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The Mind Body Spirit Network Presents:
Q&A Featured Article With Certified Medical Intuitive Holly Scalmanini

It’s hard to deny the imminent shift toward a more wellness-based approach to health and healing. With it comes an increased focus on complementary and alternative medicine, allowing health professionals like certified medical intuitive and psychic medium Holly Scalmanini to provide holistic healing methodologies that often surpass the limitations of Western medicine. After a short stint as a Hollywood public relations professional, Holly left the glitz and glamour behind to follow her innate calling to help other people. After years as a physical therapy aide, massage therapist, yoga instructor, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, Holly now provides intuitive medical readings and healings. The Mind Body Spirit Network sat down with Holly to learn more about how her psychic medium and intuitive gifts can help people with a vast array of medical concerns and life situations to attain comprehensive health and healing.

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Q: Holly, what do your gifts as a psychic medium and certified medical intuitive entail?

A: I see or perceive issues happening not just in the physical body, but also in the energetic body. When I do an intuitive healing or  medical intuitive reading for someone, I usually first see their energy and I can perceive a particular emotional or life situation that is contributing to physical illness in their body.

CHakra healing, balancing and readings

Q: How does the chakra system factor into your readings and healings?

A: The chakra system is an ancient way of viewing energy flow in the human body. Each of the 7  chakras is symbolic of different aspects of life. When I do an intuitive medical reading or chakra reading for balancing and healing the chakras, I look at the health of the energy flow within each of the chakras. I have a master’s degree in Chinese medicine, so I also see acupuncture meridians. The health of the meridian system, the health of the organs, and the health or lack of health of that energy flow is another lens to look through. There are certain organs that relate to the chakras, so if I’m seeing the second chakra, then I look at those organs. It’ll usually show up like “this is why this lack of health is manifesting.”

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Q: Were intuitive health psychic readings and healings always part of your service offerings?

A: The intuitive piece actually came last. As a physical therapy aide in my early 20s, when I would put my hands on people, I would know that their marriage was in trouble or that they had a drinking problem; those things would come to me and I didn’t fully understand what was happening at that time. I became fascinated with the healing arts and the world of alternative medicine. When I got out of acupuncture school, I realized when I would sit down with someone for an initial consultation, there would be a second conversation happening in my intuitive brain where I was picking up a lot of things from them. From there I went to school and honed the skill of psychic mediumship and of being able to give an intuitive medical reading, so now that’s my primary focus.

Q: Do your health scan readings always center around medical issues?

A: Because of my background in the health care field, the medical intuitive stuff comes easily to me, but everything is inner-connected. Your relationships, career, life paths and direction, archetypes, finances—all those things are intimately related to your health, and your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health are inter-related. Doing an intuitive medical reading or ant type of psychic medium reading entails all those things.

Q: Is medical diagnosis a part of your intuitive services?

A: I never officially diagnose anyone with anything. That’s a heavy thing to hand down to somebody, and that needs to be done by someone who is qualified to do that. I’m not a medical doctor. I am not qualified to provide a medical diagnosis.  What I do see is the energetic imprint for things, so I can see the potential for cancer or diabetes; essentially the choices that people have made in their lives that contribute to that energetic imprint. I see it as not something that’s fixed, but something that’s moveable.

A medical intuitive reading can supplement a medical diagnosis

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Q: Tell us about your process as a medical intuitive. What sources of psychic information do you access, and do you hold a specific intention?

A: As a clairvoyant and psychic medium, I see pictures in my mind’s eye. Most of those images are symbols that have meaning to me, and then I’m able to extrapolate from the symbols what’s happening in your life. I also hear things (clairaudience) , feel things through my body (clairsentience), and sometimes it’s just a knowing (claircognizance). I feel honored to do this kind of service for someone, so I always hold the intention of healing. My goal is to bring clarity, insight and direction so that you can move forward in life and in health. I always begin with a prayer asking for divine guidance and that the reading may bring the highest benefit.

