Medicine Buddha Holistic Business Coaching with Johanna Alper

How to Build a Business for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

Transforming outdated business practices to successful business practices for Holistic Health Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, & Conscious Entrepreneurs

Medicine Buddha Holistic Business Coaching with Johanna Alper

Medicine Buddha Business Coaching with Johanna Alper L.Ac. Boulder, Colorado

Are You a Holistic Practitioner or Transformation Coach Struggling to Find Clients?

Stop the Struggle! There’s a Way.

Are you excellent as a Holistic Healer, Transformation Coach, Psychotherapist, or Spiritual Solopreneur, but not receiving financial abundance?

Do you feel worried & overwhelmed competing in a crowded noisy marketplace?

Even Introverts can learn inspiring & non-aggressive ways to market effectively, holistically & have a lucrative business.

I am an intuitive & shamanic small business coach-consultant that helps heart centered entrepreneurs like you align your business with Chinese Five Elements, as it relates to personal branding, sales & marketing, & developing intuitive successful business strategies, systems and processes that work.

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Each of us has an unique way of dealing with money. These unique ways are revealed through our Sacred Money Archetypes..

Chinese Five Elements in Nature & HOw to Start a Business Understanding It Is a Living System

Building a Business Guided by the Chinese Five Elements

As a successful Acupuncturist for 37 years, I can show you how the Chinese Five Elements are nature’s blueprint for creating health & growth in all living systems- including your business!

  • FIRE – Empower your Conscious Heart-Full Brand to help you shine brightly & attract your Ideal Clients
  • EARTH – Clarify & Serve your Niche – ideal clients, problems you solve, & services you provide
  • METAL – Increase money flow and remove blocks to financial success
  • WATER – Relax in conscious stillness & put out fires with confidence
  • WOOD – Create a simple business plan & have heart-full marketing conversations

Love What You Do, Hate to Market?

Take The Magical 5 Elements of Holistic Business Success Assessment Now

See where you stand!


Just as in Nature, Your Business is a Living System

The Fire Element in your business represents Personal Branding Yourself and Your Brand Marketing Efforts

Build a Powerful Business Brand Ignited by the FIRE energy

The Fire Element represents your personal branding efforts and building your brand marketing

Radiate more brightly in the marketplace with the Branding With Archetypes® process .

Receive permission to put your genuine passion  & personality into your personal branding & marketing.

Determine your Unique Brand Archetypes so you can shine brightly & magnetize ideal clients who are looking for YOU.

If you’ve  been wondering how to build a brand for your business, partner with Johanna Alper, shamanic personal brand strategist & intuitive business consultant as she guides you through the Chinese Five Elements as it pertains to starting a business & building a brand


Holistic Business Coaching

The Earth Element in your business is clarifying your target market and ideal clients


Starting a Business Grounded by the Abundant EARTH Energy

The Earth Element in building your business represents identifying your target market and customer Avatar

When starting a business you need to Clarify your target market by identifying your Ideal Client, what problems you solve, and the unique products or services you offer

Learn where to focus your best marketing efforts- Marketing to Everyone is like marketing to no one

Move beyond marketing “one-by-one-by-one” sessions, create programs, & receive more prosperity.

Johanna Alper provides holistic business coaching and personal branding strategy sessions to clarify your ideal target market.

The Metal Element in building your business represents money - cash flow and prosperity and wealth consciousness


Expand Your Wealth Consciousness with the METAL Energy

Understanding how to build a business as it pertains to The Metal Element is understanding your Money Archetype

Shed limiting beliefs that block you from financial abundance and break through into increasing your cash flow

Experience the healing & freeing power of releasing guilt, shame or resentment about money

Learn to create a new money story & prosperity consciousness through the Money Breakthrough Method®, a process that empowers you to attract financial success.

Understand your unique money DNA to bridge personal & spiritual growth with  practical financial success with the Sacred Money Archetypes®

Johanna Alper is a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® and Money Breakthrough Method® Coach

Just Starting Your Business or Having Trouble Getting Traction for Your Practice?

Johanna Alper has had a successful acupuncture practice for 37 years & provides shamanic, intuitive wisdom & guidance for building a successful holistic business.


Holistic Business Consulting

The Water Element in growing and building your business represents business systems and business processes as they relate to the sustainability of your business


Build a Sustainable Practice with the flowing WATER Energy

The Water Element in how to build your business represents business systems and business processes as they relate to the sustainability of your business

When YOU fuel your personal brand with Johanna’s Shamanic & Intuitive Business Consulting Program- you will:

Learn how to relax into the deep waters of Confident Fearless Presence where spontaneous synchronicities become a common occurrence.

Step out of your comfort zone and become more visible with ease and confidence.

Learn to Do Less to Accomplish More.

As transformational practitioners  we are going against the current of  our true nature when we get caught in our hyper-busy, extroverted culture. Learn how to build a business by immersing yourself in the calmness of the water element.  Build sustainable business systems and business processes that support effortlessness and business growth.

Looking for holistic business coaching or intuitive personal branding consulting for your new or growing business? Connect with Johanna today!



Holistic Sales & Marketing Conversations- the Vital WOOD Energy

Understanding how to build a business as it pertains to The Metal Element is understanding your Money Archetype

Cultivate the luscious garden you’ve planted and go into the marketplace with a clear vision and a solid plan

Learn non-aggressive sales techniques & educate prospective clients as a partner, not a salesperson

Learn to enjoy enrollment conversations whether they choose to work with you or not

Create a truly simple and implementable sales conversation and business plan for holistic health practitioners – acupuncturists, chiropractors, and naturopathic doctors who will benefit by learning to have heart-full and non-sales-y transformational sales and marketing conversations.

