What if you could live your life feeling loved and sharing love each and every day?

Wow, wouldn’t that be nice! And yes, it is entirely possible. Many of us share the energy of love and receive love easily, but yet we can get thrown off so easily. Be sure to get your freebies below!

The work is to be consciously aware of staying in the energy of love. Being aware of what pulls you out of that love and then allowing yourself to release the lower energy and bring back the high vibration energy. Love is the highest energy of all. It’s right up there with appreciation, gratitude and joy.

Road Rage is the opposite of LOVE

I used to be a person who could easily feel road rage. My reaction to someone cutting me off or doing something I thought to be inconsiderate would jump immediately into aggression. That energy just does not feel good and guess what it doesn’t do anything to make the situation better. It only feeds negativity.

These days when someone cuts me off, the first thing I do is to send them love. I think about how it is possible that they have an emergency that they are needing to get to, or that they are a brand new driver, or that they are elderly, I think of why they might be in such a state that caused them to cut me off.

They might even be so locked into a problem that they had no clue that they even cut me off. I then choose to send them love and ask for a safe journey for them. That feels a whole lot better. Then I don’t have to continue my day from that lower energy because it will bring down the rest of the day. And that is totally unnecessary.

This is just one example of the many ways that we get triggered. It happens all day long if you allow it. The good news is that you have the power to shift yourself out of emotional upset.

Who’s voice was that?

And then there are the many voices in your head that tell you that you are unloveable. The voice of a teacher who didn’t get you. The voice of a stressed out parent that didn’t realize the effect of their words when they themselves were feeling unloved. The voice of that bully at school, there are just so many voices.

As you start to journey inward, to the truth of your being, you learn that you are pure love energy. The more you connect with your innermost self the easier you can let go. Letting go of all the outside noise, letting go of all the negative self talk, letting go of the connection to past hurts that will replay any chance they can get.

But in all of it, it is just an attempt to get you to connect to your truth. The truth that who you are is love. Have you ever looked at an infant and thought.. that baby is just so unlovable? No, I’d say never. And that’s because we are born in our true nature. We exude love and we receive love so easily. We don’t worry about being fed or being clothed, we have complete trust. So what happened to that inner child?

I’ve created a mini video session to clear beliefs around love to assist you in manifesting your desires in a peaceful loving way. It’s here for you if you would like to clear your way to manifesting your desires.

Your Truth is LOVE, you are magical, you are enough…

Also, remember when you were a child and you knew that anything was possible. You could build up all these stories in your imagination about being the princess, or the inventor, or the artist, actor, teacher. You could dream up the magical home you lived in with all the magical animals who played with you. I remember my Son telling me about the airplane he was going to build that was half dinosaur and half machine. He had no doubt in his mind that he could build it. He could see it in his mind as if it already existed.

This is how we create. Our job is to connect to that love, and that trust that we had when we were so young. Before the big people told us that it wasn’t possible. Before we were made to feel like we weren’t enough, that it couldn’t be done, that we were “just dreaming”.

Dreaming is one of your Super Powers! Listen to this dreamed up story of mine that came TRUE!

By returning to love, we rekindle the knowing that anything is possible. It is from this high vibration energy of love that all things are possible. From this high vibration of love the answers and solutions come to us. We get inspired ideas downloaded to us from the Universe. When we act on those inspired ideas our dreams do come true. it’s time to create from love and not from fear.

We may eventually get to where we plan to be by reacting to fear but we will have to travel a much harder road to get there. Plus, you miss out on so much more you could have created had you only come from the inspiration born of love.

I am also giving you a beautiful meditation to Bring in Light, Love and Self Appreciation. Click the image to download, no opt-in.

My Challenge to YOU, send LoVe!

Spend a day sending love to everyone you pass by as you travel throughout your day. I do this all the time and I know it is key to my ability to stay in the energy of love. Love is contagious. The people you send to do not even need to know you are sending it. Their Soul will soak it up for them. And if somehow they are not open to receive it, no worries, the love will go where ever it is needed.

Peace, Love & Light,



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