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What is Higher Mind vs. Lower Mind Teachings of David R. Hawkins

What is Higher Mind vs. Lower Mind?

Higher Mind vs Lower MindThis video clip comes from one of Dr. Hawkins’ lecture series on what is higher mind vs. lower mind. You can find the full list of higher mind vs. lower mind qualities in Dr. Hawkins’ Book of Sides,  The Complete Collection Presented at the 2002-2011 Lectures with Clarifications, page 44.

Lower mind calibrates at 155 on the Map of Consciousness®.  This is essentially the lower consciousness level of anger, hatred, antagonism, vengefulness, and aggression.

The higher mind calibrates at 275 on the Map. This is a significantly higher level of consciousness at 10 to the 275th power between neutrality and willingness levels.

Some ways of being around the higher mind are:

  • Higher mind is reflective and thoughtfulFriendly (LOC 280)
  • Mature (LOC 280)
  • Available (LOC 265), and
  • Pleasing.

Here are Some Examples from Today’s Lecture on Higher Mind vs. Lower Mind:

  • Lower mind desires things (LOC 125) higher mind values them
  • The lower wants to be exclusive; the higher is inclusive
  • Lower mind is angryLower wants to control things and use up resources, and the higher mind wants to see something’s potential
  • The lower mind tends to be gullible, whereas the higher mind tends to be thoughtful.
  • Lower rates and wants while higher  mind evaluates and chooses.

Dr. Hawkins points out a key insight: the lower mind WANTS THINGS (LOC of DESIRE 125), whereas the higher mind CHOOSES THINGS.

Join Dr. Hawkins as he relates various qualities of the higher mind and lower mind. To purchase this full lecture on DVD, click here.

In Conclusion:

The best way to align with a higher mind is to consider a few steps along the way like:

Read Dr. Hawkins’ list from his Book of Slides p. 44. This will recontextualize everything you may have never considered in your way of being. You can now “choose” the higher mind or at the very least understand it.

  • Willingness and cooperation are a startBe willing to understand what it takes to let go of the lower in favor of the higher.
  • Let go of having to be right and prove others wrong, as it really is the juice of the ego that is pleased with the lower.
  • Let go of all positionalities and having an opinion about anything.
  • Be willing to accept that you really have no clue about the greater context of EVERY life!

Opt for being polite, considerate, and kind.

The “pay off” is much greater and WAY MORE powerful in consciousness (LOC 200+) than the “juice of the ego” (LOC 199-)

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All calibrations are based on Dr. David R. Hawkins decades of research into consciousness, and the Map of Consciousness® that came from this research, so as to put into context where true, constructive power really exists and where it doesn’t.

The Map of Consciousness® is a logarithmic scale of 0-1,000, where 100 on the Map of Consciousness® is 10 to the 100th power, 200 is 10 to the 200th power, etc. The higher you go up on the Map, the more quantum in nature the power level comes.

Any calibration below 200 holds no truth and no power and is destructive in nature. See more about the lower levels of consciousness here.

TRUE POWER begins at 200 on the Map (10 to the 200th power) and it is the level of COURAGE. In order to turn around anything that’s negatively oriented in your life, you need to step into courage on the matter in order to do so. See more about the higher levels of consciousness here.