Meaning of Oneness as it Relates to the Coronavirus & the “Crown” Chakra

Katy Bray is a Shift Network Faculty member, gifted clairvoyant, Energy Master and expert in what she calls energy architecture or the 8th Chakra Life. This grounded, reasonable discussion puts the meaning of oneness as it relates to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the experience of crown chakara and our collective history of working through the chakra system (or chakra architecture)  starting in the 1940’s and 1950’s  through today (March 2020) into context on a global scale.

The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the Coronavirus and the “Crown” Chakra

(“Corona” in Spanish means crown)

I am sharing this video from Katy Bray, one of our High Vibe Tribe Interview Guests because it provides a non-linear (higher consciousness is non-linear) perspective on the coronavirus (COVID-19) as it relates to the crown chakra. The crown chakra experience is related to the meaning of oneness.

Katy takes us through her perspective (as a chakra system or energy architecture expert) of the collective history of our experience of each chakra, starting after World War II. Each chakra in the chakra system plays it part in the evolution of our own collective consciousness.

Following is a brief outline of the chakra system and each of the chakras as Katy describes the lense through which she views then as a clairvoyant and Energy Architecture Master. I am also sharing the place in the video where she discusses each chakra in the system.

The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the 1st – Root Chakra Experience 1940’s – 1950’s (1:54)

*Consciousness Calibration of the Root Chakra aka MULADHARA Chakra is 200 on the Map of Consciousness®

The meaning of oneness as it relates to the root chakra systemThe root chakra is widely understood as the survival chakra. But as Katy began to work with 100’s  of clients she started to receive the fuller picture of the energy architecture of the root chakra. The 1st chakra is where a significant amount of our family of origin energy starts or is “rooted”. This is also the place where our ancestral energies are stored. (Check out our interview about the topic of ancestral healing with Gemma Benton and Christina Pratt)

So how is the root chakra related to the coronavirus and the meaning of oneness? Stay with us as Katy describes the collective experience of each chakra. The root chakra is a foundational piece as we collectively move through the chakra system.

Katy sees the 40’s and 50’s as the energies of the root chakra system on a world wide basis.

The 1940’s through the 1950’s post World War II is a rebirthing and a rebuilding of the world. As a collective we are all in survival mode wondering how we move forward and sustain ourselves.

If you are not familiar with the history of World War II, then it will be interesting to understand the meaning of oneness as it relates to rebuilding the world. The United States payed a significant role in rebuilding Europe and helping (even Germany and Japan) rebuild their nations.

According to consciousness calibrations, WWII veterans (in consciousness) consider themselves the “Band of Brothers” regardless of what side they were on and regard each other with unconditional love (540) , acceptance (350) and understanding (400) that they all had to do what they had to do to survive the horrors of WWII. This is an example of the meaning of oneness and the experience of oneness on a global scale.

The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the 2nd – Sacral Chakra Experience 1960’s – 1970’s (4:42)

*Consciousness Calibration of the Sacral Chakra aka SVADHISTANA Chakra is 275 on the Map of Consciousness®

The meaning of oneness as it relates to the sacral 2nd chakra systemThe 2nd chakra (or sacral chakra) during the 60’s and 70’s exhibits the meaning of oneness as it is experienced as the collective energies of free love, exploration, addiction and compulsive behavior. Compulsive behavior is very much 2nd chakra stuff (on the shadow side).

All of these sacral chakra experiences are both balanced and imbalanced. No judgement, it’s just part of the landscape at the time and the evolution of consciousness of the planet.

So when you look at the macro picture of the times, you can see an example of the meaning of oneness again. On the spiritual, non-linear side of things, meaning the collective it IS meaningful and provides a purpose. In the realm of eternity (which we all are), it makes sense to build upon a foundation.

Collective energies as viewed through the chakra system, and as Katy sees it, through the energy architecture are building blocks for a society and the planet.

Spirit is aware of building blocks and  foundational basics for an evolving planet.

The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the 3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra Experience 1980’s – 1990’s (5:00)

*Consciousness Calibration of the Solar Plexus Chakra aka MANIPURA Chakra is 275 on the Map of Consciousness®

The meaning of oneness as it relates to the solar plexus 3rd chakra systemThe 3rd chakra or solar plexus Chaka is all about the experience of the ego. It’s a stronger place to be. We are all stepping into the feeling of a sense of self.

If you were around in the 80’s you may remember how grandiose people, things, and experiences could be. The energy of “see me”, “who am I”, “how can I prove myself” and “bigger is better” was really predominant at this time.

Again, there is no judgement here. The ego serves a clear and powerful purpose in the evolution of consciousness and how we as individuals show up in the world. The unchecked ego of the time provided contrast and context from which to choose who we want to be as an individual in the world and as a collective.

I myself have come into the awareness of  a strong, aligned and powerful (yet balanced) ego. Without it, life can be a challenge on m any fronts.

So, from a non-linear perspective (or spiritual perspective) the meaning of oneness can be viewed through the lense of exploring the experience of the 3rd chakra as a whole. It helped to form us in many ways as individuals and as a society. The “unchecked ego” was worth and is still worth exploring or observing today.

The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the 4th – Heart Chakra Experience 1990’s – 2000’s (6:18)

*Consciousness Calibration of the Heart Chakra aka ANAHATA Chakra is 505 on the Map of Consciousness®

The meaning of oneness as it relates to the heart chakra system (3)As we move into the meaning of oneness as it relates to the heart chakra, we are collectiving exploring the “who am I” question. Who do I want to be as it relates to the heart?

