Journey to Joyful Surrender: Michael A. Singer's Guide to Letting Go & the Surrender Experiment

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The Untethered Soul in Action Author & Teacher MICHAEL A. SINGER Author of The Surrender Experiment

MICHAEL A. SINGER Author of The Surrender Experiment

Discover Curated content from NY times bestselling author michael a. singer

Become Acquainted with the Bestselling Wisdom of Michael A. Singer, Author, Speaker, & Course Instructor 

Explore the curated collection of Michael A. Singer's most impactful works, including his New York Times bestsellers that have shaped the spiritual journeys of countless individuals seeking enlightenment and self-realization

Practical Tools

Dive into the profound insights of Michael A. Singer, whose bestselling books offer practical tools to liberate yourself from the confines of the mind and embrace life's experiences with joy and openness

Inspiring Quotes 

Discover the keys to true growth and happiness with Michael's enlightening quotes and teachings that inspire you to let go of the "danger of the mind", revealing the higher aspects of your being

Bestselling Books

Embark on a transformative path to inner peace and personal growth with the wisdom of Michael A. Singer, whose works like "The Untethered Soul" and "The Surrender Experiment" have become beacons for seekers worldwide.

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Ready to get real spiritual guidance on raising your level of consciousness with Bestselling Author Michael A. Singer? Meet (or dive deeper with) verifiably spiritual teachings of higher consciousness on living from a place of surrender course with Michael Singer’s course recommendations.

If deepening your spiritual awareness and connection with spirit is in your heart then…

You have stumbled upon the perfect place. This is our consciously curated collection of the latest:

Michael A. Singer, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Untethered Soul

Michael Singer Quotes

“If you are resisting something, you are feeding it.”

Registration is now open for the Untethered Soul Course Online. Join Michael now!

Michael Singer’s Bestselling Course Online

SOUNDS TRUE PRESENTS: Living from a Place of Surrender
The Untethered Soul in Action Online Course

The Untethered Soul: Living from a Place of Surrender Course by Michael A. Singer– Now an online course

The teachings in this course, created by our affiliate partners at are meant to set you firmly on the path of spiritual surrender, in order to liberate your inner energy and live in harmony with the flow of life. Here are some of the profound benefits:

Freedom from Struggle: 

Let go of chronic anxiety and stress through the art and practice of personal surrender

Clarity and Calm:

Shift from a noisy mind to a beautiful mind that works for you instead of against you.

Spontaneous Joy:

Experience the natural effulgence of well-being that arises when you decide to open your heart and never close it again.

Harmony in Relationship:

Transform the way you interact with others by discovering who we are in our most essential nature.

Living from a Place of Surrender The Untethered Soul in Action with Michael Singer Author 8-week online course
Michael A. Singer, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Untethered Soul

“Eventually, you will see that the real cause of the problem is not life itself. It’s the commotion the mind makes about life that really causes the problems.”

Mindful Teachings on Why We Suffer

Wouldn't it be nice to let go of the struggle and step into a life of freedom and relative inner peace?

Listen to Michael's insights on this topic.

My Podcast Review of Michael Singer's FREE 3-Part Video Series

Michael Singer 8 Week Online Course FREE 3 Part Video Series Intro to Living from a Place of Surrender-

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The mind can be a dangerous place or a great gift!

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If you are a fan of Michael A. Singer's teachings, I think you may be interested in these free onee-hour webinars from our friends at The Shift Network. See what they have have up their sleeves this month!

Discover More Courses from Michael 

Sounds True Presents:The Untethered Soul Lecture Series

In this 11-volume audio series, join Michael A. Singer for an expansive exploration of the life-changing insights in his bestselling books. 

Michael A. Singer’s spiritual classic, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, gave us a lucid and practical guide to living an awakened life. Now, for those inspired by his books or new to his teachings, 
The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Collection brings you into the company of this beloved teacher as he suffuses new illumination into the life-changing insights shared in his written works.