Q: What does it mean to you to “heal”?

A: As a culture, we tend to see healing mainly on the physical level as the absence of physical symptoms. However, I’ve known many people who have chronic and terminal illnesses who have lots of health and vitality that comes from their heart and soul. I feel that it’s important to look at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels for complete healing to happen. I believe that a better definition of what it means to heal is the ability to move forward in life. Movement and flow is one of the fundamental tenets of Chinese medicine, and when that’s blocked, physically or spiritually, there’s an absence of health.

Q: What are the most common ailments and life situations that you see during a health psychic reading?

A: I see a lot of people who are working on self-esteem and self-worth. That can manifest physically as chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue. It can also manifest in life situations where you’re in jobs or relationships that continually make you feel drained. That’s very much a second and third chakra issue that correlates to a common Chinese medicine diagnosis of liver-spleen disharmony, which relates to a lack of healthy digestion and stress. Energetically, there’s a self-esteem issue underlying that.

Intuitive healing

Have you heard enough because you LOVE Holly as much as we do and you could really use some of her exceptional insights?
If so, you may want to take this opportunity to schedule a 30-45 or 60 minute reading with Holly today.
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Q: What do you believe are the benefits of a medical intuitive healing compared to a more Western approach to medicine, and do they ever coincide?

A: I’m one player on someone’s health team. I have medical doctors and a nurse practitioner who refer people to me. Medical doctors often reach a point where they don’t know how to help someone. They have exhausted the resources that they have, so I can be an additional resource in helping to see what’s happening that’s contributing to the patient’s ill health. We need to all be working together and I do see that happening.

Q: Can you share an example of a healing result you’ve witnessed from a client?

A: I saw a 40-year-old woman with persistent digestive issues. After having her gallbladder removed and despite doing “all the right things,” she continued to experience pain, diarrhea and nausea. What showed up in the medical intuitive reading was the need for her to move forward with her career. She had settled into a good job that was comfortable, however her inner voice had been telling her for years that she needed to become a nurse practitioner. She was eager to move forward, but terrified of the responsibility. In Chinese medicine, there is a relationship between the gallbladder and the courage to take a leap of faith in life. The word “gall” even means chutzpah, or brazenness. She is now in school, she has seen her symptoms reduce, and she describes herself as feeling happier and more free in her life.

Q: Do you believe we are entering a new era of medicine and healing?

A: Dr. Oz says that the future of medicine is energy medicine and intuitive energy healers and I agree whole-heartedly. I see individuals taking more responsibility for their health, applying intuitive healing techniques and consulting with team members that are helping them along the way. Those team members could be acupuncturists, medical doctors, intuitive healers, life coaches, hypnotherapists. We are the ones who know our bodies best. It used to be that you’d go to the doctor and do whatever the doctor said. I think it’s shifting now to the individual, which plays into the third chakra and the theme of self-esteem.

Q: What are your goals in helping the community grow into this new health era?

A: My goal is to increase self-awareness. I believe that being self-aware creates situations where you’re more cognizant of the effect of your words and actions on those around you. I think that self-awareness is the best practice for healing ourselves and the global community. I feel happy and honored to be a part of that.

Medical Medium and Certified medical Intuitive Holly Scalmanini, L.Ac.

Have you heard enough because you LOVE Holly as much as we do and you could really use some of her exceptional insights?
If so, you may want to take this opportunity to schedule a 30-45 or 60 minute reading with Holly today.
Schedule an appointment here.

Holly Scalmanini L.Ac. and certified medical intuitive and psychic medium and spiritual healer  is based in Lakewood, Colorado, near Denver and Boulder CO and performs medical intuitive readings and any form of psychic reading for clients in person and around the nation via phone and Skype. For more information about her services or to schedule a medical intuitive reading or intuitive healing please visit her Premier Mind Body Spirit Network business directory listing .

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