What Do You Really Want in Life? | Life Lessons from Michael Singer

Effective Inspirational Life Lessons Badge Badge 300x300Living from a Place of Surrender The Untethered Soul in Action with Michael SingerWhat do you want out of life? Bestselling author of The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer, shares his wisdom and spiritual insights into answering the questions…”What do you want?” “What do you really want in life?”

Listen in to Today’s Inspirational Life Lessons from Michael Singer.

If you’d like to take today’s life lessons a step further, read on as I put my understanding of consciousness into context with what Michael Singer is sharing today regarding getting really clear about answering the question, “What do you want out of life?”

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What Do You Really Want Out of Life?

Great question!

What do you want out of life_How did you answer?

What first came to mind?


The usual?

What do you really want? Was it something you were “programmed” by life to feel you are “supposed” to want?

Does it feel that way?

First, let’s accept that whatever you want out of life can be yours and is yours with a complete understanding of the process and where there is actual energy to feel happy and fulfilled regardless.

There really is never any judgment or criticism coming from Divinity, God, Life, or any form of higher consciousness. There are only complete and unconditional love and compassion for you.

So let’s make your list of what you want!

Grab a pad of paper, and let’s get some clarity around “What do you really want in life?”

Like many, you may have a material list of things like:

These are pretty common desires.

Beyond materiality, your wants are really ways of being in your daily life. Right?

Or maybe you’re “programmed” by religion that wants to “should all over you” about what you are “supposed” to want, so you feel judged or self-critical enjoying material things!?!

Perhaps you’re on a “spiritual path” and have some greater wisdom (or self-judgment about wanting material goods.. let’s not go there, though accept that it may be there showing up as resistance) and understand that what you really want out of life is:

Remember, don’t “should yourself” about these things either, but accept that this is what you want in life with perhaps the misperception that having these things outside of yourself will help fulfill these intentions.

Be completely honest with yourself.

If you made a list of material things, why is it that you want some worldly stuff?

Go down your list and describe what it is about each thing to make you feel a particular way. What’s the feeling you are looking for from each item?

Now pay attention.

Are you looking to feel a particular way based on having a specific thing?

What if you never get that? How will it make you feel?

Let me guess:

  • What happens when you don't get what you want_Disappointed,
  • Resentful,
  • Bitter,
  • Envious,
  • Desirous,
  • Jealous…need I go on?

The truth of the matter is that you seek something outside of yourself to fulfill your ultimate desire to feel good.

This is a pretty standard spiritual tenant; all you seek is within you, NOT outside of you.

This is even showing up in commercials right now!

Jennifer Aniston is in a commercial for body lotion. At the end of the commercial, there’s a tag line that says something like, “Go within.”

Kind of’ funny that we’re evolving towards this understanding that to get what you want out of life requires a journey of self-discovery and going within.

There’s a great little story that Michael Singer shares in today’s inspirational life lessons. He uses GOD as a metaphor for a burning bush, being the proverbial “Genie in a Bottle for You.” The caveat to being granted what you want in life, at least in the material realm, is that you will receive everything you really want in life, but it won’t be fulfilling!?! The story starts at 3:19 minutes in the video.

So listen in to that part of today’s Inspirational Life lesson with Michael Singer.

You’ll start to “get it!” when you do.

Let’s Put Getting What You Want Out of Life Into Context

What Do You Want Out of Life Lessons with Michael SingerHow can this be done?

It can be done by understanding where “the juice” in life to happiness, love, wisdom and inner joy really exist. I can assure you you won’t find it in the “juice of the ego.” This is also known as lower levels of consciousness.

If you are operating from lower levels of consciousness, you are like a hamster on a never-ending wheel of disappointment, frustration, bitterness, unworthiness, and resentment.

By now, you may understand that getting what you want out of life is really an on-going feeling of well-being.

So well-being is measurable in consciousness. Consciousness is quantum and vast in nature but can be easily understood to clarify what you really want in life. The now-renowned Map of Consciousness® was created to help humankind understand where real power (to get what you really wish to have or experience) exists.

Let’s take a look at the feelings you were seeking when you created the list of what you want in life. I have created a table of these higher consciousness levels to make the visual easier to grasp, hopefully.

