Raising Consciousness: Transform Your Experience

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Transform Your Experience by Invoking Divinity Inspirational Teaching of Dr. David R. Hawkins

Key Points Dr. Hawkins Shares About Transforming Your Experience:

Enlightenment is innate due to the fact that you exist.

The power of intention is that intention is an attractor field. Regardless of the individual intention.

The attractor field of intention is so powerful that it begins to align all of your experiences and interpret them and reveal their meaning to you in accord with your commitment.

Transform Your Experience by Invoking Divinity

Invoking Divinity and “God’s Will” (which is extremely powerful at 850 on the Map of Consciousness® ) are so powerful that invoking Diety transforms brain physiology.

Brain physiology is necessary to transcend the ego and it automatically shifts.

Commitment, alignment, and intention are extremely powerful and begin to transform all of your experience.

Invoking Divinity changes brain physiology.

Changing brain physiology transforms health, changes the balance of the acupuncture system, changes the endocrine system, changes the brain’s neurotransmitters, and transforms how you experience and perceive life.

To transform your experience, become that which you are.

Your life becomes the prayer.

Reverence the Divinity within you and the sacredness which is innate to your own creation.

Enjoy the full lecture: “The Ego and The Self” December 2004 DVD here.

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Make your life a living prayer with Dr. David R. Hawkins


All calibrations are based on Dr. David R. Hawkins decades of research into consciousness, and the Map of Consciousness® that came from this research, so as to put into context where true, constructive power really exists and where it doesn’t.

The Map of Consciousness® is a logarithmic scale of 0-1,000, where 100 on the Map of Consciousness® is 10 to the 100th power, 200 is 10 to the 200th power, etc. The higher you go up on the Map, the more quantum in nature the power level comes.

Any calibration below 200 holds no truth and no power and is destructive in nature. See more about the lower levels of consciousness here.

TRUE POWER begins at 200 on the Map (10 to the 200th power) and it is the level of COURAGE. In order to turn around anything that’s negatively oriented in your life, you need to step into courage on the matter in order to do so. See more about the higher levels of consciousness here.