Explore Feminine Power: A Journey Through History, Spirituality, & Women’s Empowerment Today

Feminine power encapsulates the essence of what it means to embody the feminine spirit.Feminine power, a concept that has evolved and been interpreted in myriad ways across cultures and epochs, encapsulates the essence of embodying the feminine spirit.

At its core, feminine power represents an amalgamation of nurturing, caring, creativity, intuition, empathy, and receptivity[1][2].

It’s about embracing the shameless woman within and acknowledging our imperfections while still holding self-reverence, humility, confidence, and courage[3]. This power is not outwardly aggressive but rather inward, focusing on feelings, thoughts, and needs, making one more attractive by being in touch with oneself[4].

The Duality of Feminine Power in Mythology

Confidence and Confrontation: Embracing Ishtar’s Dual Roles

Historically, feminine power has been celebrated, feared, and understood through various lenses. The Citi exhibition “Feminine Power: The Divine to the Demonic” takes us through 5,000 years of belief in female spiritual beings, showcasing how female authority and femininity have been perceived[5].

Sekhmet, the ancient Egyptian goddess of destructionFrom Sekhmet, the ancient Egyptian goddess of destruction, to Guanyin, the Buddhist embodiment of compassion, these spiritual dualities have profoundly influenced people’s lives for millennia[5:1].

The exhibition also explores the role of creation narratives and the earth’s fertility, highlighting how passion and erotic desire have been spiritually associated with feminine influence[5:2]. For instance, the formidable Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, who presided over both sex and war, is depicted confidently and confrontationally, embodying the dual nature of feminine power as both creator and destroyer[5:3].

Natural Symbols: Matriarchal Animals and the Moon

Photo by Pixabay

Natural Symbols: Matriarchal Animals and the Moon

Moreover, feminine power has been represented through natural elements like the moon and animals with matriarchal inclinations, such as elephants and orcas, symbolizing strength and spirit[6].

In society, this power manifests through expected roles and behaviors, with women generally anticipated to embody traits like politeness, accommodation, and nurturing[7].

However, the repression of feminine power speaks to a collective energy imbalance and disharmony between masculine and feminine energies, underscoring the need for a more inclusive understanding of power dynamics[8].

To tap into feminine power, individuals can engage in activities that foster creativity, such as dancing, and prioritize self-care and meditation to activate divine feminine energy[9][10].

This approach nurtures personal growth and contributes uniquely to the world, aligning with the broader intent of using power for the greater good[11].

The British Museum’s Curators’ introduction to Feminine Power: The Divine to the Demonic

This video was an exciting find on this topic of feminine power throughout history…

Join this online illustrated talk presented by British Museum curators of our new Feminine Power exhibition, Belinda Crerar and Lucy Dahlsen.

They introduce the exhibition’s scope, range, themes, and highlights. They then take a cross-cultural look at the profound influence of female spiritual beings within global religion and faith and ask how different traditions view femininity.

Finally, they explore with them the significant role that goddesses, demons, witches, spirits, and saints have played—and continue to play—in shaping our understanding of the world.

Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives

Bestselling Book Goddesses in EveryWoman by Jean Shinoda-BolenThis is an excellent opportunity to introduce you to Goddesses and feminine power as they appear in archetypes. Archetypes that reside within the Divine Feminine and women to some degree or another.

Introduing…Jean Shinoda Bolen’s celebrated work of female psychology, which uses seven archetypical goddesses to describe behavior patterns and personality traits, is as relevant and timeless today as when it was first published thirty years ago.

“A glorious book. Jean Shinoda Bolen’s weaving of myth, science and keen observation makes this an outstanding contribution to the humanities.” — Rita Mae Brown

Activate the Wisdom & Boldness of the Goddesses Within to Become Who You’re Meant to Be.Myths are fascinating stories that become even more intriguing when we realize they can reveal intimate truths about ourselves and others. Jean Shinoda Bolen brings the Greek pantheon to life as our inner archetypes and applies the power of myth to our personal lives. Once we understand the natural progression from myth to archetype to personal psychology, and realize that positive gifts and negative tendencies are qualities associated with a particular goddess within, we gain powerful insights.

