How Can You Be Your Future Self Now? Check Out Today’s High Vibe Book Recommendation


Book Recommendation Be Your Future Self NOw by Benjamin HardyIntroduction:

Welcome to another high-vibe book recommendation! In this blog post, we’ll explore the transformative power of consciousness and intention while focusing on our featured book, “Be Your Future Self Now: The Science of Intentional Transformation,” by the esteemed psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy.

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Do somthing today your future self will thank you forWhat does it mean to be your future self now?

Being your future self now is a profound concept that encourages us to bridge the gap between who we are today and the person we aspire to become. This book recommendation holds to a consciousness calibration of 255 on the Map of Consciousness®, signifying its potential to offer profound insights. By setting clear intentions and aligning our actions with our envisioned future, we can embody the person we aspire to be and consciously create our reality.

How can you be your future self now?

  1. IMagine being your future self now Set Clear Intentions: As this high-vibe book recommendation emphasizes, the first step is to set clear intentions about becoming your future self. Visualize the person you desire to be and take intentional steps to embody those qualities and attributes in the present moment.
  2. Align Your Actions: The book showcases how living with intentionality involves aligning your actions with your envisioned future self. Embrace an abundance mindset, practice diplomacy in your interactions, and nurture feelings of worthiness to reinforce your path of transformation.
  3. Live with Intention: By living with conscious intent and making choices that resonate with your desired future, you empower yourself to create your desired reality. Embracing the energy field of 255, where this book recommendation falls, allows you to operate at a higher level of consciousness and attract positive experiences into your life.
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Now, let’s dive into the podcast episode 131 to explore the fascinating insights it offers:

Book recommendation calibrations of powerConsciousness Calibrations related to Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness®: The podcast delves into “consciousness calibration” and highlights that “Be Your Future Self Now” has been calibrated at 255 on the Map of Consciousness®. This calibration places the book in higher consciousness, but NOT a higher mind indicating its potential to offer rudimentary yet transformative insights.

It’s worth noting that the author, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, references Dr. David R. Hawkins’ consciousness research in his videos and books. Dr. Hawkins was a renowned psychiatrist and consciousness researcher who developed a scale of human consciousness, known as the Map of Consciousness. This scale ranges from 0 to 1000, with higher levels representing states of greater awareness, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

Calibrations in the Energy Field of 255:

A Catnap calibrates at 255 on the scale of human consciousness tooThe energy field of 255 encompasses various calibrations, including:

These calibrations share a common thread of positivity, balance, and alignment with higher consciousness. Embracing a neutral perspective, feeling worthy, fostering an abundance mindset, and practicing diplomacy in our interactions are all stepping stones toward being our future selves now.

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Book Description and Insights:

Imagine your future self (1)In “Being Your Future Self Now: The Science of Intentional Transformation,” Dr. Benjamin Hardy, a noted psychologist, reveals how envisioning and embodying your Future-Self now shapes your present reality. This transformative book emphasizes the power of imagination to direct your behavior towards your envisioned future rather than being influenced by your past. Discover the essence of your Future-Self – the driver of your life’s choices, motivations, and aspirations. Expand your horizons, seek growth, and unlock a better version of yourself by envisioning a more profound and expansive Future-Self. Embrace the potential for change and increase as you imagine a different, more evolved person – guided by new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to become your Future-Self.

Encouragement to Listen to the Podcast:

As we wrap up, I highly encourage you to listen to or download this episode of “Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness.” The podcast delves further into consciousness calibrations and their significance in personal growth and development. The insights provided will undoubtedly add depth and context to the idea of being your future self now.

In conclusion, “Be Your Future Self Now” is not just a book but a powerful philosophy that empowers us to take charge of our lives. By setting clear intentions, aligning our actions with our future selves, and living with intentionality, we can step into the reality we desire. As we explore the realms of higher consciousness and intentional transformation, we unlock the keys to a fulfilling and purposeful existence. So, let’s embrace the journey of being our future selves now and experience the magic of intentional living. Happy reading and listening!

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