SEO Page 1 Google Search Results for Our 1st Online Directory Member

I’m more than thrilled  by the Page #1 Local Google results success I’ve already started to see with the our 1st Official Member of (and her listing has only been live for less than 2 weeks!)

Please welcome me in congratulating Morgan Reeser of Acne Beautiful Complexion Coaching

I don’t have enough time to list all of the Page #1 Local Google Search results, but here are a quick few I wanted to single-out to show you the type of results you can hope for.

Please Note: These search terms are not random, they are based on the keyword marketing research we delivered to Morgan. They are also based on the towns surrounding Morgan where she works…though it is not to say she can’t get found on a national search and most likely will once her listing ages and we start connecting her listing and expert blog article all over our social media accounts and in our email newsletter.


Case Study Video of Effective Business Directory Listings:


Page 1 Google Search Results:

clear skin diet carbondale: position #1

Real Google search results

health coach carbondale co: position #5

Google serach results

natural acne remedies aspen co: position #1

Google search results for "natural acne remedies"


how to prevent acne carbondale co: position #3

Google serach results for "how to prevent acne"



nutrition coach basalt co: position #7

Google search for "Nutriton Coach"


natural acne treatment carbondale co          position #5

Google search results for natural acne treatment


acne beautiful complexion coaching: positions #4 & #5

(her website showed up #6 & #7)

Google search for her business name


morgan reeser carbondale: position #7

Google search for her name


pimple treatments basalt co: position #10




foods for healthy skin aspen co: position #10



nutrition coach basalt co:  position #7




Another note: GOOGLE IS DYNAMIC AND CONSTANTLY MOVING. If you “Google” these search phrases they could go up and down…..hope you enjoyed our case study. If you’d like Google search results like these, consider becoming a member of our innovative business directory for mind body spirit health professionals.


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Liz Gracia


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