Depending on which goddess is more active, one woman might be more committed to achieving professional success, while another is more fulfilled as a wife and mother. From the autonomous Artemis and the cool Athena to the nurturing Demeter and the creative Aphrodite, she teaches women how to decide which to cultivate and which to overcome and how to tap the power of these enduring archetypes to become a better “heroine” in their own life story.

Social Roles and Repression of Feminine Power

Societal Expectations: Traits Associated with Femininity


Societal Expectations: Traits Associated with Femininity

Empathy, intuition, and nurturing, traits typically associated with femininity, can sometimes lead to stereotypical expectations in social roles.

These societal expectations often pigeonhole women into specific categories, limiting their opportunities for growth beyond the domestic sphere or care-oriented professions[12]. While these traits are valuable, their emphasis can overshadow other aspects of feminine power, including leadership, innovation, and analytic thinking.

The Impact of Stereotyping on Personal Identity and Growth

Photo by Ron Lach

Stereotyping based on gender can have profound effects on personal identity and growth. When women are encouraged only to exhibit certain “feminine” traits, they may internalize these expectations, which can stifle ambition and discourage them from pursuing interests or careers traditionally seen as masculine[13]. This limits individual potential and perpetuates a cycle of societal expectation and self-censorship.

Beyond traditional roles, the repression of feminine power can manifest in various ways, including wage disparities, underrepresentation in leadership positions, and societal pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards[14].

The Impact of Stereotyping on Personal Identity and GrowthEnergy Imbalance: Addressing the Need for Harmonious Power Dynamics

Addressing the need for harmonious power dynamics requires a conscious effort to challenge and dismantle the stereotypes and societal structures that perpetuate the energy imbalance between masculine and feminine energies.

This involves acknowledging the value of traits traditionally associated with femininity, such as empathy, intuition, and nurturing, not as limitations but as strengths that enrich leadership, decision-making processes, and creative endeavors.

It also necessitates creating spaces that foster diversity and inclusion, allowing for a more balanced representation of genders in various fields, including those traditionally dominated by one gender.

Moreover, educational systems and parental guidance play crucial roles in shaping perceptions of power and gender from a young age. Encouraging an environment where children, irrespective of gender, are taught to explore all aspects of their personalities and interests can help disrupt the cycle of stereotypes. This education should include stories and examples of influential figures across the gender spectrum, showcasing a variety of strengths and qualities.

In the professional realm, policies that support equal opportunities, such as equitable pay, parental leave for both parents, and measures against gender discrimination, are vital steps toward correcting the current imbalances.

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Embracing Feminine Power Through Self-Care

Embracing Feminine Power Through Self-Care Fostering Creativity: Dance as a Form of Expression

Photo by Maickol Florez

Fostering Creativity: Dance as a Form of Expression

Embracing feminine power through self-care is a multidimensional approach that involves recognizing and valuing one’s needs, capabilities, and boundaries.

Self-care can take many forms, but one particularly effective method for fostering creativity and expression is dance.

Dance is a form of expression that allows individuals to explore and communicate their inner emotions, thoughts, and narratives without the constraints of verbal language. This nonverbal medium can be profoundly liberating, especially for those who may feel confined by traditional gender roles or societal expectations.

The physicality of dance merges with the emotional and mental aspects of self-expression, offering a holistic experience that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit.

For women and for anyone who identifies with or embodies feminine energy, dance can be a powerful tool for reclaiming agency over their bodies and authentic selves. It creates a space where the dancer can experiment with power, vulnerability, strength, and fluidity—all traits associated with femininity but are, in essence, human characteristics.

Incorporating dance into one’s self-care routine can also challenge and expand the perception of embracing feminine power.

It encourages individuals to step beyond predefined boundaries and explore a broader spectrum of expression and being.

