Ignite Your Practice with Advanced Intuitive Healer Training 2024

Get to Know Wendy, Founder of The School of Intuitive Studies

Do you have the desire to heal yourself and others?

Do you feel a heart-calling to step more fully into who you are?

In a time when just paying the bills isn’t enough, most of us seek greater meaning and purpose. And that’s where the Intuitive Healer Training Program 2023 (IHTP) comes in. The overwhelming need for healing on this planet invites us to show up as our highest self.

SHINE YOUR SOUL and shed what has been holding you back!

If you haven’t seen our High Vibe Tribe Interview with Wendy DeRosa yet, click here. If you are a Podcast enthusiast, you can download our interview with Wendy here.

APPLY TODAY! Classes Begin April 2023


What is an Intuitive Healer?

An Intuitive Healer is someone who has committed first and foremost to their own healing and spiritual journey, and it is a natural progression for many – especially those already working in healing fields such as:

– to also choose to progress to becoming a “professional” healer guiding others to experience powerful transformation by aligning mind, body, and spirit.

As humans, we naturally embody the capacity to heal. But oftentimes, the potency that resides within us gets watered down by every day. To return to our natural state—to the version of ourselves who can inspire a shift in ourselves and others—we first must deeply know who we are and for what unique purpose we exist on Earth. The online Intuitive Healer Training Program guides the exploration of both.

Not everyone who enrolls in Wendy’s signature Intuitive Healer Training Program is looking to develop their ability to work with others directly. Some only want to facilitate their own personal healing process, spiritual growth, personal development and to be able to be powerfully present to their intuitive heart-centered capacity to be a transformational agent for positive change.

This program offers two tracks that lead to developing and mastering your intuition, aligning with your heart’s intelligence, understanding and freeing yourself from past trauma and emotional blocks, and ultimately stepping into the power of who you are meant to be.

Get all of the details about this comprehensive intuitive healer training program 2023 here. and start to develop psychic abilities and develop intuition to greatly and positively affect your impact in the world.

Meet Intuitive Healer Training Program 2024 Creator Wendy De Rosa

Wendy DeRosa Creator of The Intuitive Healer Training ProgramHi, I’m Wendy De Rosa, founder of the School of Intuitive Studies and the creator of the only one of its kind; the Intuitive Healer Training Program. As a professional intuitive healer, I’ve trained and mentored healers and intuitives from all corners of the globe, been featured in the media, authored best-selling books and numerous articles. However, my story is not all that different from yours.

I was raised on the East Coast, in a typical Italian household, facing typical problems and insecurities. Unbeknownst to me growing up, I was empathic—highly in tune with the thoughts and feelings of others—and overly sensitive. (Sound familiar?) I absorbed everything, gained weight to “protect” myself, felt anxious all the time. I felt I was imploding, and at just 19 years of age, I suffered a nervous breakdown.

From great challenges comes great opportunity, and that experience was the catalyst that drove me to do my life’s work. Called to begin my spiritual journey, I started understanding how energy works and how our spirits evolve on the path of Divine Love. I became intimately aware that intuition and healing must be nurtured in order to grow. I also realized I was not alone in being overly sensitive and highly intuitive. There were others, just like me and just like you, who needed what I was discovering.

Now, almost two decades later, I’m guiding thousands to experience their own transformation—having experienced a shift from what once was my biggest liability to what now is my greatest asset. With guidance from my angels and the help of Divine intervention, I’ve developed techniques and insights to deeply heal others and remove what blocks them energetically from becoming their highest self. If you feel called to embark on this same self-healing journey, I invite you to learn more and courageously take the first step of the rest of your empowered life.

With love and light,


Praise for Wendy DeRosa and Her Intuitive Healer Training Program 2024

Past students RAVE about the Intuitive Healer Training Program. This is the most in-depth, evolutionary, supportive, and powerful training and certification course of its kind. But you don’t have to take our word for it …


“I am so forever grateful for the opportunity of meeting such a wonderful teacher such as you Wendy!!! I am thankful that I was able to spend a year with some amazing woman and gain so much information about our healing journey. Applying the work you provided us took this course and our personal healings to a whole new level. A year ago, although I knew about our egos vs. spirit, about living with purpose, peacefully, mediation, this year of HTP class brought it to a whole new level. This is the information that colleges need to teach! In every college there should be a course about this work! I am so happy I got to take this course and that it has allowed me to grow and expand into more light! “Sometimes, it takes people their whole life to align the intuition in their hearts to the Divine source. It’s through faith, prayer and intention setting that we begin the mystical process.” Thank you so so so much Wendy for your beautiful soul and beauty, inside and out. It was such a pleasure and honor meeting and working with you and I know we will cross paths in the future! All my best for another awesome round of HTP crew!” L.B.- Connecticut


“From taking the Intuitive Healer Training Program, I see the importance of connecting to divine source throughout the day. I seal myself (energetically) consciously when I am about to spend time around draining people or in negative situations – I take care of myself and remove myself as a way of getting what I need. I have much gratitude for my gifts, commitment to my intuitive knowledge and notice how listening and yielding to higher wisdom/higher self is deeply fulfilling. I have gotten to know my body energetically and have a deeper appreciation for the support I can feel and sense in the universe.”B.D.- Connecticut


“The Intuitive Healer Training course with Wendy De Rosa is a deeply transformative experience. Wendy is a powerful healer who has a wealth of information to share with therapists, coaches or anyone in a healing profession. The program offers an incredible opportunity for participants to enhance their intuitive skills and learn tools for helping people make profound, long-lasting changes. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take their practice to a higher level!” – A.H. Oakland, CA


“I know we say thank you for all that you do for our group–but I just want to say it again! I’m so struck today by how much love you have for us in this process! How much you hold and encourage us. I was reading somewhere that you don’t really get the opportunity to love someone unless they are willing to show you their shadow side and the opportunity is there to say–I love you anyway! It’s vulnerable to be showing our shadow selves…as well as our light and I feel so blessed to be received so lovingly into your arms and motherly hearts either way! And with such clear and angelic energy! I took the day off work so I could just integrate today and let all the healing soul work sink in and it’s making me attuned to so much gratitude for you, Wendy!”C. Bay Area

If you haven’t seen our High Vibe Tribe Interview with Wendy DeRosa yet, click here. If you are a Podcast enthusiast, you can download our interview with Wendy here.

The Intuitive Healer Program will NOW be available all year long as an online course in 2024. 



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