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Day 1 Radical Remission from Terminal Illness Hay House Summit March 16 2020

Discover Day 1 of the Hay House Radical Remission Summit and Docuseries Speaker Lineup: 2 Survivors–Shin Terayama (featured in Radical Remission) and Palmer Kippola (featured in Radical Hope) and 8 contributing experts (see below)

Hay House Radical Remission Summit Daily Event Calendar and Speaker Lineup

Monday, March 16th, 2020-Day 1: Empowering Yourself


Some who receive a terminal diagnosis see it as an opportunity to reach deep and find something remarkable within. Today, you’ll hear two such stories—inspiring individuals who looked inward for strength and forged their own path of healing, in part bytaking charge of their health.



Shin Terrayama- survivor of terminal illness and remission from kidney cancer story tellerShin Terayama
Terminal Illness Survivor of: Stage 4 Kidney Cancer

Description: Thirty-two years ago, Shin Terayama was sent home on hospice care in a wheelchair, with a feeding tube. His doctors believed he had only one to three months to live. Inspired by a desire to make the most of his final days, Shin began listening closely to his intuition—making new choices about his lifestyle, diet, and approach to healing. Each small but steady step eventually led to his total recovery and remission from stage four kidney cancer.

Palmer Kippula radical remission from MS multiple sclerosis story tellerPalmer Kippola
Survivor of:  Multiple Sclerosis

Description: Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 19 and given no solutions by her doctors, Palmer Kippola was told to prepare for life in a wheelchair. Unwilling to accept that fate, she tapped into her inner reservoirs of strength and started researching alternative options that might help her stay healthy. After 25 years of debilitating symptoms, she finally uncovered her path to healing, remission from multiple sclerosis and has been symptom-free for the past 10 years.

Day 1 Radical Remission Speaker Lineup of Experts

Isaac (Zak) Kohane, M.D., Ph.D., is Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School and leads multiple research projects.

He received his medical degree and a doctorate from Boston University and performed his post doctoral training at Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA. His i2b2 project is currently deployed internationally to more than 120 major academic health centers to drive discovery research in disease and pharmacovigilance, including providing evidence on drugs that ultimately contributed to a boxed warning by the FDA. Dr. Kohane also currently leads three NIH-funded projects.

George Wang, M.D., Ph.D., FACP, founded Wisdom Health and Wellbeing after a long career inprivate practice, research, and academia.

Founder of Wisdom Healthand Wellbeing, George Wang, M.D., PhD., FACP, has been practicing his whole-person approach to healing for more than 14 years in academic and private practice settings, includinghis years spent on the medical faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center. He has had research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals including Science Translational Medicine and was mentored by Nobel laureate Dr. Peter C. Doherty.

Dawn Lemanne, M.D., M.P.H, Oncologistand Johns Hopkins University graduate

Dawn Lemanne, M.D., M.P.H.,teaches at the University of Arizona’s Integrative Medicine Fellowship.Long BioDawn Lemanne, M.D., M.P.H., is a board-certified oncologist renowned for treating thousands of cancer patients with a combination of conventional and integrative approaches. Her clinic, Oregon Integrative Oncology, attracts patients from around the world. She has authored peer-reviewed articles, textbook chapters, and lay press works, including “N of 1,” with Glenn Sabin. She speaks internationally on integrative oncology and teaches physicians at the University of Arizona’s flagship Integrative Medicine Fellowship.

Jeffrey D. White, M.D, Distinguished cancer researcher and lecturer.

Jeffrey D. White, M.D., is the Director of the Office of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the NCI.

After receiving his B.S. in physics from Cornell University, Jeffrey D. White, M.D.,went on to attend Howard University Medical School, where he was able to combine his talents in science with his passion for helping people. Dr. White also serves on the medical advisory board of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation and has been the Director of the Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Cancer Institute for several years now and has published numerous articles on oncology.

A recipient of a MacArthur Prize Fellowship, Harvard and Yale graduate Michael Lerner, Ph.D., is president and co-founder of Commonweal.

MichaelLerner, Ph.D., holds a B.A. from Harvard University and a Ph.D.from Yale University. Heis the president and co-founder of Commonweal, where he works extensively with its Cancer Help Program, Healing Circles, and The New School at Commonweal. He was the recipient of a MacArthur Prize Fellowship for contributions to public health in 1983 and is author of Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Therapies.

Joshua Weiss, M.D.,is the lead investigator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Spontaneous Remission Annotated Bibliography project.

Joshua Weiss, M.D., received his BSc in Biochemistry from McGill University and completed his medical degree from the University of Manitoba. He went on to complete his residency training at McMaster University. There, he also served as Chief Resident in Family Medicine. In addition to teaching residents and students, hehas been the lead investigator for the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Spontaneous Remission Annotated Bibliography project since 2012. Furthermore,he foundedthe Life Medicine clinic, where he combines lifestyle medicine and group psychotherapy treatments for chronic medical and mental health diagnoses.

Lee M. Nadler, M.D.,is Director of Harvard Catalyst at Harvard Medical School,and his experiments led to huge breakthroughs in leukemia.

Lee M. Nadler, M.D.,is the Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor for Cancer Research and Teaching, the Dean for Clinical and Translational Research, and the Director of Harvard Catalyst at Harvard Medical School.His experiments led to the worldwide immunologic classification of human B-cell leukemias and lymphomas. Similarly, he was the first to use monoclonal antibodies to improve the outcome of human stem cell transplantation. He has received many awards in his career, from the Association of American Physicians,and more.

Kelly Turner PhD New York Times Bestsellin Author of Radical RemissionHOST of the Radical Remission Summit 2020
Kelly Turner, PhD

A Harvard-trained researcher, Kelly Turner, Ph.D. is the author of the New York Times bestseller Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds and the highly anticipated Radical Hope: 10 Healing Factors from Exceptional Survivors of Cancer & Other Diseases (March 2020).

Kelly partnered with Hay House to develop this 10-episode docuseries featuring many of the survivors from her books. Each episode addresses one of the 10 healing factors she discovered while analyzing over 1,500 cases of radical remissions from cancer.

This docuseries will share those survivor and radical remission from cancer and terminal illness stories and the healing approaches they used after receiving their terminal diagnoses.

The event begins on March 16th 2020but you can register here now!

Check Out The Hay House Radical Remission Docuseries

10 Day Event Speaker Lineup Below

DAY 1: Empower Yourself

DAY 2: Radically Change Your Diet

DAY 3: Releasing Suppressed Emotions 

DAY 4: Increasing Positive Emotions 

DAY 5: Bringing Exercise and Movement Into Your Life 

DAY 6: Having Strong Reasons for Living 

DAY 7: Deepening Your Spiritual Connection Practice 

DAY 8: Using Herbs and Supplements 

DAY 9: Following Your Intuition 

DAY 10: Embracing Social Support (more details coming soon!)

HELPFUL RESOURCES: Check out our compilation of bestselling books, about radical remission from cancer here. These are written by expert presenters from the Hay House Radical Remission event.

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