Is Your Website Up to Snuff for Today’s Online World?


Your Ultimate Website Checklist for 2018 Webinar


Are you getting the traffic and leads from your website that you had hoped for [ or maybe even have been promised ]? If not, it could be in the design and user experience!

If you are in need of a new website, or website redesign or upgrade, then this is FREE Marketing Webinar [recording] for you!

Before hiring someone to help you, come find out all that you need to know about the ultimate website checklist  and web marketing “Best Practices” to get you up to speed with today’s fast changing digital marketing.

This Ultimate Website Checklist is “The Foundational Basics for Your Online Success”!


Join The Mind Body Spirit Network founder and Certified Online Marketing Expert Liz Gracia for a lively and informative conversation where you will learn what you need to know about the ultimate website checklist, website design in today’s ever evolving web design landscape and the ever growing use of mobile devices as instant communication tools.

You will walk away with key pieces of information and questions you may need to ask your web designer/developer or hosting service and simple steps to take immediately to improve your website’s performance.

Can you answer YES! to all of these?

  • Is your website 2 1/2 years old or less?
  • Was it professionally designed and branded? (not a DIY-er!)
  • Is it “optimized” for user experience? (TIP: I’ll give you a great website where you can test it for yourself!…let’s see if your website scores all A’s across the board!)Is it mobile responsive?
  • Are you getting all the traffic and leads and return on your investment you had hoped?
  • Is your web optimized for Google search so that people can find you and your service offerings?
  • Do you know what your top SEO keyword phrases are for search success?
  • have you created an SEO content marketing strategy around SEO keyword research?
  • Do you have a branding strategy?
  • Is your company branded so as to stand out distinctively from all the rest of the “me too” brands in your marketplace?
  • Is your company brand noticeable, memorable and referable?
  • Is your lead magnet of interest to your ideal clients? How do you know? What does keyword research say about your lead magnet?
  • Are you capturing leads and delivering your lead magnet immediately with an effective follow up email nurture campaign in place?
  • Do you have an ongoing email marketing strategy in place so that your hard one leads don’t go cold?

If you can’t say yes to more than half of these “Ultimate Website Checklist” questions, then a new website strategy may be at hand!

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