Join the 7 Day Challenge! Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

Effective Tool for Transformation Badge Calibrates at 210+ on the Map of ConsciousnessToday’s Featured FREE Tool for Transformation comes from renowned energy teacher and healer Donna Eden, bestselling author of Energy Medicine. Today we’re sharing Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine. This is the daily energy routine challenge Donna inspires you to do for the next 7 days.

We intend to curate effective tools for your own personal transformation consciously. According to consciousness research, energy medicine or energy healing calibrates at 340 on the Map of Consciousness®.

For anything to be truly “effective,” it must calibrate at 210 or above on the Map.

Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine is a step in the right direction towards self-healing and inner awareness.

Take her 7-day challenge and enjoy!

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The 7 Day Challenge_ Daily Energy Routine with Donna Eden (4)An Outline of Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine

Welcome to the first day of Donna Eden’s  7-day Daily Energy Routine Challenge!

This fun challenge will, among many things, help you build up your immune system and reduce stress, so you’re less susceptible to illnesses or colds.

Each day, you’ll be following along with either Donna, Dondi, or Titanya as they lead you through the Daily Energy Routine.

Today it’s Donna!

They’d love for you to join them in fun!

Film yourself doing the routine (no fancy equipment required—you can use a smartphone!), post the video on your own YouTube channel or Facebook page, and encourage/tag 5 friends to take the challenge so we can create a wave of people doing the routine together.

Let’s Outline Day 1 of Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine:

  1. Start Donna's Daily Energy Routine with the 4 thumps-Donna is lightly thumping her cheeks. This is a grounding energy to hook you up to Planet Earth.
  2. Thump just underneath your collar bones to make sure your energy travels in “the right direction”.
  3. Next is the thymus thump for invigoration and boosting your immunity.  Imagine what Tarzan does every day in the jungle! Thump your chest in this way!
  4. Tap under your rib cage along the spleen meridian. The spleen is where you metabolize all kinds of things, physical, mental, and emotional.
  5. The Cross Crawl is another step in Donna's Daily Energy Routine and 7-Day Challenge!Watch Donna and make sure all of your energy systems cross over the other sides of the body.
  6. Next is what Donna refers to as the cross crawl. Make sure one arm crosses over to the opposite knee.
  7. The Wayne Cook Posture: The next part of the daily energy routine requires that you sit down. Place right foot over left knee, place the right hand over your left foot. Watch Donna as she drags the posture towards her as she breathes in and out. Then switch legs.
  8. Put the tips of your hands together in a cathedral or pyramid position. Then place the thumbs over your 3rd eye, the space between your eyebrows. Breathe in and out while holding this position.
  9. The Wayne Cook Posture Energy Medicine with Donna Eden's Daily Energy RoutineFrom the previous position, you will go right into the Crown Pull. Drag your fingers from the center of your forward outwards. You are pulling the forehead’s skin outwards and waking up the energy in this area of the body. Follow the 4 positions Donna uses in the Crown Pull.
  10. Now you will connect heaven and earth in the next pat=rt of Donna’s daily energy routine. You can do this by standing up or sitting down. Rub your hands together, then shake them off. Then start with your hands on the thighs, bring your arms out and around, and come into prayer position in front of the heart. Then stretch up to heaven with one hand and down to the earth with the other. Then reverse arms—breath in and out each time.
  11. Next, hang over your ankles and take two deep breaths, then weave your arms in figure 8s all up the body.
  12. You are going to “Zip-Up!” It helps to center and “lock” into place your energy field.
  13. The Crown Pull part of Donna Eden's Daily Energy RoutineLastly, in Donna’s daily energy routine is the HookUP! Place one finger in your belly button and one finger in your 3rd eye. Breathe in deeply, then pull up. This one “hooks up” all of the meridians in your body and creates a safer microcosm in your body, which is really excellent for empaths and HSPs!

Links to All Days of Donna Eden’s  7-Day Energy Challenge:

Take Donna’s Daily Energy Routine to the Next Step!
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If you took Donna’s 7-Day Challenge and did her daily Energy Routine, we’d love to know how you did! Did you feel any different? Did you do it for a solid 7 days?

Share your results in the comments below.

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