The growing field of holistic health coaching is transforming lives, allowing individuals to foster healthier lifestyles by integrating multiple aspects of wellness. Becoming a certified holistic health coach might be your calling if you’re passionate about health and wellness. In this blog post, we will guide you through becoming a certified holistic health coach, highlighting consciously curated and calibrated certification programs.


Become a Certified Holistic Health Coach

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The Growing Field of Holistic Health Coaching

Health coaching is a rapidly growing profession that bridges the gap between traditional healthcare and preventive care. It aims to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness through lifestyle changes. With the increasing awareness of the importance of preventative health, the demand for skilled and certified health coaches is rising.

The Role and Impact of a Holistic Health Coach

As a holistic health coach, your role goes beyond providing diet and exercise advice. You delve deeper into your clients’ lives to evaluate how numerous factors, such as relationships, careers, spirituality, and physical activity, affect their overall well-being. By addressing these synergistic factors, you help your clients achieve optimal physical, emotional, and mental health.

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Understanding Holistic Health Coaching

The Difference Between Health Coaches and Life Coaches

There's a difference bewteen a holistic health coach and a life coach

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While both health and life coaches aim to improve the quality of their client’s lives, they focus on different aspects. A health coach primarily concentrates on wellness, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits that contribute to an individual’s overall health. On the other hand, life coaches may focus on a broader spectrum of life aspects, such as career progression, personal growth, and fulfillment.

The Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

The holistic approach to health and wellness focuses on treating the whole person rather than just addressing isolated symptoms. It considers the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit. As a holistic health coach, you will work with clients to balance these aspects of their lives, helping them to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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Considering becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach?

Introducing mindbodygreen Health Coaching has tapped the top doctors, wellness professionals, and board-certified health coaches to create comprehensive training that will help transform your passion into purpose, elevate your existing wellness practice or even help address ongoing health concerns.

Our well-rounded and science-based teachings will ensure that you’re confidently equipped with expertise across a full spectrum of conditions, backgrounds, and belief systems and are taught by today’s experts to build tomorrow’s leaders.

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Getting Certified as a Holistic Health Coach

Choosing the Right Certification Program

Get Your Accredited Health Coach CertificationImportance of Accreditation

An accredited certification program ensures high-quality education and recognition in the industry. The NBC-HWC (National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching) certification is specifically tailored for health coaching and is highly respected in the field. Another renowned accrediting body is the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which certifies various types of coaches, including life and executive coaches.

Different Formats of Learning (Video, MP3, PDF)

Certification programs offer different formats of learning to cater to varying learning styles and schedules. These may include online video lectures, downloadable MP3s for on-the-go learning, and comprehensive PDF manuals. Some programs also provide interactive platforms for the practical application of skills.

Navigating Through the Modules

A holistic health coach certification program typically comprises several modules targeted at training you in various areas of health coaching.


This module covers the basics of nutrition, teaching you how different nutrients affect the body and how diet plays a crucial role in health and wellness.

Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching

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Health & Wellness

In this module, you’ll learn about various aspects of health, including physical activity, mental health, and preventative healthcare. You’ll acquire skills to help your clients make healthier lifestyle choices.

Habit Change Coaching

Behavior change is critical to improving health and wellness. This module equips you with strategies to help your clients break unhealthy habits and form new, healthy ones.

Life Coaching

As a holistic health coach, understanding life coaching principles will enable you to better support your clients in achieving overall life satisfaction and fulfillment.

Marketing & Business Systems

If you plan to start your own health coaching business, this module will guide you through setting up business systems, marketing your services, and attracting clients.

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Applying Your Holistic Health Coach Certification

Considering Your Career Path

Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Future Career

Make a plan around your holistic health coaching journey

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As a certified holistic health coach, numerous career opportunities are available to you. However, before embarking on your career path, you may want to consider certain factors. What population do you wish to serve? Would you prefer to work in a healthcare setting, corporate environment, or start your own practice?

Answers to these questions can help shape your career path.

Job Opportunities for Certified Holistic Health Coaches

Certified holistic health coaches can work in various settings, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, corporations, schools, and private practices. They can also offer online coaching services, providing flexibility to both the coach and the client.

Growing Demand: The demand for health coaches, particularly those with a holistic focus, is rising. This is due to an increased awareness of the importance of preventative healthcare and a holistic approach to wellness. Many people are seeking guidance to improve their overall health and well-being.

Diverse Job Opportunities: As a certified holistic health coach

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Diverse Job Opportunities: You can work as a certified holistic health coach in various settings. These include private practices, wellness centers, gyms, corporate wellness programs, and online platforms. You can also specialize in specific areas like nutrition, stress management, or chronic disease management.

Entrepreneurial Possibilities: Many holistic health coaches choose to start their own business, offering one-on-one coaching, group sessions, workshops, and online courses. This allows for flexibility regarding working hours and the potential for higher income.

Career Advancement: Certification as a holistic health coach can open doors for further career advancement. You could become a senior coach, program manager, or even wellness center director. Some health coaches also branch into related fields like health education, public speaking, or writing.

