Celtic Wisdom on Rebirth from a Great Shamanic Storyteller

Up A Tree- A Novel and Shamanic Handbook by Jane BurnsI chose today’s Inspirational Life Life because Jane Burns, Celtic Shaman is such an excellent shamanic storyteller.

Considering the turmoil and uncertainty that the COVID pandemic has contributed to in the world, Jane provides a depth of wisdom beyond what you may perceive of the world at present. She has a grounded presence and understanding of how the Celtic Ancients and other indigenous people view this is as an opportunity for rebirth, growth, and expansion.

Listen in as Jane walks us through a guided meditation and prayer for uncertain times.  At 1:38 minutes.

This is an invitation to take a deeper look at yourself and how you want to show up in the world. Can you “be the change” you want to see in this world? Can you step into courage and decide to choose love over fear?

Who do you want to be?

Shamanic teacher and healer Jane Burns will help you discover myth and ritual to evoke the ancient medicine of Celtic shamanism and open you to the wonder, wisdom, and wildness of both the natural world and your own inner landscape  during a FREE video event, The Gifts of Celtic Shamanism: Living from Gratitude, Courage, Generosity & Wonder.

Enjoy a Daily Dose of Higher Consciousness!

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Q & A with Celtic Shaman Jane Burns

Today’s Life Lesson is an opportunity to listen in on a unique Q&A with a grounded storyteller on the topics of:

  • Portal to the Sacred Trees- A Celtic OracleDeath and rebirth,
  • The opportunity that a global pandemic holds for each one of us,
  • Celtic shamanism,
  • The wisdom of the moon,
  • Celtic wisdom,
  • Tree wisdom,
  • and so much more!

If you enjoy Jane’s wisdom and storytelling in today’s wise life lesson, I highly recommend Jane’s book Up A Tree: A Novel and Shamanic Handbook 

I found it thoroughly engaging and fascinating to better understand the shamanic journey and how shaman’s view the world, and significantly the natural and unseen worlds.

I am also a big fan of oracle cards, so I’ve provided an image and quick link to Jane’s Oracle Cards: Portal to the Sacred Trees: A Celtic Oracle

Listen to Our High Vibe Tribe Interview with Jane Burns on Celtic Shamanism

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About the Author:

Liz Gracia is the Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network and loves to bring visionary thought leaders, teachers and speakers as well as luminary healers, change agents and transformation specialists to light in order to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

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