Would You Like to Find Out How You Innately Deal with Money?

Take the Sacred Money Archetypes Test now and find out how you (in your DNA) innately deal with money! Each of us has an unique way of dealing with money. These unique ways are revealed through our Sacred Money Archetypes.

Which one of these Sacred Money Archetypes are you?

  1. The RULER: Your Inner Empire Builder
  2. The CELEBRITY: Your Inner Big Shot
  3. The ROMANTIC: Your Inner Hedonist
  4. The CONNECTOR: Your Inner Relationship Creator
  5. The NURTURER: Your Inner Sponsor
  6. The ALCHEMIST: Your Inner Idealist
  7. The MAVERICK: Your Inner Rebel with a Cause or
  8. The ACCUMULATOR: Your Inner Banker


Johanna Alper is a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach

Johanna Alper, the Healer’s Coach, has been a Five Elements Acupuncturist and teacher for over 37 years. She understands your sensitivity as a healer and as an intuitive and shamanic Certified Small Business Coach, Certified Scared Money Archetypes Coach and Personal Brand & Marketing Consultant she is dedicated to helping you become financially successful and be the transformational, healer/teacher/leader that you are.

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Take the Money Test! The Scared Money Archetypes Test

Take the Money Test!

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(This is a sample of The Accumulator Archetype)

Sacred Money Archetypes Test Results Sample

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