Discover the voice of your soul and open to a more authentic, courageous, creative & joyful life…

LIberate the Voice of Your Soul with Chloe GoodchildDid you know that your unique voice is the messenger of your soul, the essence of who you truly are?

It opens the door to free your own unique resonance and creative expression — the flow of your most embodied self and soul gifts out into the world!

Expressing your soul voice can feel vulnerable at first, yet with expert guidance, you can discover how to more courageously feel into and express it.

On Saturday, January 20, international singer, educator, and author Chloe Goodchild will help you clear old patterns that block your natural expression to release your soul’s voice and feel more free, self-empowered, and creative in a complimentary virtual event, Liberate the Voice of Your Soul: Discover Your Sound Awareness, Creative Expression & Unique Resonance.

Registration for this mini-workshop is free, so reserve your space now.

The Shift Network Free Online Event with Chloe GoodchildIn this audibly exciting one-hour virtual event, you’ll:

  • Discover how “sound-awareness” is inextricably linked to “self-awareness” with core practices that enable you to hear and express yourself effortlessly
  • Unveil your “personality” voice so your inner life becomes more audible
  • Listen with new ears to the seamless thread that unifies speaking with singing
  • Develop your “self-observing witness,” as you begin to inquire: “Where does this sound come from?”
  • Understand how to receive, explore, and converse with the unique voice of your soul as a wisdom older and deeper than the polarity of all conflict
  • Discover new ways to relax and reflect from within, as your whole body receives the vibration and flow of harmonic resonance
  • Adventure more courageously into the musical sound and feelings of your own vulnerability, as you restore honor to your “shadow” or forgotten voice
  • Deepen your experience and embodiment of the sacred language of silence

Chloe is not only an international singer, educator, author –– and world-renowned recording artist –– she’s also a mystic who trained in India to approach the voice as a vehicle for liberation and full expression.

Let her show you how you can break through inner obstacles to release your truest, freest, most joyous self!

RSVP for free here.

Liz Gracia Publisher and Editor in ChiefLiz Gracia
Founder & editor in Chief

P.S. During Liberate the Voice of Your Soul: Discover Your Sound Awareness, Creative Expression & Unique Resonance, you’ll discover how to access your soul voice — the uninhibited, naked, true, direct expression of your spiritual self –– so you can express yourself more freely and enjoy more liberation, truth, and comfort in your body.

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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