Can Energy Healing Provide Spontaneous Transformation? Interview with Jennifer McLean

Today we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Jennifer McLean who is one of the newest faculty members of The Shift Network.

Jennifer has an event, sponsored by The Shift Network running through October 2019 called: Energy Healing Techniques for Spontaneous can register for that event here.

In today’s High Vibe Tribe TV episode, we invite you to discover how to spontaneously and permanently transform negative emotional patterns with energy healing techniques…

You’ve likely experienced powerful healing through gifted practitioners and modalities like EMDR, cranial-sacral work, and Reiki energy healing techniques.

But what if YOU could spontaneously transform negative emotions and emotional patterns that have wielded tremendous influence over your life — warping your beliefs, laying the groundwork for dis-ease, and limiting your capacity to access your authenticity, soul gifts, and joy?

Today Jennifer discusses her background with us and what’s she’s got cookin up with The Shift Network and online course offerings for self-help healing, self-energy healing and energy healing certifications for health practitioners.

Check Out Jennifer’s Book & Audio CD Here

Spontaneous Transformation: 7 Steps To Coping & Thriving In Extreme Times

Spontaneous Transformation-7 Steps To Coping and Thriving In Extreme Times by Jennifer Mclean

Awakening Healing Chants Jennifer Mclean

Awakening Healing Chants Jennifer Mclean

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with Jennifer McLean

High Vibe Tribe Interview with Jennifer McLean Pioneering Energy Medicine Practitioner & TeacherAbout Jennifer McLean, Pioneering Energy Medicine Practitioner & Teacher

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed healer, author, speaker, edge pusher, and transformational change agent. As a trained healer, Jennifer has helped individuals transmute their deepest fears, blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, growth, health, wholeness, and abundance.

Her innovative Spontaneous Transformation Technique has helped hundreds of thousands over three decades shift held energy in the body to successfully liberate themselves from old hurts and patterns of obstacles that lead to disease and upset. With hundreds of certified practitioners, this popular technique is reaching more and more people to accelerate healing and elegantly resolve old beliefs and upsets.

Jennifer combines her powerful intuitive gifts with emotional and spiritual discernment to assist you in lovingly identifying and compassionately releasing and changing the old neural pathways that have kept you from living a magnificent life.

The change starts immediately by simply being in Jennifer’s presence, as she speaks this encoded frequency of healing and guides you through Spontaneous Transformation sessions. Jennifer also offers sound-vibration Soul Songs — musical arrangements containing unique tonal sound-healing vibrations that promote profound change.

The author of five books, Jennifer has appeared on Fox, CBS, NBC and been featued in prominent online publications and summits. She is also the producer of the renowned Healing With The Masters online media franchise that reached more than 1,000,000 souls over 17 seasons of transformation.

Jennifer has a Shift Network event running through October, 2019 called: Energy Healing Techniques for Spontaneous Transformation…you can register for that LIVE event recording here.

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Liz Gracia is the Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network and loves to bring visionary thought leaders, teachers and speakers as well as luminary healers, change agents and transformation specialists to light in order to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

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