Letting Go of Emotions with Sound Healing Interview with Chloe Goodchild

Imagine that letting go of emotions that are buried, suppressed and repressed can be done by the use of sound healing via “Sounding” your own voice. According to Voice Pioneer and founder of Vocal Medicine, Chloe Goodchild this can be done to transmute emotions that are likely causing trouble somewhere in your life! Letting go of emotions is a powerfully transformative process that leads to a shift in your level of consciousness and subtle if not obvious awakening.

Today, in our interview with Chloe Goodchild, we are being introduced to her profound life’s work that has discovered how letting go of emotions and anger (as an example) can be done through a sound healing with the power of your own voice, what Chloe calls Vocal Medicine.

We had this interview in support of Chloe’s upcoming Shift Network event called: Transforming & Letting Go of Your Emotions Through Vocal Medicine: Discover 7 Musical Modes to Liberate Self-Expression & Evoke Love

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As pioneering voice teacher Chloë Goodchild, explains, “sounding” your voice can help you unmask and breakthrough stuck in rut emotions and uncomfortable feelings, including anxiety, anger, depression, grief, alienation, and overwhelm…

You can then befriend and transform these feelings, letting go of emotions far more quickly and effectively than merely talking about them could do.

Discovering how to use your voice as an instrument for sound healing awakens what Chloë calls your innate impulse to heal and transform, through the most available means of communication you have — your own unique voice.

You can connect with Chloe further on her website TheNakedVoice.com where she describes:

THE NAKED VOICE is your original voice, fully-embodied, naturally-expressed, and free of self-consciousness. It is your authentic sound, as unique as your DNA or fingerprint. In 1990, singer and voice teacher, Chloe Goodchild, founded The Naked Voice, as a unique method that explores the human voice as a source of individual and collective self-discovery, linking to the most profound levels of human wisdom.

Upcoming & Past Events for Chloe Goodchild

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We Mentioned Chloe’s Book & Class You Can Order

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