Table of Higher Levels of Consciousness:

Higher levels of consciousness are impersonal attractor fields of energies that are upward-pulling, positive-aspect-oriented, and constructive by nature.

What You Really Want is a Feeling Consciousness calibration of This Feeling
Peace 600
Unconditional Love & Inner Joy 540
Lovingness 500
Happy 395
Wise 385
Accepting & Forgiving 350
Willingness & Open 310

The “energy” that Michael Singer speaks of in today’s life lesson is significant, relative to what 85% of the planet experiences on a day-to-day basis.

I, too, can attest to this feeling of what I know of now as higher consciousness levels. In fact, when I discuss these experiences, I always like to use the phrase from the movie The Wizard of Oz, “Todo, we are NOT in Kansas anymore!”

What do you really want out of life?

This, at the soul level, is what we are really seeking the experience of as a soul. If you’ve ever read Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, then you’ll vividly recall that this is what “God” is affirming about life as an individual.

We’re looking for these feelings of happiness, wisdom, unconditional love, inner joy, and unquestionable worthiness.

If you look at the table above, please understand that the “power” to manifest whatever you want in life is significantly easier when you are operating daily from these high levels of consciousness.

In fact, the Divine Dichotomy that Conversations with God speaks of often is that when you are operating from these higher levels, it’s relatively effortless to manifest what you want out of life. Still, the need to do so fades away because the enjoyment of life itself is sufficient.

Let’s put the table above into greater context:

  • Only 85% of the world operates at 200 or above on the Map of Consciousness.
  • 50% of the United States operates at 200 or above.
  • The Map is logarithmic in nature, meaning 200 on the Map is 10 to the 200th power, whereas 305 on the Map is 10 to the 395th power. There’s a quantum leap in power as you move up the Map!

What Do You Want in Life
Step Out of Your Box & Expand Your Possibilities


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Why Is It That You Are NOT Getting What You Want Out of Life?

Let’s take a look at the lower levels of consciousness. Anything below 200 on the Map is a downward pulling, destructive, impersonal energy field. The “energy” to feel good and get what you really want in life isn’t here.

Here’s the Map on the Low End:

Lower Levels of Consciousness Calibration
Arrogance 195
Pessimism 190
Saying NO…denial 190
Skepticism 185
Entitlement 180
Pride 175
Anger 170
Resentment 160
Anger 150
Desire-unfulfilled “wanting” 125
Fear 124

What do you really want in life_ Be careful what you wish forWhere are you, your daily diet of thoughts, beliefs, and “programs” taking you?

The mind is a SUPERPOWER!

The mind contributes to your experience in life and getting what you want.  AND it contributes to what you DON’ T want. This is especially true if you haven’t done any inner work or lack self-awareness.

So what I want to point out from the table is that all of these lower levels of feelings have no power to get you what you want. There’s no “gas in the tank,” so to speak. This is no judgment, so don’t feel bad; it’s just a fact in consciousness.

To get what you really want out of life requires letting go of the lower levels and opening to the higher levels’ power.

This is a much longer conversation, but I have some resources to move you along in this direction.

But listen through to the end of today’s inspirational life lesson from Michael Singer. You’re gonna “get it!”.

I especially “got” the part about how we (really the mind) put conditions on everything! The power of the mind is therefore creating our own reality. This calibrates as true at a very high level.

So, here’s a quote Michael shares that I really appreciate,

“The great way is not difficult for those who have no preferences.”

He points out that this has nothing to do with renunciation. It’s actually an understanding of consciousness. The Map of Consciousness® was created for a greater understanding of this high spiritual truth.

Getting what you want requires being openThe key points Michael Singer is making today about understanding “what do you want out of life” is this:

These ways of being “fuel” all you think you want out of life in the material sense and provide the ultimate feeling you now understand are the root of all wanting-ness.

Other  words of wisdom and insights from Michael are:

Stop shutting down over little things in life. This type of behavior is something that “juices the ego” and is of the lower mind.

It’s insane to want to forgo love for pettiness and irritants.

The river of joy that I have experienced and that Michael Singer discusses is real and available to us.

The challenge is learning how to remove the blocks or the dams that are diverting Divine energy flow.

Discover more “Letting Go” Tips, Tools, Courses, and Resources here.

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