises. Since consciousness calibrations are a measure of power, the higher levels of consciousness are so enormous at the levels of 500. Above that, they are not even in our human awareness until now.

To put the consciousness of love into perspective and its power, let’s take a look at a few other significant levels of consciousness:

  • Reason Calibrates at 400 on the Map of ConsciousnessThe MIND and reason  calibrates at 400 on the Map
  • RATIONALITY calibrates at 405 on the Map.
  • The land of VERIFYABLY REAL SCIENCE calibrates in the range of 450-460.
  • 450 is the land of MASTERY
  • 460 is the land of EXCELLENCE of some subject.
  • GENIUSES like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Sigmund Freud calibrate at 499.
  • Love consciousness is a quantum leap above GENIUS levels of consciousness.
  • Jesus Christ and the Buddha calibrated at 1,000 on the Map, which has the unimaginable, yet true power to off-set the negativity of a planet and still be in a body.

Even Plato,  the famous Greek Philosopher, was quoted as saying, “Love is a mental disease…”

This is true from lower levels of consciousness due to LOVE’s definition at the level of 500 and romantic love, typically conditional by nature and unaware of love’s truth.

LOVE’s consciousness at 500 on the Map is a quantum leap above ordinary consciousness and certainly for 85% of the planet that calibrates below 200.

Dr. Hawkins has elucidated what he calls key spiritual gateways in consciousness:

  1. Love is a spiritual gatewayThe 1st spiritual gateway is the consciousness level known as COURAGE at 200 on the Map. This is the 1st level of consciousness with any real power to transform and transcend the lower levels.
  2. The 2nd spiritual gateway opens at 350 on the Map, known as ACCEPTANCE. This is the level of consciousness where you are “willing to accept that you are the creator of your own experience.”
  3. The 3rd spiritual gateway is the level of consciousness of LOVE at 500. You have now entered the true spiritual domain here and are willing to accept that life, God, Creation, Divinity, and Truth is not linear. There is NO THIS causing a THAT in TRUTH!

This becomes a major obstacle for many, like Albert Einstein, because we are all so vested in the relative “truth” of science, reason, and rationality.

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What Are the “Energies” Running the Power of Love?

If you look at Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness® in all of his books (see list below), you will see that each level has “energies” going on there. These help you understand the power level of love-consciousness and what’s going on here experientially.

When you look at the Map, you will see the following columns:

  1. The process in the consciousness of love is RevelationPROCESS
  3. LOG
  4. LEVEL
  5. SELF-VIEW, and
  6. GOD-VIEW.

The PROCESS going on at the level of love is REVELATION. Revelation, in my experience, is a quantum leap in awareness at this pure level. It’s a quantum leap above intuition, premonition, or deja vu. The “energy” of it is intense, quantum in nature, challenging to grasp by the mind, fully, and frightening.

I describe an experience that showed me the awesome power of that which is within each one of us in the dimension of Spirit. It was a bit frightening and overwhelming for me at the time.

The emotion in love consciousness is ReverenceThe EMOTION going on at the level of love-consciousness is REVERENCE. It is the experience of Amazing Grace and love and appreciation for all of life at this level.  It’s a challenge to contain the reverence you have for life and Grace. I didn’t know I even had it within me to feel this intense reverence for life.

The LOG is simply the MEASUREMENT of LOVE’s consciousness level, which is 500 or 10 to the 500th power.

The LEVEL is simply the NAME Dr. Hawkins gave to this level.

The SELF-VIEW at this level is BENIGN. There is no more blaming, shaming, and disparaging yourself at this level. You are beyond acceptance and forgiveness of yourself and others at this level.

The GOD-VIEW at this level is LOVING. You view God as Loving as opposed to vengeful and punishing, as I have discovered hidden in my own consciousness.

What Historic Figures Operated from Love Consciousness?

Below is a table of historic figures and other “good-to-know” calibrations that are a power play in the consciousness of love.

Historic Figure or Thing Love Consciousness Calibration
Abraham Lincoln 565
Thanksgiving the Holiday 515
Oprah Winfrey Show (not Oprah) 510
Winston Churchill 510
National Anthem of the US 510
Pledge of Allegiance 510
Valor, Courage to Be Oneself 505
Nelson Mandela 505
Johnny Cash 504
Former President Ronald Reagan 502
William Shakespear 500

In Conclusion:

The consciousness of 1000 offsets the negativity of the planetUse the power of the mind, reason, and rationality to understand and accept the truth about the power of love.

To love and be loving is a “power play” in consciousness to help you transform and transcend lower levels of consciousness within you and start making significant shifts in your life in all areas of your life.

I created this consciousness podcast  ( and videocast (  to help you raise your level of consciousness by building the foundations for a better life. This all comes into being by putting into a context where true power to create and manifest the life you want really exists. Dr. David R. Hawkins created The Map of Consciousness® for this purpose.