Are you just out of school or have you been practicing under the tutelage of another and are ready to start your own business? If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel just starting out, holistic business coaching or intuitive personal branding consulting from a successful 37 yr acupuncturist-intuitive shaman could get you started way ahead of the game! ? Connect with Johanna today!

Ready to Attract 8 Clients in 8 Weeks?

Implement The Magical 5 Elements of Holistic Business Success

➣ Are you a Holistic Practitioner or Psychotherapist who is excellent at what you do but struggle to magnetize enough clients to achieve financial success?

➣ Do you want to avoid the stress and overwhelm of competing in a crowded, noisy marketplace and instead be confident about serving others with Your Unique Offerings?

➣ Did you know that even if you are a true introvert, you can learn inspiring, non-sales-y and effective ways to enroll clients and have a lucrative business?

Check out the next date for Johanna’s 9 Week Online Group Workshop here!

Johanna Alper, Holistci Business Consultant Intuitive & Shamanic Business Coach

“Light workers, transformational healers, and teachers have an incredibly important leadership role to play in these rapidly changing and unsettling times. It’s so important for us to step up and become more visible and financially powerful in order to make the impact our world is calling for.”

Just Starting Your Business or Having Trouble Getting Traction for Your Practice?

Johanna Alper has had a successful acupuncture practice for 37 years & provides shamanic, intuitive wisdom & guidance for building a successful holistic business.

Intuitive Personal Branding Strategist

Holistic Business Coaching Boulder CO and Denver Colorado

Are you a Holistic Health Practitioner, Mental Health Professional or Heart-Centered Entrepreneur who loves what you do, but hates to market? I can assist you to magnetize & serve more clients, & create financial success for your holistic practice or coaching business.

Here’s the types of small business clients I serve:

  • Chiropractors
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Functional Medicine Practitioners
  • Psychotherapists
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Acupuncturists
  • Integrated Health Practitioners
  • Naturopathic Physicians
  • Homeopaths
  • Life Coaches
  • Transformation Coaches
  • Personal Development & Growth Coaches
  • Intuitive Healers, Shamans and Medicine Men and Women

Johanna Alper transforms small businesses with her holistic business coaching and intuititve personal branding programs at

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Expert insights from Intuitive and Shamanic Small Business Coach & 37 yr Acupuncturist

About Holistic Business Coach & Intuitive Personal Branding Strategist, Johanna Alper, L.Ac.

Johanna Alper, the Healer’s Coach, has been a Five Elements Acupuncturist and teacher for over 37 years. She understands your sensitivity as a healer and as an intuitive and shamanic Certified Small Business Coach and Personal Brand & Marketing Consultant she is dedicated to helping you become financially successful and be the transformational, healer/teacher/leader that you are.

Her forthcoming book is: Oy Vay to Hooray: The Five Magical Elements of Health, Wealth and Joyous Success for Transformational Healers and Leaders.

Though Johanna works with small business clients remotely, she is available to work in person from her office in Boulder Colorado and supports clients in the surrounding communities of Longmont, Louisville, Westminster, Broomfield and Denver CO.

Need help with some holistic business coaching or intuitive personal branding for your heart centered business? Connect with Johanna today!

Johanna Alper Intuitive Personal Branding Strategist Shamanic Business Coach for Holistic Practitioners and Transformation Life Coaches Boulder, CO

See What My Clients Have to Say:

The week after I did the Branding With Archetypes workshop I magnetized 5 new clients into my cranio-sacral and massage practice! ” 

Chris Capitelli, Louisville, CO ,

The Very Best Marketing Training I have ever had!

At the Branding with Archetypes workshop, Johanna’s wise guidance and challenging but do-able exercises provided a crucial foundation for next steps. This was deeply satisfying, inspiring, and helpful in a way that nothing else ever has been. ”

Pat Roe, PhD, CO

I highly recommend the Medicine Buddha Group Coaching Program!

I took a leap to join the Medicine Buddha Coaching program and I’m so glad I did. Johanna has a tremendous depth of wisdom and caring and was able to offer so many helpful tools, exercises and viewpoints. I am seeing more potential for my practice and have bigger ideas and inspiration than I had imagined before. ”

Doren Day, L.Ac. Dipl.Ac, PA

“Fun, Unique, Inspiring, of Great Value!

Johanna’s 5 Elements of Transformational Marketing Conversations workshop to the Zero Balancing Structural Acupressure Community was of great value and very well received. I found it fun, unique and inspiring, and it has re-energized my approach to marketing my work with potential clients.”

Patrick Dorsey, LMT ZBHA Faculty, Co-Chair

Connect With Me Today!

Medicine Buddha Business Coaching with Johanna Alper of Boulder, Colorado

Johanna Alper is a Shamanic Business Coach, Intuitive Personal Branding Consultant and Business Strategy Consultant for heart centered entrepreneurs and spiritual solopreneurs including: acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, practitioners of functional medicine, transformational life coaches, holistic health practitioners, psychotherapists and mental health professionals.

Johanna helps heart centered entrepreneurs with how to start a business, how to build a business (if you’re floundering and not getting any traction), how to build a personal brand and a well defined target audience and niche market and holistic business coaching. Though she works remotely with business consulting clients from all over the country, she is available in person from her office in Boulder, Colorado and serves practitioners and coaches in the surrounding communities of Longmont, Louisville, Broomfield, Westminster and Denver Colorado.

Certified Coach for Sacred Money Archetypes
Money Breakthrough Method Certified Business Coach Training
Member of Women in Coaching
Certified Business Coach Money Marketing and Soul

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