Learn how to speed read-tips on how to read faster and understand more with Jim Kwik

Learn How to Speed Read; Tips on How to Read Faster and Understand More with Jim Kwik: Discover Jim’s Science-Backed 15 Minute Speed Reading Hack to Absorb, Retain, and Recall More Information for an Edge At Work and Life. Learn his tips on how to read faster and boost your reading speed by 50%. Discover the biggest barrier slowing down your reading speed. Learn how to understand more when reading and retain what you’ve read better.

Tips on How to Read Faster and Understand More

What You’ll Learn in This Speed Reading Mini-MasterClass with Jim

  1. Boost your reading speed by 50% how to comprehend when readingBoost your reading speed by up to 50%

    This simple exercise will save you more time each day, and help you grow exponentially in both your personal and professional life.

  2. Gain a competitive edge at work when you learn how to read faster and remember more

    Discover why speed reading is no longer a ‘nice to have skill’ but the leverage you need to getting noticed and rewarded in a competitive workplace.

  3. Learn how to comprehend when reading faster

    Hack your brain to amplify your focus and become distraction-proof so you retain the information you read with ease

  4. Discover the biggest barrier slowing down your reading speed

    Undo this one bad reading habit we all learned at school to unleash your brain’s natural ability to absorb knowledge like a sponge and how to comprehend reading better.

Bring a book to this hands-on Masterclass, tips on how to read faster and understand more, and experience for yourself how Jim’s speed reading techniques can dramatically improve your rate of reading and your ability to absorb and retain the knowledge you’ve learned.

Liz Gracia Founder, Editor in Chief & Host of YOur Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Conscious Curator of Transformational Events
Host of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast

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About Your Speed Reading Teacher Jim Kwik

Learn how to spreed read with Jim KwikJim Kwik is recognized as one of the foremost experts in learning how to speed read, improve memory, brain performance, and accelerated learning — And a highly sought-out trainer for top organizations like Virgin, Nike, Zappos, NYU, GE, Fox Studios, Harvard, and Singularity University.

But his accolades today are a far cry from his learning struggles as a child.

Suffering a head injury at the age of 5, Jim was left with severe learning challenges. To compensate, Jim double-downed his efforts in college by spending hours in the library. Rarely stopping to eat or sleep. In a weakened state, weighing only 117 pounds, Jim passed out, falling down a flight of stairs, and once again, sustained further head injuries.

Jim woke up in the hospital two full days later.

During his recovery he had an epiphany — It occurred to him that his entire education revolved around being taught what to learn. But never once was he taught how to learn.

As Jim began to unravel how the human brain really works, he developed strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance.

He went on to become the go-to Brain Coach for CEOS, lawyers, rocket scientists, and Hollywood’s biggest stars — all of whom depend on remembering what they read.

And Jim will show you how in this Masterclass where you will learn how to speed read; tips on how to read fast and understand more.