Sounds True Presents:

On The Untethered Soul at Work, join bestselling author Michael A. Singer in a two-session audio program that addresses ten common workplace challenges, including finding satisfaction and fulfillment, the art of conscious communication, creativity and problem solving, and more. Singer helps listeners apply the essential lessons from his popular books in the everyday realities of work life.

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We Curate Videos from Michael Singer & Turn Them Into Insightful Blog Posts

Check out our most recently curated Michael A. Singer Videos and our insights into his video topic...

Liz Gracia

What do you want out of life?  New Your Times Bestselling author of The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer, shares his wisdom and spiritual insights into answering the questions…”What do you want?” “What do you really want in life?” Listen in to Today’s Inspirational Life Lessons from Michael Singer. If you’d like to take today’s life lessons a step further, read on as I put my understanding of consciousness into

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Liz Gracia

Awaken the Inner Buddha with Bestselling Self Improvement Courses from Sounds True We’ve consciously curated bestselling personal development courses and self-improvement resources from Sounds True, one of our favorite partners in personal development and spiritual growth. Today’s thoughtful gift ideas for your favorite yogi, healer, therapist, or personal growth junkie includes online courses, guided meditations, and downloadable audiobooks from internationally renowned teachers and bestselling authors like Michael Singer, author of

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Inspirational Life Lessons

For those who've marinated their minds in the wisdom of Michael A. Singer, have I got a treat for you!

Picture a roundtable where Eckhart Tolle serves up hearty helpings of presence, Caroline Myss seasons conversations with intuition, Oprah Winfrey stirs in a spoonful of soulful storytelling, and Brene Brown sprinkles a dash of daring vulnerability.

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Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast

If you're a fan of the teachings of Michael Singer or Dr. David R. Hawkins, renowned author of Power vs Force and Truth vs Falsehood, 'Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness' podcast may be just what the doctor ordered!

Host, Liz Gracia is your personal concierge to the penthouse of the spirit. From peeking behind the curtains of calibrated truths to waltzing through wonderous ways of letting go, and curating crystalline collections of mindful reads—this is your VIP ticket to the gateways to elevated living!

Dive into current episodes here:

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from Bestselling Author Michael Singer 

Living Untethered- Beyond the Human Predicament by Michael A. Singer Online Course Spiritual Teacher
living untethered---beyond the human predicament

The book you need right now is finally here! From beloved spiritual teacher Michael A. Singer—author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Untethered Soul—this transformative and highly anticipated guide will be your compass on an exciting new journey toward self-realization and unconditional happiness...

Living Untethered is the book to reach for. At once profoundly transcendent and powerfully practical, it provides clear guidance for moving beyond the thoughts, feelings, and habits that keep you stuck—so you can heal the pain of the past and let your spirit soar. On each page, you’ll discover a deeper understanding of where your thoughts and emotions come from, and how they affect your natural energy flow. Finally, you’ll find freedom from the psychological scars, or samskaras, that block you and keep you from reaching your highest potential.

Have Fun with The Untethered Soul card deck!

I LOVE card decks!

“A sublime gift of inspiration for a friend or yourself.”
—Light of Consciousness Magazine

Soar beyond your boundaries—every single day. Drawing on the wisdom of the life-changing New York Times bestseller, The Untethered Soul, these extraordinary cards feature 52 profound and uplifting quotes that will inspire you to break through your limitations, cultivate lasting peace and tranquility, and discover who you really are.

Tapping into centuries-old traditions of meditation and mindfulness, these transformational quotes from spiritual teacher Michael A. Singer invite you to live fully in the present moment, break free from painful past experiences, and journey beyond the boundaries of your mind. If you’re ready to free yourself from the noisy inner voice that holds you back, this unique card deck will help you open the door to a life of freedom, happiness, and self-realization.