Dondi Dahlin – The 5 Elements Through Belly Dance & Ceremony
Bernadette Pleasant – Somatic Dance for Emotional Alchemy with Bernadette Pleasant
Dr. Judith Orloff – Keys to Being a Healthy Empath card

Meditation and Self-Reflection: Activating Divine Feminine Energy

Meditation and Self-Reflection: Activating Divine Feminine Energy

Photo by Tiểu Bảo Trương

Meditation and self-reflection are transformative practices for activating and connecting with the divine feminine energy within. If you question whether or not they are effective, I can assure you they are!

It’s proven in consciousness research to be of significant power to engage in these mindful practices (590).

This spiritual dimension of self-care (AD-320), oriented towards introspection and awareness, cultivates a deep connection to one’s innermost thoughts and feelings, unveiling the layers of one’s self that are often overlooked or undervalued in everyday life.

Through regular meditation, self-acceptance (AD-320), and self-reflection, , individuals can develop a more nuanced understanding of their emotions, desires, and the intrinsic power that lies within them. This process not only aids in healing and personal growth but also enables a reconnection with the aspects of femininity that society has historically oppressed or disregarded.

By nurturing this connection, individuals recognize the strength, wisdom, and intuition that characterize the divine feminine energy. Such realizations can encourage people to assert their needs, make empowered decisions, and pursue their authentic paths with courage and clarity. Furthermore, these practices encourage the dismantling of internalized gender norms and stereotypes, allowing for a more expansive and inclusive interpretation of what it means to embody feminine power.

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Building Supportive Communities: The Role of Collective Empowerment

Building Supportive Communities: The Role of Feminine Power in the Collective

Photo by Sierra Koder

The journey towards embracing and uplifting feminine power should not necessarily be undertaken alone. Community plays a crucial role in nurturing and empowering individuals to explore and express their feminine power.

Supportive communities offer a safe space for sharing experiences, learning from one another, and collectively challenging societal norms restricting gender expression. Within these spaces, individuals can find validation, inspiration, and the courage to express themselves authentically.

Creating inclusive environments where stories and struggles can be openly discussed enables collective healing. It highlights femininity’s diversity and the myriad ways it can be experienced and expressed.

The journey of embracing and amplifying feminine power is multi-dimensional,

Photo by Lee Nhan

Moreover, the role of the community in facilitating collective empowerment extends to fostering resilience against systemic injustices without falling prey to victimhood. Through solidarity, individuals can organize, advocate for social change, and support each other in navigating challenges stemming from patriarchal structures. This collective action contributes to individual growth and spearheads broader societal progress towards gender equality.

In summary, embracing and amplifying feminine power is multidimensional. It involves personal introspection, embodiment through practices like dance, and building supportive communities.

As a teacher of consciousness, I understand the significance of introducing people to the fact that any form of victimhood disempowers you.

Unfortunately, most of society is unfamiliar with consciousness research and the Map of Consciousness®. Most of us, including women, feel like victims in one way or another. The media and many others perpetuate victimhood throughout society as a badge of honor, which it is to the lower mind and the ego.

I am on a mission to enlighten those interested in breaking free from lower consciousness and all forms of victimhood and stepping into courage and true power. Feminine power is, in truth, rooted in higher consciousness and the acceptance that we all create our own experiences and that whatever we hold in mind tends to manifest.

Top 10 Rules to Live By Worksheet

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*According to ConsciousnessCalibrations.com, “making a list of rules to live by for oneself” is of higher consciousness. That’s why we’ve added it to our 1001 Ways to Being of Higher Consciousness.

Reclaiming Feminine Power in the Modern World

Reclaiming Feminine Power in the Modern World and Contemporary Workplaces

Photo by RDNE Stock project

In contemporary workplaces, feminine power is often reflected in transformational leadership strategies. These strategies diverge from traditional “command and control” paradigms to focus on inspiring and motivating employees through empathy, understanding, and the encouragement of individual strengths. This approach facilitates inclusive work cultures and can drive innovation and loyalty.

Modern feminine power also manifests in activism and social movements, where the focus is on building community, empathizing with marginalized voices, and nurturing sustainable change, which reflects feminine strength. Campaigns for gender equality, reproductive rights, and gender-based violence often prioritize empowerment narratives, personal stories, and grassroots organization, all channels of feminine power.

