Hay House Heal Summit Daily Event Calendar and Speaker Lineup

Monday, October 28-Day 6: Healing Your Spirit

Hay House HEAL Summit Day 6: Michael BeckwithMichael Bernard Beckwith
Length: 55:40

Title: Declaring the Health You Want to Experience

Description: Throughout life, many of us push down and suppress what is most real, authentic, and true about ourselves. The art of becoming yourself is allowing that suppression to release. But how can we do this in a healthy way? In this inspiring lesson, the wonderful Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith is here to show you, with sacred insights into how the “pushing down” of who you really are can lead to disease, and the remarkable way being yourself can help you (finally) heal.

You’ll learn…

  • How to create spiritual immunity to lower frequencies.
  • The three main causes of disease.
  • The four windows of manifestation—can you use all of them to create?
  • An important distinction between diagnosis and prognosis.
  • How to create inner peace by asking yourself the right questions.
  • Why pain is never personal.

—Action Step—

How are you inspired to see your illness differently after this lesson? What are some ways you can change the future direction of your health now?

“Step back, see vision, articulate it, and then walk in the direction of that vision.” — Michael Bernard Beckwith

ay House HEAL Summit Day 6: Lynn McTaggartLynne McTaggart
Length: 57:58

Title: The Extraordinary Healing Power of Group Intention

Description: In this insightful lesson, Lynne McTaggart explains how miraculous healings can occur when we join with others intentionally, and even how you can use “the power of eight” and group intention to change your life… and the life of others. With scientific anecdotes to prove how your thoughts change physical matter, she shows you that it’s true—we’re all in this together.” By the end, you’ll want to join others in sending healing thoughts far and wide.

You’ll learn…

  • The “bullet-proof vest” that can protect you from disease.
  • Steps to activate ecstatic awareness.
  • The two necessary elements of successful intentions.
  • Three environmental pathogens that may hold the secret to healing fully.

—Action Step—

Have you ever joined with others in sending healing thoughts? How was that for you? Describe it in detail here now.

“We were never meant to be alone. We were always meant to be part of a larger whole.” — Lynne McTaggart

Hay House HEAL Summit Day 6: Tamal DodgeTamal Dodge
Length: 1:06:09

Title: Using Yoga to Remove the Roadblocks on Your Healing Journey

Description: In this lesson, spiritual teacher and Yoga Salt founder Tamal Dodge discusses how you can achieve spiritual bliss no matter what’s happening around you. Buoyed by his calming energy and heartfelt clarity, you’ll learn to see through your current limitations and get a taste of what’s possible for you through the eight-limbed practices of yoga and much more.

You’ll learn…

  • An easy way to make your yoga practice feel more spiritual.
  • A 5-minute practice that will create a cascade of positive life experiences.
  • Steps to enhance your concentration while meditating.
  • What creates chronic illness in healthy people.
  • A yoga practice you can do from bed.

—Action Step—

How can you fit in a yoga or other spiritual practice into your daily life?

“People who are ‘spiritually well’ know their body is a temple.” — Tamal Dodge