Harmonious loving relationships with others start with you!

Relationship Advice for Harmonious Loving RelationshipsHarmony and peace are not some external entities that could be found in the outer world. Peace lies within you. Therefore, if peace or harmony is what you seek in your relationships, you would have to start by looking at and analyzing your own relationship with yourself. A relationship would serve to uplift you as a person only if there exists an authentic connection. After all, it is no secret that every one of us wants a relationship where one is loved, honored and accepted, just the way one is. Many may choose to believe otherwise but the truth is that it is possible to have such loving, harmonious relationships; people just need to realize that it starts with them.


Understand what is limiting you in your relationships

Do you feel that something constantly inhibits you from truly opening yourself to a fulfilling and connected partnership? That you just cannot realize fully the potential you may possess that could expand the horizon of your relationship? Have you ever pondered what this ‘something’ is that constantly acts as an inhibitor? Well, if you contemplate deep enough, you will find that these inhibitions exist within your mind and that they are nothing but your thought patterns and limiting beliefs; nothing more than mere mental habits. Science says that neural pathways are what lead to the formation of habits. Science also apprises us that it is fairly possible to break almost any habit and create new neural pathways that will help you achieve that which you desire – lasting peace and contentment in all your relationships.


Relationship Advice…4 Simple Steps
How to create more peace and harmony within yourself and in your relationships

The mind is analogous to a restless monkey that just cannot stop its chattering, howsoever hard it may try to. However, bringing certain practices in your habit can help tame the monkey mind and create more peace, harmony, and connection with yourself and in your relationships. The following points can be considered to constitute the best mantra for peace and harmony in the family and in your life in general.

Relationship advice for couples1. No need to resist, rather move towards total acceptance for loving relationships

Resisting that which is, is nothing more than the unconscious expression of your inability to create harmony in your relationships. This may need a bit of elaboration. If your associate in your relationship (it may be your friend, partner, colleague, parent, etc.) tries to express where they are in their own personal evolution and you push against them, you, unknowingly and unconsciously, create an energy of non-acceptance. This is bound to create tension. However, once you consciously move into the energy of acceptance, the tension gets completely annihilated. Put simply, when in a relationship, always accept people as they are; never try to push their personality to mold into the vision that you wish they would be. If you allow them to grow, evolve and transform at their own pace and as it is meant to be and accept them exactly as they are in each moment, you will contribute to more harmonious and loving relationships.

2. Be gentle, embrace compassion

The virtues of gentleness and compassion have their energies rooted in trust and kindness. Therefore, once you imbibe gentleness and compassion, your connection with people will naturally deepen.

Gentleness will help develop in you the tendency to respond gently to circumstances, situations and people’s behaviors. You will no longer jump into reactions and assumptions and this will open up a dynamic communication flow that is free from fear.

Compassion begets grace. Therefore, being compassionate will let you give your partner the grace to work through their own internal process of evolution. The tendency to compassionately understand your partner stems from love and the desire for harmony in your relationship. If developed in both, such a tendency will be more like you and your partner performing soul to soul healing. At trying times when opinions conflict and discussions turn into heated arguments, choose love over fear and harmony over drama by addressing the situation from a place of compassion and gentleness.

3. Relationship advice for couples: Let go of your expectations of your partner

An expectation is a standard, often unspoken of, which you would like your partner to follow. If not met, one finds oneself upset over something that was never clearly addressed. Let go of the expectations you hold in your mind of your partner and disappointment will never come your way; it is really as simple as that. Our social conditioning has taught us that a certain relationship ought to have some set ideals. It is, in a sense, an attachment to the idea of people or situations being a certain way. Once you let go of this idea, peace occupies the place that your expectations of others used to.

Loving Relationships4. Personal space always remains important

Elation is one of the outcomes of being in a healthy loving relationship. Quite often, people are spellbound by the ecstasy of union, so much so that they just cannot seem to spend time with themselves in quiet reflection. The excitement of partnership may kill the need for working on your own personal growth. One may become so entangled in this excitement that he or she may dismantle the need for personal space. Such a lack of personal space may initially seem comforting but as time progresses, one is sure to experience an element of suffocation. It is then that one realizes that one needs room to breathe, to expand, and to look within.

Once you set your intention for loving relationships and the creation of harmony in your relationship, you will be able to acknowledge the necessity of allowing room between your oneness. You do not complement each other; rather both of you are complete souls who have come together for love, growth, and evolution.

These points make for the best relationship advice for couples and individuals in other forms of relationship. They are sure to let you experience more peace and harmony in all your relationships in life.  A lasting, harmonious, and loving relationship begins with the belief that it is possible to have one.