Furthermore, in media and popular culture, representations of feminine power have become more diverse, challenging stereotypes and celebrating a broader range of feminine identities and experiences. This includes the recognition of intersectionality and the unique experiences of power and disempowerment that come with various combinations of gender, race, class, and other social dimensions.

In personal development, modern women and feminine-identifying individuals may draw on traditional practices associated with the divine feminine, such as meditation or yoga, but they also engage with contemporary methods, including career mentoring, education, and digital connectivity, to expand their influence and knowledge.

Finally, feminine power plays a critical role in policy and governance.

Photo by Mizuno K

Finally, feminine power plays a critical role in policy and governance. The increased presence of women in politics and decision-making positions brings new perspectives and leadership styles to the forefront. This presence has the potential to contribute to more balanced and compassionate governance models that reflect feminine values and priorities.

Thus, feminine power is multifaceted in modern life. It involves personal agency, community connection, representation in various societal domains, and innovative use of traditional feminine strengths. It is an expression of and search for equality, wherein feminine energy is a resource for personal fulfillment and societal transformation.

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Meet Dr. Claire Zammit: Champion of Feminine Power

Dr. Claire Zammit, Ph.D. Women's Empowerment LeaderDr. Claire Zammit is a transformational teacher and leader in women’s empowerment and leadership.

Her work centers on helping women unlock their feminine power—an internal reservoir of energy, wisdom, and strength that aligns with the qualities traditionally associated with the feminine, such as nurturing, intuition, collaboration, and emotional intelligence.

Zammit co-founded the Feminine Power Global Community, a large online educational community supporting women’s growth and empowerment.

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Unlocking Potential: Empowerment and Leadership Training

The One Key Shift for Coaching Women eBook by Clire ZammitZammit’s approach to embodying feminine power involves personal development, leadership training, and community building. Through her work, she aims to assist women in identifying and overcoming the inner barriers that prevent them from fully stepping into their power and potential. She has developed frameworks and teachings that enable women to tap into their innate capabilities and transform their lives and those around them.

In her courses and programs, Zammit often employs practices that engage both the mind and the heart. These may include reflective exercises, meditation, visualizations, and strategic action planning, all designed to heighten self-awareness and catalyze personal and professional growth.

The goal is to help women recognize and embody feminine energy to create a life that is both personally fulfilling and impactful in a broader social context.

Collective Empowerment: The Importance of Community Connections

Discover the Collective Empowerment of Women and Feminine Power: The Importance of Community Connection

Photo by Ionela Mat

One of Zammit’s central tenets is that women’s empowerment is about the individual and the collective. Women transform societal norms and structures as they step into their feminine power and grow in their careers and personal lives.

Zammit’s teachings encourage women to form empowering relationships, build supportive networks, and assume leadership roles contributing to systemic change.

For coaches, therapists, and health practitioners working with women, Zammit provides training and mentorship that integrate feminine power principles into their professional practices. These professionals have tools and methodologies to help other women uncover and express their unique strengths, overcome limitations, and activate their full potential.

By emphasizing the importance of connection, empathy, and empowerment, Zammit’s guidance helps these professionals foster environments where women can thrive. The focus is on holistic development, integrating emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth to support women in becoming leaders in their own lives and communities.

Ultimately, Dr. Claire Zammit’s work with feminine power is about creating expansive opportunities for women to grow

Photo by Henri Mathieu-Saint-Laurent

Ultimately, Dr. Claire Zammit’s work with feminine power is about creating expansive opportunities for women to grow. Her contribution lies in educating and mobilizing women to harness their feminine energies, thereby enabling personal transformation and contributing to a more balanced and equitable society. Through her teachings and community-building efforts, she strives to provide a space where feminine power is recognized, celebrated, and leveraged for the greater good.

In conclusion, feminine power transcends mere definitions. It embodies a complex interplay of attributes and energies that have shaped spiritual beliefs, societal roles, and individual identities throughout history. Its multifaceted nature invites a deeper exploration and appreciation of the feminine spirit, encouraging a harmonious balance between masculine and feminine energies in pursuit of a more equitable and understanding world.

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