Sacred Healing Sound Frequencies with Jonathan Goldman

Discover How the Healing Sounds of Humming (yes, humming!) Can Literally Rearrange Your Molecular Structure

  • Discover how humming helps with stress levels, sleep & blood pressure
  • Receive a tuning fork healing to promote optimal wellbeing
  • Discover simple but powerful sound-healing approaches you can do on your own
  • Discover how humming (yes, humming!) can literally rearrange your molecular structure
  • Experience the powerful vibrational medicine of tuning forks and humming




Experience the Powerful Healing Sound Frequencies of Tuning Forks and Humming

Experience the powerful healing with sound frequencies of tuning forks and hummingYou may not be aware of the profound healing that certain healing sound frequencies can provide…

For example, a gong or tuning-fork “sound bath” has deeply calming, rejuvenating effects that can raise your vibrational frequency, elevate your consciousness, and promote optimal wellbeing. 

There are also simple sound-healing approaches you can do on your own that can have powerful healing effects on your entire system — one of which is humming.

Yes, humming…

Jonathan Goldman, the foremost pioneer in the field of harmonics, will share the powerful vibrational medicine of the tuning fork — and how self-created sounds such as humming can transform stress into self-empowerment — during a FREE video event, Sound Healing Through Humming & Tuning Forks.

You can register here: 

Discover simple but powerful sound-healing approaches you can do on your own

Receive a tuning fork healing sounds to promote optimal wellbeing

In this transformative hour healing sounds, you’ll discover: 

“Even if you have no musical ability,” Jonathan stresses, “we are all sound healers.”

If you can hum, you’ll discover that you hold a powerful non-pharmaceutical prescription for self-healing that has only positive side effects, including better health, more happiness, and deeper spiritual awareness!

You can RSVP for free here.


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