The Untethered Soul 52 Card Deck by Michael Singer
The Untethered Soul Guided Journal: Practices to Journey Beyond Yourself
Go Deeper with The Untethered Soul GUided Journal

In this beautiful guided journal, you’ll find brand-new exercises and prompts paired with original passages from The Untethered Soul. These prompts encourage you to fully relate Michael A. Singer’s teachings to your personal experiences, allowing you to dive into the teachings and make them a part of your daily life.

You’ll also discover practices to help you gain distance from your noisy mind, tap into the deeper awareness that is your true essence, and work through the negative emotions that limit your potential. Grounded in traditions of meditation and mindfulness, the new exercises in this transformational journal will show you how to live more fully in the present moment, and achieve lasting joy and self-realization.

If you’re ready to open the door to limitless possibilities, The Untethered Soul Guided Journal will lead you to a richer understanding of your relationship to your mind, emotions, and inner energies. And by letting go of difficult past experiences you’ve held within yourself, you’ll learn to access the profound happiness of your true, innermost Self.

About New York Times Bestselling Author Michael A. Singer

Michael Alan Singer, born on May 6, 1947, is a prominent figure in the realms of spirituality, meditation, and New Age philosophy[^1]. His literary contributions have garnered significant attention, with two of his works, "The Untethered Soul" (2007) and "The Surrender Experiment" (2015), achieving the status of New York Times bestsellers[^1][^2]. Singer's journey began in New Rochelle, New York, where he was born into a Jewish family, but it was in Miami where he spent his formative years[^1].

Singer's academic pursuits led him to the University of Florida, where he completed a bachelor's degree in business in 1969 and later a master's degree in economics in 1971[^1]. However, it was during his doctoral studies that Singer experienced a profound spiritual awakening, prompting him to seclude himself to focus on meditation and yoga[^1]. This pivotal moment in his life steered him away from traditional academia and towards spiritual exploration. He authored his first book, "The Search for Truth," in 1974, followed by "Three Essays on Universal Law" in 1975, marking the beginning of his published works in spirituality[^1].

His books, especially "The Untethered Soul," offer practical tools for personal growth and achieving inner peace, blending spirituality, psychology, and philosophy[^9]. Singer's work continues to inspire readers to explore the depths of their own consciousness and to live untethered from the constraints of the human predicament[^10].

Author photo © Timothy Davis

Life in Business

In addition to his spiritual teachings, Singer has made notable contributions to the business world. In 1981, he co-founded Medical Manager, a company that revolutionized medical practice management through software solutions[^1]. The company's success culminated in its acquisition by WebMD in 2002, in a deal valued at approximately $5 billion[^1]. Despite his business achievements, Singer faced legal challenges when he was prosecuted in connection with securities fraud during his tenure at WebMD[^1]. He entered into a deferred prosecution agreement in 2010 and agreed to forfeit $2.5 million in settlements, after which the charges were dropped[^1].

Temple of the Universe

Singer's spiritual center, the Temple of the Universe, founded in 1975, stands as a testament to his commitment to spiritual growth and inclusivity[^1]. It welcomes individuals of all faiths to engage in meditation and self-discovery. His later publications, including "Living Untethered - Beyond the Human Predicament" (2022), continue to delve into the themes of self-awareness and the pursuit of inner peace[^1].

Influence Beyond Books

Singer's influence extends beyond his written works, as he has also shared his wisdom through various platforms, including podcasts and interviews[^6]. His teachings on surrender and letting go aim to remove negative blocks and allow positive emotions to flow freely[^7]. Michael A. Singer's life story, particularly his decision to let life unfold naturally following a deep spiritual awakening, is vividly recounted in "The Surrender Experiment"[^8].

Journey to Joyful Surrender: Michael A. Singer's Guide to Letting Go & the Surrender Experiment

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The Untethered Soul in Action Author & Teacher MICHAEL A. SINGER Author of The Surrender Experiment

MICHAEL A. SINGER Author of The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment

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