What is courage and why do you need to step into courage to change? Watch today’s “Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness” (above).



What is Courage & Why Do You Need to Step into Courage to Change?

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What is Courage and the courage to change meanIn this week’s “Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness”, I cover the level of consciousness known as COURAGE.

So What is Courage?

The Map of Consciousness® puts into context the level of consciousness known as courage. Courage calibrates at 200 on the Map of Consciousness (or 10 to the 200th power). It is what Dr. David R. Hawkins’ research into consciousness has found to be the doorway into TRUE power. There is actually energy to do, be and have at this level of consciousness.

Dr. Hawkins refers to the hallmark of level of consciousness known as courage, is the attitude, understanding and feeling of  “I can”.

True power is defined in consciousness research as an “energy” (liken it to wattage or voltage in electicity) that is positive aspect-oriented, constructive and upward pulling. The level of consciousness of courage is what Dr. Hawkins considers a spiritual gateway into higher consciousness and TRUE Power.

What is Courage and Why Does it Matter?Some higher levels of consciousness and “ways of being” that operate around the level of consciousness of courage are:

  • Hardworking-200
  • Honest- 200
  • Diligent – 210
  • Easy Going – 210 and
  • Kind – 220 to name a few ways of being.

So what is courage? It is the energy field of this way of being. Someone who operates at this level of consciousness is a productive member of society and has the “energy” to be of service to their own life and family as well as of service to others, organizations and their work environment.

Power vs Force by Dr. David R. HawkinsSignificant to note:  According to Dr. Hawkins’s consciousness research, as elucidated in his now-famous book Power VS Force, only 15% of the Earth’s population calibrates at 200 or above on the Map of Consciousness®! Where do you feel you are on the map? It’s likely you are ll over the map based on your level of consciousness on a wide variety of topics.

Take Your Intention to Step Into Courgage to Change Further

with an online course with some of today’s Premier Spiritual Leaders & Transformational Teachers who will teach you how to let go, how to love yourself, how to step into courage, williness and acceptance and raise your level of consiousness and enjoyment of your life.

Understand the wisdom of stepping into courage to changeWhy Does it Take Courage to Change?

It takes courage to change because its the first level of consciousness that actually has the power and energy level to change.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “You can not solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it.” Any “problem” or lower-level emotion calibrates 199 or lower on the Map of Consciousness®.

There is no power below 199.

There are only negative aspect-oriented, downward pulling and destructive energies below 199. Therefore, it’s a logical understanding that you must step into courage to change and effect any change in your life.

In order to step into the courage to change, you have to be willing (willingness calibrates at 310 on the MOC) to look at your lower levels of consciousness. Not only do you need to accept that you have lower levels running within you, you also have to be willing to let them go or surrender them to God, if this is your way of accepting higher consciousness into your life and awareness. If you’ve heard the phrase “Letting Go and Letting God”, but you were never quite sure what it meant exactly, then watch this episode here.

So what are lower levels of consciousness that you need to let go of in order to step into the courage to change?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but here they are:

  • Power vs Force by Dr. David R. HawkinsRighteous Pride & Scorn- 175
  • Anger & Hatred – 150
  • Desire & Disappointment –  125
  • Fear & Anxiety – 100
  • Grief & Regret – 75
  • Apathy & Despair – 50
  • Guilt & Blame – 30 and
  • Shame & Humilition – 20

I created an episode The Map of Consciousness® Explained: Lower Levels of Consciousness here.

If understanding levels of consciousness is of interest to you, I highly recommend you invest in Dr. David R. Hawkins books, start with Power VS Force here.

When you decide your are willing to step into the courage to change some aspect of your life, the “energy” and the intention will fuel your progress. You will know you have shifted into a highler level of consciousness on some topc when you feel lighter about it. The mechanism of letting go is a super powerful technique to use for this purpose. Watch my “How to Let Go, Break Free from the Struggle & Step Into Freedom” episode here.

What other ways of being can help you step into the courage to change?

I have some favorite “go to” levels of consciousness that I can access readily as I suggest you can as well!

Those “go-to” levels for accelearting change and stepping into courage include:

  • Neutral at 250 on the Map of Consciousness,
  • Willingness at 310 on the MOC,
  • Acceptance & Forgiveness at 350 on the MOC, and
  • Reason, Rationality & Understanding at 400 on the MOC.

How to Be the change you want to see in the worldLastly I’d like to to invite you (along with Mahtama Gandhi) to “Be the Change You Want to See in the World“. I did an entire episode on “how to be the change” and why what Matahama Gandi said was so significant as it relates to levels of consciousness and where TRUE power really exits. And just because you may not have experienced these higher levels of consciousness like pure (spiritual) love and inner joy (yet), it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Understanding levels of consciousness and the consciousness research Dr. Hawkins did for this world is HUGE! It’s a tremendous understanding for unraveling our own lower levels of consciousness.

Accept this…none of us knew any better or had any scientific proof as to where TRUE power (to manifest and create a life we want) really exists. Now we have the tools and understanding. We need to make the inner decision to apply the understanding in our daily lives.

So hopefully, you understand better what is courage (see above) and why it takes the energy field of courage to make the change.

Here’s some powerful (in consciousness) affirmations for stepping into the courage to change:

  • I am willing to step into courage on (fill in the blank) this issue.”
  • I am willing to accept that I need the energy of courage to change anything in my life”
  • I am willing to let go of (fear, anger, pride, resentment, hatred, etc..) so I align with the power to change”
  • I understand levels of consciousness and where TRUE power really exists. I am willing to let go of the lower levels and align with higher.”

Take what I am sharing here today to leverage your intentions and affirmations with TRUE power. Here’s what I mean:

“I am willing” uses the power of the level of WILLINGNESS at 310 to affirm my intentions for change.

In “I am willing to accept”  am using the power of WILLINGNESS (310) and ACCEPTANCE (350)

In using the phrase “I understand”, I am taking advantage of the level of consciousness of understanding, rationality and reason (400) to “suoercharge” my affirmations and intentions.

Use them!

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