Keyword Research is Significant and Essential for Driving Quality Web Traffic into Your Business

SEO Keyword research & Local SEO services on small business directory gets you found consistently on GOOGLE.In today’s  marketing webinar, presented at The Mind Body Spirit Network’s weekly online Meetup & Business Networking group, we dive  into the significance of professional SEO keyword research before even considering  development of any type of:

·         website design,

·         branding strategy,

·         content marketing strategy,

·         sales funnel,

·         email marketing campaigns,

·         YouTube channel,

·         Podcast,

·         new product and service offerings,

·         PPC (pay-per-click) Campaigns and more!

The key ingredients a professional SEO keyword researcher will look for in an overall content marketing strategy is:

1.       Monthly search volume…how many searches a month are being done on a particular search phrase?

2.       Monthly search volume depth and sums and averages. When I do keyword research on a particular keyword phrase, my search tool delivers (sometimes) a significant amount of search results with other combinations of that keyword search phrase.  An example would be one keyword phrase could deliver me 50 results whereas another could deliver me 10,000 results. The latter is much more interesting to me a s a marketer (as long as there’s solid financial viability) as it’s showing depth and probable high monthly average search volume.

3.       Competition for organic page 1 ranking…meaning how easy would it be for a *professional SEO strategist and SEO campaign optimizer to optimize a page to get found on page #1 of a Google search)

4.       Financial viability…meaning is there a market here (for a particular keyword phrase)  for which businesses/marketers are willing to pay to acquire leads and customers? This is reflected in the Cost per Click that advertisers are willing to bid for a particular keyword phrase.

5.       Competition for the PPC auction. Are there a significant number of marketers in the bidding process for that particular keyword phrase.

*It’s highly unlikely that an SEO novice could rank on page #1 of a Google search without some depth of experience in this area of expertise. Professional web marketers are highly SEO and SEM savvy. The exception to this is if you understand SEO local and how to format and SEO optimize a page for local search. (This is beyond the scope of this presentation and blog.)

YouTube SEO Video Marketing

In this video SEO YouTube marketing presentation we cover some of the key SEO optimization techniques to get your video off the ground and more likely to get found on search within the YouTube search engines, more so  than on Google searches.

Did you follow that?

You’re more likely to get found inside of YouTube when someone enters an SEO keyword you are targeting, than if someone is searching in Google (even though Google owns YouTube)

How to develop a YouTube SEO video marketing strategy, make money on YOuTube and grow your businessSome key elements of YouTube SEO formatting include how you:

1.       Write your Title of the video.

2.       Write your descritption.

3.       Craft the bottom of the description of your video.

4.       Interlinking, and

5.       Tagging…just to get you started.

It is essential you understand the significance of the keyword phrases that you use in the SEO content marketing strategy for your  YouTube SEO video marketing initiatives.

I highly advise that you get professional keyword research services and SEO expertise to get your content marketing and SEO video marketing efforts off the ground in a significant way.

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I don’t recommend floundering around in this arena as it can get more complicated and confusing  as you try to muck your way through it.

Liz Gracia, Founder and Director of  Marketing for and is an SEO-SEM-Keyword Research Expert and helps conscious services based solopreneurs and small businesses with a value driven SEO Keyword Research, Analysis, Reporting and Business Consultation service.

We provide SEO keyword research services, SEO content marketing strategies and YouTube SEO video marketing strategies from our offices in Golden, CO midway between Denver and Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

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