Why Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Constantly Struggle to Magnetize New Clients, and How to Turn That Around Today with the Five Elements in Holistic Marketing

Make Marketing Fun Again! – Watch Johanna Alper as she describes The Five Elements of Holistic Marketing Success for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

Are You An Excellent Holistic Practitioner, Chiropractor, Psychotherapist, transformational life coach or Soulful Solopreneur who loves what you do, but hates to market?

Are you wondering how to start a business or holistic practice based on nature’s blueprint (The Five Elements)

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of Online Marketing that you “think” is necessary?

Listen in as Johanna delivers an engaging small business presentation where you will learn how to start a business and holistic practice, light up your heart centered and holistic marketing by receiving power from Nature’s BluePrint, The Chinese Five Elements. (To exist and thrive we, and our businesses, need all The Five Elements of nature, and they mirror the marketing aspects of our small businesses!)

• Fire (Personal Branding from your Heart with the Branding with Archetypes® process)
• Earth How you Serve – (Niche – clarify your ideal client, problem/s solved and services)
• Metal (Remove blocks to allowing Prosperous Money Flow)
• Water (Consciously ReSourcing in Fearless Presence)
• Wood (Enjoy non-aggressive transformational marketing conversations)

Both informational and experiential, you will leave this holistic marketing and business building webinar for heart centered entrepreneurs inspired to get out of your own way and effectively magnetize more clients with an authentically “non-sales-y” approach!

Here’s what others have to say:

“Johanna is such an inspiration and her content is engagingly genius, motivational and full of insight. We left awakened, excited, motivated and ready to put a creative spark back into our marketing incorporating The Five Elements of nature.”

Jessie May – Founder of the Daring Divas Meetup Group, Boulder, CO

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Medicine Buddha Business Coaching with Johanna Alper of Boulder, Colorado

About Our Heart Centered Presenter & Holistic Business Coach:

Johanna Alper has been an acupuncturist and teacher for over 37 years and now coaches sensitive holistic health practitioners, therapists and heart-full entrepreneurs to authentically shine more visibly in the marketplace, serve more clients, and prosper.

Her forthcoming book is: Oy Vay to Hooray – the Magical 5 Elements of Health, Wealth, and Joyous Success for Transformational Healers and Leaders.

Johanna Alper is a Shamanic Business Coach, Intuitive Personal Branding Consultant and Business Strategy Consultant for heart centered entrepreneurs and spiritual solopreneurs including: acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, practitioners of functional medicine, transformational life coaches, holistic health practitioners, psychotherapists and mental health professionals.

Johanna helps heart centered entrepreneurs with how to start a business, how to build a business (if you’re floundering and not getting any traction), how to build a personal brand and a well defined target audience and niche market and holistic business coaching. Though she works remotely with business consulting clients from all over the country, she is available in person from her office in Boulder, Colorado and serves practitioners and coaches in the surrounding communities of Longmont, Louisville, Broomfield, Westminster and Denver Colorado.

Johanna is a Premier Member of The Mind Body Spirit Network and you can view her listing page here.

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