Aa we were leaving the 90’s there was a recognition that the “unchecked ego” energy was a bit much. And we were deciding that we wanted to soften it up a bit, and this is where the energy of the heart comes in.

The power of the heart is significance according to consciousness research! Learning to align with the power of the heart is an exercise in higher consciousness. I invite you to check out our network webinar all about the power of the heart here.

AS I was writing this post I checked the date of 9/11. 9/11 happened on September 11th, 2001.

This is the end of the experience of the heart chakra experience.

It came into my awareness that 9/11 served a significant spiritual purpose in that it brought much of the world together with the energy of unconditional love (540) and valor (505).  The world was literally flooded with this type of loving support, courage, and determination to stand up against terror.

At a higher level, everyone of those lives lost in 9/11 would likely give up their lives again for this very purpose!

I too have had the experience of understanding how bringing this level of consciousness in the world is worth sacrificing your life.

The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the 5th – Throat Chakra Experience 2000’s – 2010’s (7:29)

*Consciousness Calibration of the Throat Chakra aka VISUDDHA Chakra is 350 on the Map of Consciousness®

The meaning of oneness as it relates to the throat - 5th chakra systemThe 5th chakra is a time where we bring a different kind of heart, a different kind of softness to the world. This is the chakra of discerment. And this is the time when President Obama came into office.

The energy of the throat chakra is  all about making a conscious choice about who we want to be. Do we choose who we want to be from a heart-centered awareness or essence of who we are or do we choose it from our programmed “unchecked ego” self?

So as a collective, the meaning of oneness is experienced in the 5th or throat chakra.

This is another building block in the energy architecture of the chakra system. Remember, there is a much broader spiritual perspective on building a society and a planet. We as individuals work on our own chakra system. We as a planet are working on a spiritual level and the level of oneness to build on the experience of the throat chakra or visuddha chakra.

The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the 6th – 3RD Eye Chakra Experience 2010’s – TODAY (9:13)

*Consciousness Calibration of the 3rd Eye Chakra aka AJNA Chakra is 525 on the Map of Consciousness®

The meaning of oneness as it relates to the 6th 3rd eye chakraWhat we have been processing is the end of the 5th chakra into the 6th chakra. Katy perceives this energetically as the period of perceptions and dark night. This period is aligned with electing someone like President Trump.

This period is about how we perceive our beliefs. And beliefs to start in the 6th chakra, they start in the lower chakras. But the result of those beliefs is what creates our perception in the world.

Like never before, Katy feels this dualistic mass perception of separation. Again, this is a collective experience and the meaning of oneness (sort of) on the shadow side of life.

Dark Night of the Soul happens at the 6th chakra level. We start to wonder what is life really for. It’s a time of disillusionment as well, from a microcosmic (individual) and macrocosmic (planetary) level. So, it’s no wonder we are experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul on a massive level right now. The 6th chakra entries are present for it.

This period of discernment is creating more entrepreneurs and build building business of their own. We’re really stepping into the meaning of oneness as it relates to not only the 3rd eye chakra but the building blocks below it.

Using entrepreneurship as an example…entrepreneurship requires a sense of self (3rd chakra), passion and commitment (heart chakra), ability to stand on your own two feet and speak the truth of who you are and what you bring into the world (throat chakra). These are “foundational” building blocks for becoming an entrepreneur.

Interestingly Katy mentions the experience of feeling strangled by the whole 9 to 5 work situation. The energy of this is a 5th chakra experience.

Collectively, as it relates to the meaning of oneness, the energies have come together to express this evolution in consciousness on the entrepreneurial and business-building front.

The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the 7th- Crown Chakra and the Coronavirus – COVID19 (14:11)

*Consciousness Calibration of the Crown Chakra aka SAHASRARA Chakra is 600 on the Map of Consciousness®

The meaning of oneness as it relates to the crown or 7th chakra system (7)Interestingly, “corona” in Spanish means “crown”! Here we are dealing with the coronavirus, and a crown chakra experience together.

The 7th or crown chakra is the doorway to enlightenment.

The collective Dark Night of the Soul is the pathway towards enlightenment and the experience of the 7th or crown chakra. It is an opening where we find our deepest connection with not only source, but our oneness and our connection with others. It truly is an example of the meaning of oneness on many scales.

You deepen the meaning of oneness on the scales of:

  • Your family,
  • Your work environment.
  • Your community.
  • Your state,
  • Your country, and
  • the world.

Katy highlights some of the ways she views this crown chakra experience as it relates to the coronavirus…

One of the primary truths about the 7th chakra is ONENESS.

The coronavirus is calling us into our oneness.

The oneness is that we all have the ability to impact others whether we are aware of it or not.  We need to become responsible for the totality. So how are you playing your role in this?

Walls are crumbling because we need to come together as one and bring the energy of oneness onto the planet. Clearly the coronavirus has become a world-wide phenomena. It is in our interest as a planet, as a country, as a state, as a community, as a family and as an individual to embrace the meaning of oneness and come together on whatever scale is closest to you to solve the problem.

The macrocosm of the 7th chakra experience is the coming into the awareness of our oneness and need to support and care for each other on a global scale.

I always imagined that if we were ever confronted by beings from other planets that were aggressive, we’d come together as one to save our world. I never had a doubt as to how it would play out. I knew we would have to come together to deal with the issue. The meaning of oneness would be clear in this situation as it is clear in the coronavirus situation.

Katy and I ask you to let go of your need to blame, shame and judge others who are in fear on the topic. A powerful understanding is that everyone of us is playing our part in this experience.

Many of us are understanding that to hold the energy of oneness is essential as much as is holding the energy of fear. It’s a collective balancing act and evolution in consciousness.

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