Discover How to Open to the Loving, Limitless Energy of Money Interview

In our interview with Sarah McCrum she introduces us to the experience of the loving energy of money. Sarah has experienced the energy of money as a living thing in consciousness. You could call it the Spirit of Money. And the loving energy of money wants us all to know that we’ve got it all wrong on how money wants to be perceieved  It actually is a Divine loving energy in Spirit. Not an energy to be feared or hated, but loved and appreciated.

Sarah’s Newest Course is Called Thank You Money: The New Art of Living Generously. You can access her introductory video about this course here.

Discover How Money Loves You Interview with Sarah McCrum

In this episode, we are excited to welcome back money consciousness coach Sarah McCrum. Sarah has just come back from a successful launch of her 1st Money Consciousness Program and online course in partnership with The Shift Network., that launched with a FREE Online Event entitled:

How do you relate to money or the energy of money?Discover the Generous, Loving Energy of Money with Sarah McCrum

Sarah is a leading money consciousness coach and author of Love Money, Money Loves You .

Sarah shares her experience with The Shift Network in that they were very hesitant to take on any new teachers on the topic of money as they had not had success launching online courses on the topic of money.

Several members of The Shift Network however had read Sarah’s book, Love Money, Money Loves You and were really enthusiastic about taking on Sarah as a faculty member and launching her course based on the teachings of her book.

Sarah explains, “There’s a way of putting money on the map that is congruent with people and how they want to relate to money.”

She feels her message and way of teaching this topic of relating to money is aligned with how people want to relate to money now.

“Consciousness is the New Sexy!” — a comment Sarah heard while at a movie theater

Due to the success of Sarah’s  1st event as a Shift Network faculty member, The Shift Network was eager to have Sarah offer a more in-depth money consciousness course and program. Her 2nd FREE Online Event is called:

Activating the New Currency with Sarah McCrum—though this event has passed you can now access Sarah’s newest introduction to her online money course here.

YouTube Interview -with Sarah McCrumWe open our interview with Sarah McCrum with the following:

“Does there seem to be a limited supply of money in your life…

Do you feel that wanting more money is selfish or not “spiritual?”

The “new currency” — opening to money as loving, limitless energy — is something entirely different, an evolution and a REVolution…

Once activated feelings of fear and scarcity fade. The illusion that you need to “make more” to “have enough” dissolves. You become clearer, more effective, and more aligned with your values and your soul.”

Sarah’s Upcoming & Past Shift Network FREE Online Events
on Money Consciousness Activation


Activate the Generous & Loving Energy of Money with Sarah McCrum

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More on Our Interview with Sarah McCrum & the Loving Energy of Money

Discover How to Transform Your Relationship with Money CopyI bring up the consciousness research of Dr. David R. Hawkins in Power vs Force that 85% of the planet operates below 200 on the Map of Consciousness which is below the level of integrity and true power. I suggest that this fact likely suggests even more than 85% of the planet is operating at a lower level of consciousness as it relates to money. And is totally unaware of the loving energy of money which calibrates at 205 on the Map of Consciousness®. This level is just above the level of courage at 200. It is an upward pulling positive aspect oriented level of consciousness that is constructive.

Sarah has found not only this, but wealthy people also operate at a low level of consciousness as it relates to money as well.

I asked Sarah bout the common problems she sees with people and her clients as it relates to money and their relationship with money.

Sarah shares, “The underlying problem is the same as we all have inner conflict…fear of losing it, guilt of having more than other people, and people who get into spirituality or personal development find it difficult to want to ask for money.”

This creates an internal conflict that affects our ability to successfully create financial prosperity and abundance in life.

I suggest there is a long-standing mass consciousness around money that affects all of us in the unconsciousness.

Beliefs like:

Money is the root of all evil is a common yet destructive belief.

(Just so you know. This statement is NOT TRUE. In consciousness research. Money in fact calibrates at 205 on the Map of Consciousness©, which is positive aspect-oriented, constructive and upward pulling. It’s our projection onto money that “money is the root of all evil” that interferes with our sincere appreciation for money as an exchange and a means for a fulfilling life and rich soul expression)

Money Consciousness and the Loving Energy of MoneySarah understands that there isn’t really a widely accepted [ and understood ] wholesome healthy, clean perspective on the energy of money.

