Hay House Heal Summit Daily Event Calendar and Speaker Lineup: Day 4

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Hay House Heal Summit Daily Event Calendar and Speaker Lineup

Saturday, October 26-Day 4: Healing Your Energy

Hay House Global Summit Day 4" Alberto VilloldoAlberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Length: 57:09

Title: Revolutionary Healing Techniques from the Ancient Shamans 

Description: Your luminous energy field always surrounds you, ripe with potent energy that you can tap into now to heal anything. No one knows this quite like masterful teacher and spiritual leader Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. Over the years, he’s regrown his organs, explored the cosmic realms, and reached an understanding of Mother Nature that only the true tribal elders of our world possess. In this powerful lesson, you’ll gain ancient shamanic wisdom to optimize your health and breakthrough into extraordinary physical and emotional happiness now.

You’ll learn…

  • Four powerful plants that can switch on your immortality genes.
  • How you can increase the spiritual healing power of your cells now.
  • Three steps to heal a stress-damaged brain.
  • How intelligence can make you healthier and more resilient.
  • A simple trick to make your probiotics more effective.

—Action Step—

Close your eyes. Tune into your energy field. Can you feel it? Surrounding and within you, there’s a pulse of aliveness that’s feeding your breath, making your heart beat, and driving your thoughts. As you sense this field, see if you can sense how it’s flowing, too. This is your energy field. Have you experienced anything like this before? If yes, describe that experience too. How is this experience alike or different? If you couldn’t feel much this time, what do you think was different than the time before?

“The body is designed to heal incredibly rapidly if you give it the resources.” — Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Hay House Global Summit Day 4: Dr. Sue MorterDr. Sue Morter
Length: 1:07:34

Title: Using Bioenergetic Therapies to Prevent and Heal Physical Pain and Disease

Description: Is there a step-by-step method you can use now to heal your body and awaken your soul? Dr. Sue Morter thinks so. After experiencing a profound spiritual awakening that shook her core, she began on a quest to replicate it. Years later, she finally did—and with it, she created a map that anyone can follow. In this mind-expanding lesson, she shares how you can achieve that same spiritual state where “illness doesn’t exist.” You’ll also discover the energetic nature of your physical body and how to rewire and realign yourself so that energy flows easily, the heart awakens, and the mind calms.

You’ll learn…

  • The #1 way energy gets blocked, and how to create flow again.
  • How to lower your inner pH so that illness can no longer thrive.
  • The key emotional energy you must release if you want to heal adrenal fatigue.
  • A simple way to create instant calm and security.
  • How to partner with your brain to dissolve and heal traumatic pain.

—Action Step—

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. What is your mind telling you to do? Are you thinking of some future moment, or the past? Are you worried about anything? What? Can you release these thoughts and worries temporarily and return to the present moment? Relax and try. How often do you find yourself running off in different directions with your thoughts? Are you inspired to try more meditation after this lesson?

“We are self-healing and self-revealing. There is nothing that we cannot overcome and transcend. It’s a matter of learning how.” — Dr. Sue Morter

Hay House Global Summit Day 4: Jon Paul CrimiJon Paul Crimi
Length: 56:39

Title: Releasing Repressed Emotions and Past Trauma with Breathwork

Description: Can breathwork help you instantly release years of hidden pain and built-up grief? According to breathwork teacher Jon Paul Crimi, it can do that and much more. Jon Paul was “not the type of person” who did breathwork. But after an astounding, self-healing first hour, he was hooked. In this moving lesson, he shares how you can use breathwork now to break through tough internal obstacles in minutes, purge stagnant emotional pain, and restore wellness in every area of your life.

You’ll learn…

  • How breathwork can change your mental state in minutes.
  • The two-minute breath exercise you can do at home.
  • A revolutionary method to shut off your inner critic for good.
  • How to calm your nervous system in 20 seconds or less.
  • The remarkable way your breath alkalinizes your body.
  • A gentle, effective way to shift traumatic memories.
  • A surprising two-step method to manifest at lightning speed.

—Action Step—

Find a comfortable spot to sit or lay. If you like, turn on some soft music. Set a timer for 15minutes. Following Jon Paul’s guidance on proper breath technique, inhale and exhale continuously. When your timer ends, return here to share what came up for you. How do you feel? Do you want to repeat this exercise again?

“You’re worth it. You’re worth showing up for. You’re worth loving yourself. You’re worth healing yourself.” — Jon Paul Crimi

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