Forget New Years Resolutions Consider a New Approach


The Map of Consciousness Explained by Dr. David R. HawkinsWhy do you think most people can’t keep New Year’s intentions and that most New Year’s resolutions fail?

Today, I invite you to a new way of looking at New Year’s resolutions, ones aligned with power and not force.

And if you’ve been listening in for a while, then you are familiar with The Map of Consciousness® by Dr. David R. Hawkins and his renowned book Power vs. Force.

In our collective evolution of consciousness, you can see where we are based on some popular memes or quotes like:

“May the Force be with you” from Star Wars

Or the statement

“Love is a force unto itself” is an oxymoron.

In consciousness, LOVE is a superpower in the 500s. 

In understanding consciousness, you will accept that you don’t want “The Force” to be with you.

In reality, you want the power to be with you.

On the Map of Consciousness, FORCE is anything below 200 on the map, and anything at 200 or above is power.

So in today’s first episode of 2024, called Forget New Year’s Resolutions Consider a New Approach—- we will look at what’s going on in consciousness, or your energy field, regarding failed New Year’s resolution attempts and provide a pioneeringly new paradigm or approach to setting New Year’s intentions.

Stick around until the end for this week’s featured calibration of the week, which is the energy or consciousness of New Year’s resolutions in general. Is it of higher consciousness or lower consciousness to make New Year’s resolutions?

What do you think?

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Beyond Willpower: A Higher Consciousness Approach to New Year’s Intentions & Resolutions

Redefining Resolutions: Aligning Your New Year's Intentions with Power

Photo by Polina Kovaleva

The turn of the year is a natural moment for reflection and goal-setting when many of us look to chart a course for personal growth and improvement. Traditional New Year’s resolutions often hinge on willpower — an exertion of *force upon oneself to enact change. However, this approach can sometimes lead to a cycle of commitment and failure, as sheer willpower is a finite resource and can wane under the pressures of daily life.

*Force in consciousness, or the energy fields of life, have no innate power to help you change and shift into a higher level of existence: Force, or anything below 200 on Dr. David R. Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness® is negatively oriented, downward-pulling, and destructive by nature.

In contrast, aligning New Year’s intentions with what might be termed “authentic power” suggests a shift away from force and towards a more sustainable form of motivation, inspiration, alignment, and change. Authentic power is derived from a deeper understanding of one’s values, strengths, and purpose, creating a solid foundation for aspirational intentions deeply rooted in one’s true self.

The concept of a “powerplay in consciousness” introduces a new paradigm for setting New Year’s intentions, resolutions, and goals. It implies a strategic shift in mindset and understanding that prioritizes inner transformation over external achievements. By tapping into this inner power, individuals can set intentions and impactful resolutions that resonate more deeply with their core being, leading to more meaningful and lasting change.

In the forthcoming discussion, I will share insights into how one can align their New Year’s intentions with this sense of authentic power. This involves a holistic approach to understanding the power of the mind and the spiritual dimension in consciousness, transcending traditional methods relying solely on discipline and willpower. The aim is to foster resolutions that are not only achievable but also transformative, reflecting a higher consciousness and an elevated sense of self.

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Understanding PowerPlays in Consciousness & How to Choose Them

A new approach to setting New Year's Intentions is to align with authentic power, ot force

Photo by Alex Azabache:

As we enter a new year, many of us are drawn to the tradition of setting resolutions. This annual ritual, often characterized by a surge of inspiration, celebration,  and determination, aims to bring positive change in our lives. Yet, despite our best intentions, these resolutions can sometimes falter, raising questions about the underlying dynamics of personal transformation and the powers (not forces) that drive lasting change.

Exploring authentic power is valuable in seeking a more practical approach to New Year’s resolutions. This form of power is not about exerting force or control over ourselves or our circumstances. Still, rather it involves aligning our actions with a deeper understanding of our true nature and values. It is about tapping into a renewable source of inner strength and power and aligning with who we are.

Dr. David R. Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness® provides a compelling framework for understanding this idea of power. The Map of Consciousness®, as outlined by Dr. Hawkins, is a calibrated scale of energy frequencies corresponding to different levels of human consciousness. Each level reflects a particular emotional state, process, God View, and self-view, ranging from lower-energy states such as shame and guilt to higher-energy states like love, joy, and peace. By understanding where our current level of consciousness sits on this scale, we can aspire to elevate our consciousness and live more harmoniously with our resolutions.

