Did you know that a variety of energy healing modalities can clear limiting beliefs and emotional blocks?

Today find out from certified energy healer, spiritual awakening, transformational and Master Certified  Law of Attraction Energy Coach, Linda Armstrong, the different energy healing modalities she uses for clearing stuck emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that keep you from living your life fully.

Today’s High Vibe Tribe Expert Interview is with Linda Armstrong, Premier Member, and Conscious Contributor to The Mind Body Spirit Network.

Linda shares that her journey to becoming a certified energy healer, Reiki practitioner, Theta healer, and GATE Method practitioner, started as a Master Certified Law of Attraction Energy Coach.

Clearing Limiting Beliefs Interview with Linda ArmstrongI asked Linda what the most common issues are that she sees with her clients.

The “limiting belief” lists starts with the common denominator of….not being enough!

Other issues on the limiting beliefs list include:

  • A lack of self-worth and a sense of self, and
  • negative or limiting beliefs about money.

If you would like some assistance with clearing limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that have got you stuck in a rut around many issues, or just one or two, Linda has an online energy healing course and energy clearing online course that will guide you with clearing those stubborn limiting beliefs and emotional blocks.

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Linda’s Online Courses & Healing Groups

Clear Emotional Blocks and Change Your Life

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