Job Satisfaction: Health coaching is a rewarding profession. You can positively impact people’s lives by helping them achieve their health goals. The sense of fulfillment derived from seeing clients improve their health and wellness can be very satisfying.

Global Opportunities: The skills of a holistic health coach are universally applicable.

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Global Opportunities: The skills of a holistic health coach are universally applicable. This means you can work anywhere in the world, in-person or remotely. With the rise of digital health platforms, there’s a growing need for health coaches globally.

Please note that while these points provide a general overview of the job prospects for certified health coaches, the specifics may vary based on factors such as location, experience, and area of specialization. It’s always a good idea to research your local job market and consult with professionals in the field, and explaining how this profession can help you make a tangible impact on people’s lives.

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Top Holistic Health Coach Certification Programs

A Look at the Best Wellness & Health Coaching Certification Programs

Based on the information provided, here are the top-rated and reviewed holistic health coach certification programs:

1. Institute for Integrative Nutrition: This program is recognized as one of the world’s most extensive integrative and holistic health coach certification programs. It provides a comprehensive overview of health and lifestyle management.

2. mindbodygreen’s Health Coaching Program: This program is certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), ensuring that its curriculum aligns with the NBHWC exam. The well-rounded program prepares graduates for health coaching careers through flexible instruction, office hours, interactive feedback sessions, and practical assessments.

According to our consciousness calibrations, mindbodygreen’s health coach certification calibrates at 360 on Dr. David R. Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness, a significant level of consciousness with the power and integrity to educate, uplift, support and inspire you as a health and wellness coach. 360 is the same “energy” as “HEALTHY”. It’s is perfectly aligned with the intention for educating you as a health coach.

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3. Health Coach Institute: This program is highly regarded for its business support, making it an excellent choice for those looking to start their health coaching practice.

4. American Council on Exercise (ACE): Although an affordable option, ACE’s Health Coach Certification program offers a broad curriculum to cover several health-related concerns.

5. Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Certified Health Coach**: This program is recognized for its focus on specific areas such as pregnancy, families, and adults/seniors. It also offers an advanced Master Health Coach certification.

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The Benefits of Joining Professional Communities:

Expanded Your Possibilities and Connect with Like-Minded & Supportive Communities

  • Expand your reach in professional like-minded and supportive communitiesNetworking Opportunities: Joining professional communities allows you to connect with like-minded individuals in your field. You can learn from their experiences, share insights, and collaborate on projects or initiatives.
  • Continuous Learning: Many professional communities offer resources for continued learning, such as webinars, workshops, online courses, and articles. This can help you stay up-to-date with your field’s latest trends, research, and best practices. (Discover The Shift Network online summits for inspiration and direction. Check out our current wellness events. Free online opportunities to awaken to something new in alternative and holistic healing modalities)
  • Career Advancement: You can enhance your skills and knowledge through networking and learning opportunities, leading to career advancement. Additionally, some communities may post job openings or offer career advice.
  • Support and Mentorship: Being part of a community means you have access to support from peers who understand your challenges. You may also find mentors who can guide you in your career journey.
  • Credibility: Membership in professional communities often signals credibility to potential clients or employers. It shows that you are committed to your profession and ongoing development.
  • Access to Resources: Many communities provide members with tools, templates, and other resources to help manage their practice or enhance their services.
  • Advocacy: Professional communities often advocate for the rights and interests of their members. They can influence policy, standards, and legislation related to your profession.

Top Rated Online Communities for Health and Life Coaching Professionals:

Create a professional vision board for yoursself

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1. The International Coach Federation (ICF): The ICF is a leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession. It offers a variety of resources, including training programs, research, networking events, and a credentialing system.

2. National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC): The NBHWC provides health and wellness coaches certification, education, and advocacy. It also hosts a vibrant community where members can connect and learn from each other.

3. Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Alumni Community: This community is exclusive to graduates of the IIN health coach training program. It offers networking opportunities, business support, and ongoing learning resources.

4. The Health Coach Group: This online community provides resources for health coaches such as business tools, marketing materials, and training programs. It also hosts a blog and podcast with valuable insights for coaches.

5. While not exclusively for health and life coaches, this platform offers science-based tools, articles, and courses that can benefit professionals in these fields.

6. LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn groups exist for health and life coaching professionals. These provide a platform for discussion, networking, and sharing of resources.

7. Facebook Groups: Like LinkedIn, many are dedicated to health and life coaching. These communities offer a more informal way to connect with peers and share experiences.

8. Meetup: Meetup allows you to find and join local and virtual groups of professionals with similar interests. This can be a great way to network and learn from others in your field.

Before joining, research each community to ensure it aligns with your professional goals and needs.

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Final Thoughts on Becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach

Becoming a certified holistic health coach can be rewarding if you’re passionate about promoting health and wellness. With the right certification, you can significantly impact individuals’ lives by empowering them to take control of their health. Start your journey today and contribute to creating a healthier, happier world!

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