Power vs Force by Dr. David R. HawkinsChoosing to set resolutions from a place of higher consciousness means looking beyond mere self-discipline and willpower. It involves selecting higher energy attractor fields that align with the “energy” of our goals, resolutions, and New Year’s intentions for change. Ones that resonate with our higher values and aspirations, which in turn are more likely to be sustained over time. This process can be considered a “power play” in consciousness – a deliberate choice to operate from a state of awareness and inner strength rather than external pressures, low-level obligations, or fleeting desires.

I invite you to listen to the podcast on this subject, where we delve deeper into the transformative potential of aligning your New Year’s intentions with authentic power. By embracing Dr. Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness® insights or Brian Gibbs’s Spiritual Map of Progress, we can create a blueprint for conscious living that empowers us to set intentions and achieve resolutions that reflect our most authentic selves and contribute to our highest good.

1001 Ways to Setting Powerful New Year’s Intentions Playlist

Check out my 1001 Ways to be of Higher Consciousness Playlist from Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast. Understanding where higher power exists in your energy field will contribute to success in setting more aligned New Year’s intentions for elevated living, feeling much better, and change.

It will also introduce you to the power of creating a personalized list of rules to live by.

Top 10 Rules to Live By Worksheet

Get Started with Your Top 10 List of Rules to Live By

It is of significant higher consciousness to make a list of rules to live by based on consciousness calibrations. It is also of higher consciousness to set New Year’s intentions based on consciousness calibrations. Go where authentic power and truth in consciousness reside. Don’t guess. Do the math!

Get instant access to my downloadable;e worksheet that will give you ideas of what it sounds, looks like, and feels like to choose personalized rules based on the “energy” of things.

And while you are at it, listen to this podcast episode on 1001 Ways to Being of Higher Consciousness.

*According to, “making a list of rules to live by for oneself” is of higher consciousness. That’s why we’ve added it to our 1001 Ways to Being of Higher Consciousness.

Choose the Energetic Alignment with Your New Year’s Intentions

Understand to power of choosing alignment vs intending for something

Photo by Sadaham Yathra

In setting resolutions with lasting impact, choosing the energetic alignment with your New Year’s intentions is about connecting your goals with the emotional and spiritual frequencies that resonate with your true self. This approach is grounded in the understanding that each level of consciousness carries a specific vibrational energy or frequency that can either empower (higher consciousness) or detract (lower consciousness) from our ability to manifest our intentions.

The Map of Consciousness®, as developed by Dr. Hawkins, suggests that higher levels of consciousness are associated with emotions and ways of being that possess tremendous positive energy and are thus more conducive to personal growth and fulfillment. When we set resolutions from these higher states of being—such as acceptance, reason, love, or joy—we tap into a more potent and sustainable form of power.

For instance, if one’s resolution is to improve physical health rather than simply vowing to go to the gym more often (a resolution based on willpower), one might align this intention with the desire for self-care and well-being, which could be rooted in love for oneself and a deep-seated value of *health. By doing so, the motivation becomes part of a broader, more meaningful context and is energized by positive emotions that make the resolution more compelling and easier to adhere to.

The ” HEALTHY ” energy field calibrates at 360 on the Map of Consciousness®—a potent choice to make in aligning yourself with this impersonal attractor field in consciousness. Stop intending and just choose it!

Discover the power of CHOOSING vs Intending in this episode of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast:

Discover Higher Powers to Choose on Your Journey

Here are some examples of attractor fields in consciousness that I choose to draw me into higher levels of existence and allow it to remove the blocks to my conscious New Year’s Intentions.

CHoose the high powered energy field of inspiration to draw you to your intentions

Photo by Jane Pham


Inspiration (calibrates at 395 on the Map of Consciousness).

  • Inspiration as an attractor field is a powerful motivator and magnetic attractor field in consciousness transcending basic discipline or effort. When we are inspired, our actions feel less like work and more like expressions of our true selves.
  • Setting resolutions with inspiration in mind means seeking goals that genuinely excite us and connect with our passions. This could involve pursuing new creative hobbies, career paths, or personal development that feels uplifting and energizing.
  • An inspired resolution has the advantage of self-reinforcement; the more we engage with it, the more inspired we become, creating a positive feedback loop that sustains our commitment.


Intimacy (calibrates at 470 on the Map of Consciousness) This is a very high level of consciousness and a powerful attractor field to choose from.

