Have You Been Wondering How to Tell When One of Your 7 Chakras is Out of Whack?

The 7 chakras, also known as the main energy centers of the subtle body, can become blocked and unbalanced and cause problems in certain areas of your life.

Find out what the top symptoms are for imbalances in each one of your chakras. This informative 7 Chakras Checklist will outline what the symptoms and signs are of a chakra imbalance as it relates to the:

  1. Mental-Emotional Symptoms,
  2. Physical Symptoms, and
  3. Common Issues you may be experiencing right now.

Liz Bigger, Founder of Butterfly Healing and Wellness of Stafford, Virginia  is a Certified Reiki Master, Intuitive Chakra Reader, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Intuitive Angel Card Reader. She is also s a Premier Member of The Mind Body Spirit Network.

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Chakra imbalances...How to tell when one of your 7 chakras is out of whack.

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Reiki Master and Transformational Energy healer Liz Bigger of Stafford Virginia

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