Holly Scalmanini’s Infertility Affirmations Chart

Dealing With Infertility?
Need Help Staying Centered and Accepting of Where You Are?

Going through the process of infertility can feel like an emotional roller coaster.

In my years doing psychic readings for those going through infertility, there are some common thought forms that I see. It’s important to remember that all emotions come from thought forms. It is also helpful to remember that thought forms are not real and we can choose to not pay attention to them…kind of like shooing flies away.

Here are some of the common emotions:

  • Anger/Jealousy

  • Worry

  • Shame

  • Fear/Perfectionism

If you are feeling any of these emotions, more often than not, then my infertility affirmations chart shares with you the common thought forms, associated with these feelings and then some affirmations and visualizations you can use to transform them and be at peace with your process.

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Provided by Premier MBS Network Member Holly Scalmanini, L.Ac.

Infertility Affirmation's Chart by Holly Scalmanini

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Certified Medical Medium & Intuitive Healer Holly Scalmanini, Infertility Specialist

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