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What’s a Growth Hack in Branding? Align with a Brand Archetype.


Do you know your brand archetypes?

How about your own personal archetypes?

When you understand your own personal archetypes (really the top two are what really matter) and the power inherent in aligning with your own true nature, then you will have discovered the key to unlocking your personal brand and experiencing significant breakthroughs in your business.

The Importance of Understanding Archetypes in Personal Branding

In this marketing webinar today we discuss the basics of Branding whether that be brand marketing for a business or personal branding (for solopreneurs that are the face of their businesses or for professionals on a career track where personal branding can be the significant edge over others in your field of expertise).

After the basics on the benefits of personal branding and why it is so important to invest in the personal branding process, when then dive into brand archetypes and why its’ so importance to understand archetypes in branding and how powerful they truly are.

HINT: Aligning with your brand archetypes (whether for a company or a personal brand) is a metaphysical growth hack to illuminating the path for you ideal clients, business success, prosperity and fulfillment.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT for everyone except for highly committed mind body spirit health professionals, visionary thought leaders, luminary personal growth, development and transformation experts, pioneering solopreneurs or corporate professionals on the conscious rise.

I hope you found this illuminating!

Certified Online Marketing Expert Liz GraciaLiz Gracia
Founder, Director of Marketing
Alchemist for Business Member Growth

My personal archetypes?

  1. Artist/Creative #1
  2. Alchemist/Magician #2

Which brand archetype one are you?

Is your personal brand different than your business brand? (It’s Ok if it is, just make sure you are properly aligned with the predominant Archetype of your brand and not wallowing in multiple personality disorder.)

Comment below.

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