High Vibe Song of the Day: Ben Rector – The Thanksgiving Song

High Vibe Song of the Day

Conscious Music for an Awakening World: Ben Rector – The Thanksgiving Song

Consciousness Calibration Range

This song has not been calibrated but is highly likely above 200 on the Map of Consciousness®, which is positive aspect-oriented, upward lifting, and constructively adding to the consciousness of the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Source of the Calibration: Truth vs Falsehood by Dr. David R. Hawkins

About The Thanksgiving Song

Ben Rector“The Thanksgiving Song” is the first single off of Ben Rector’s Christmas album, ‘A Ben Rector Christmas,’ released on November 13th, 2020.

When I started putting together the Christmas album, I realized I hadn’t ever heard a Thanksgiving song. I feel like everyone has an emotional connection and a lot of memories around Thanksgiving, just like they do Christmas, so I did my best to write a song that honored that. I hope this song captures the magic and nostalgia that we all look forward to at Thanksgiving. I also secretly hope that this becomes the official theme song for Thanksgiving (this is both based on that I think the song is a very good Thanksgiving song and also that it is the only Thanksgiving song). – Ben

Directed by: Brian Shutters — @BrianShutters

Director of Photography: Stuart Hotwagner — @SHotwagner

The Thanksgiving Song by Ben RectorLyrics:

Familiar highways
Lined with leaves turned brown
Making my way
Back into my hometown

Funny how this all looks different, but it feels the same
Like how life never stops changing but some things never change

So fill your plate and fill your drink
And fill this house with family
The kind of love that all these years can’t wash away
Cause the older that I get I see that life is short and bittersweet
Thank God that it’s Thanksgiving Day

Yeah yeah

Watching football
Watching families grow
The old kid’s table all have kids of their own
Starting to see my grandfather in my nephew’s eyes
Mom still can’t talk about him and not almost cry

So fill your plate and fill your drink
And fill this house with family
The kind of love a thousand miles can’t wash away
Cause the older that I get I see that life is short and bittersweet
Thank God that it’s Thanksgiving Day

So fill your plate and fill your drink
Put your dishes in the kitchen sink
And let the leftover year just wash away
Cause we made it through I do believe the longest year in history
Thank God that it’s Thanksgiving Day

High Vibe Song of the Da from The Mind Body Spirit Network

Intentions for Our Consciously Curated Songs of the Day

The Map of Consciousness Explained by Dr. David R. HawkinsOur intention for the High Vibe Tribe Song of the Day is to start your day off on a HIGH NOTE and put into context what “high vibe music” really is.

The consciousness calibrations of each song are based on research into consciousness, the life work of Dr. David R. Hawkins, as elucidated in his renowned Map of Consciousness® and book Power vs Force.

If interested in raising your level of consciousness and putting into a context where TRUE power really exists, check out the Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness podcast here, or videocast on TrumpeterofTruthTV.com on YouTube here.

Dr. David R. Hawkins-Make your life a living prayer

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