Yet when you understand and accept that money is an aspect of love, and that life is love, then by reason, the energy of money is love too!

(Love by the way calibrates at 500 on the Map of Consciousness© — which is a relative superpower in consciousness)

Sarah acknowledges that it’s satisfying to pay for things, share it, circulate it throughout life, but not give it away (out of guilt).

Something else to understand is that our world wouldn’t be what it is today without the capital markets and the collective investment in the stock market, bond market and financial vehicles to fuel innovation, jobs and flourishing companies that serve our planet.

The infrastructure of our world is significant. Without financial markets and taxes we would be living a very primitive life.

In my interview with Sarah McCrum I asked her who she works with.

Sarah responded that she works primarily with business leaders and business owners. Business owners have found her counsel grounded and practical.

Sarah admits, that on the words level her subject may appear to be really woo-woo, but at a deeper level it’s significant.

She feels that business leaders engage her because she gives them permission to explore territory that is very satisfying and fulfilling that doesn’t destroy their business but enhances it. They can be more successful but satisfy their deeper needs for purpose,  connection, and soul engagement.

I asked Sarah, “When do you know you’ve made a soul engagement?”

Sarah responded, “The soul is that part of us that is very sweet, very alive ..our inner wilderness and true nature. The soul brings in a very rich experience… but it’s the part of us, more than anything else, that we tend to shut away.”

Relate to Money & the Loving Energy of MoneySarah believes that the soul is the part of us that wants to experience a rich fulfilling and loving experience. Having a loving relationship with the energy of money can be a part of this soul experience.

You’ll know when you give voice and give freedom to your Soul when the experience is truly joyful, loving and beautiful.

We bring up the book Conversations with God.

“God” in the book reiterates that the soul comes into life to experience life [ RICHLY ].

God talks about the story of The Little Soul and the Sun. It is through our soul that we can experience our true nature.

Your soul is looking for a rich experience. It’s not to say that the soul can’t experience without money, but you can create even more beautiful experiences, with the resource of money, and accepting the loving energy of money.

We need the embodiment of our soul to have the experience of materializing our creative intent.

An important point to make is that it can be problematic to identify with money and how much you have.

Here’s some of the ways people identify with money and the energy of money:

  • Passion for Profit -making money doing good and serving othersPeople identify with poverty.
  • People identify with sufficiency,  but create limitations on what they may really want to experience in life. Sufficiency becomes a limiting virtue that doesn’t really serve a deep fulfilling purpose.  It becomes their identity.  Sarah often hears people say, “But I can’t afford….”
  • Wealthy  individuals can identify with accumulating money and having a lot of it.. This in itself can shadow the true inner purpose of the soul.
  • People come into this world that are intended to create massively and support the job force and the economy in significant ways.

Wrapping up our interview Sarah McCrum we discuss Sarah’s newest Shift Network Event: Activating the New Currency which leads into a 6-month online course intensive with Sarah. If you missed Sarah’s first online money consciousness course, no worries, that course is bundled with the new 6 month money consciousness program.

If you missed this online money course, you can now access an introduction to Sarah’s Newest Course: Thank You Money: The New Art of Living Generously, here.

About Money Consciousness Coach Interview with Sarah McCrum

Money Consciousness Coach Sarah McCrumSarah McCrum, a leading money consciousness coach, is the author of Love Money, Money Loves You and Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out.

Born and raised in the UK, Sarah is a graduate of Cambridge University. A former school teacher, she spent 10 years working for BBC Radio, travelling all over the world and interviewing children for various stories.

Her life changed direction at age 30, when her younger sister died and she subsequently discovered Chinese Metaphysics. She trained with Chinese masters for the next 22 years, immersing herself in a Chinese understanding of energy and natural health.

Love Money, Money Loves You Book by Author Sarah McCrumSarah is the co-founder of Thank You Money: The New Art of Living Generously. a program that teaches us how money is interwoven through every moment of our lives, connecting us all in an invisible web of exchange. She guides students to explore how they think, feel, and act around money — in order to discover the beauty of engaging with a consciousness that supports our deepest creativity and wellbeing.

Sarah, who lives in Australia, coaches spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, and change leaders around the world about the loving energy of money and the consciousness of money.


Consciousness IS the New Sexy!

Check out Sarah’s newest online money course: Thank You Money: The New Art of Living Generously here!

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