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Wondering How to Sell Courses Online?

Looking to gain some insights into your online marketing efforts? If so take a peek inside this month’s online marketing mastermind meetup.

This week’s Online Marketing Mastermind topics covered:

  • Video hosting platforms….where’s the best place to host your videos when you want to create branded and private classes and training courses?
  • How to sell courses online, training class platforms: where can you build your online training courses? Are there all in one solutions and if so, what are the pros and cons to consider?
  • WordPress membership plugins…how do they work and how do they compare to an all in one platform?
  • A basic search question was asked by a newbie wondering why she can’t find a website she just built for herself… listen in as it’s an SEO (search engine optimization) issue.
  • Another basic question was: “should you pay for the added privacy when buying a domain name and what does that added privacy afford you?
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