  • Intimacy involves deep connection and openness, not just with others but with oneself. It implies a level of self-awareness and authenticity in relationships and personal endeavors.
  • In the context of New Year’s resolutions, intimacy might manifest as goals aimed at improving close relationships or becoming more vulnerable and authentic in how one interacts with the world.
  • Resolutions based on intimacy are likely more fulfilling and supported by strong emotional bonds, which can provide the encouragement and accountability needed to maintain them.
Choose playfulness to bring you into success in any area of your life's goals

Photo by La Miko


Playfulness (calibrates at 380 on the Map of Consciousness). It’s another meaningful and high-energy attractor field in life. It’s available for you to choose. “Don the math!” Why not choose it?

  • Playfulness introduces a sense of joy and light-heartedness into our activities. It is about enjoying the process rather than being overly focused on outcomes.
  • Incorporating playfulness into resolutions can help alleviate the pressure and stress often accompanying goal-setting. This could mean turning exercise routines into games or finding fun and engaging ways to learn new skills.
  • Making resolutions playful makes them more enjoyable and less of a chore, increasing the likelihood of sticking with them over the long term.


Abundance Mindset (calibrates at 255 on the Map of Consciousness)

  • An abundance mindset is characterized by the belief that there is plenty for everyone, including opportunities, resources, love, and success. It stands in contrast to a scarcity mindset, which focuses on limitation and competition.
  • Setting resolutions from an abundance mindset encourages generosity, gratitude, and a focus on positive possibilities. For example, rather than setting a goal to save money out of fear of lack, one might resolve to manage finances with the intention of creating security and the ability to share with others.
  • Approaching resolutions with an abundance mindset promotes a sense of peace and confidence, supporting sustainable action and a greater sense of community and connectedness.
In reality, we are all doing the best we can.

Photo by Eva Bronzini


Understanding the statement that we are all doing the best we can (calibrates at 500 on the Map of Consciousness)

  • This statement reflects a high level of empathy and compassion. It recognizes that everyone, including ourselves, operates based on their current consciousness, knowledge, and capabilities.
  • When this understanding informs our New Year’s resolutions, we approach our goals with kindness and patience. Rather than harsh self-judgment or scrutiny for setbacks, we offer ourselves grace, understanding that progress is a journey with ups and downs.
  • Resolutions grounded in this compassionate perspective are more sustainable because they accommodate growth and learning. They encourage a supportive inner dialogue that nurtures our capacity to evolve and adapt gracefully.

Similarly, suppose the goal is to foster better relationships. In that case, aligning this intention with the frequency of compassion and understanding can create a strong internal drive that is more effective than any external commitment device. This energetic alignment ensures that the resolution is not just a task to be checked off but a meaningful journey toward a more connected and harmonious way of living.

When resolutions are energetically aligned with higher consciousness states, they have the potential to become transformative. The chosen intentions are no longer just goals but reflections of one’s deeper values and aspirations. They carry the power to catalyze genuine change because they are supported by the full spectrum of one’s being—emotional, mental, and spiritual.

In summary, choosing the energetic alignment with your New Year’s intentions involves:

  1. Identifying the deeper values and emotions that resonate with your true self.
  2. Choosing higher energy fields to draw you into success and higher living
  3. Setting intentions that reflect these values and are charged with positive, high-frequency emotions.
  4. Committing to actions congruent with these higher states of consciousness empowers your resolutions with an enduring source of inner strength.

By focusing on this alignment, individuals can create a foundation for resolutions that are achievable and imbued with the power to effect real and lasting change.

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Conclusion to Setting New Year’s Intentions in 2024

Start your new year with a clean slate and a fresh start

Photo by Monstera Production

In conclusion, as we embrace the start of 2024 with open hearts and minds, let us approach our New Year’s intentions with a renewed perspective. Moving beyond the traditional reliance on willpower, we have explored the transformative power of aligning our resolutions with authentic power—power from within, resonating with our deepest values and aspirations.

By understanding the vibrational energies of emotions and consciousness, as mapped out by Dr. Hawkins, we can choose to set intentions from a place of higher awareness. This infuses our goals with tremendous positive energy and ensures they are more than mere tasks; they become integral parts of our journey toward self-actualization and fulfillment.

As we set on this path, let us remember to be compassionate with ourselves, recognizing that each step forward is part of a more extensive growth process. By choosing energetic alignment with our intentions, we invite abundance, inspiration, intimacy, playfulness, and a deep understanding that we are all doing our best at every moment.

May your resolutions for the new year reflect the true power of your authentic self, leading to a year filled with personal transformation, joy, and an ever-increasing alignment with your highest potential. Here’s to 2024, where our resolutions are promises and powerful manifestations of who we are and aspire to be.