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Make the Heart-Brain Connection & Connect with the Heart of Who You Truly Are

Heart coherence training: Learn about the physical heart’s communication and discover the power of heart coherence, an optimal state where your heart, brain, and body align to create transformative outcomes.

Learn from an inspiring experiential program that offers new insights and practical techniques to help you respond to day-to-day challenges with more ease and composure.

In Heart Coherence Training You Will:

  • Experience science-based technology and programs for taking charge of your life.
  • Learn to access your heart’s intuition to become the best version of yourself more often.

It is proven to help you reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security.

All of This Transformational Power of the Heart Coherence Training for ONLY $29.95!



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What More Will You Discover in This Exceptional Heart Coherence Training?

  • Make the heart brain connection with HeartMath training9 chapters with over 90 minutes of compelling content and heart-centered therapy.
  • Downloadable pdfs with chapter summaries and technique steps.
  • Technique review videos for easy learning.
  • A special bonus chapter on the Inner Balance coherence-building technology to enhance your practice.

The HeartMath Experience and heart brain coherence training are based on 30 years of research, resulting in 300 peer-reviewed published studies about:


Studies conducted with over 11,500* people have shown improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology and making that heart-brain connection:

  • enefits of Heart Coherence Training with HeartMath24% improvement in the ability to focus
  • 30% improvement in sleep
  • 38% improvement in calmness
  • 46% drop in anxiety
  • 48% drop in fatigue
  • 56% drop in depression

* N= 11,903 Percent of individuals responding often to always on normed and validated pre and post Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA-R)

**The HeartMath Institute has been calibrated as to its level of consciousness on the Map of Consciousness®. Its consciousness calibration is 460 (10 to the 460th power), which is of significant higher consciousness! According to Dr. David R. Hawkins and consciousness research, problems are solved at the level of consciousness of 350 and above on the map.

You can discover more about the power of the heart, heart coherence and the heart’s intelligence, higher levels of consciousness, and the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins on the podcast “Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness” at here.

The HeartMath Experience Training Includes 9 Chapters:

Chapter 1It's Heart Time with HeartMath Co-Founder Howard MartinCHAPTER 1: IT’S HEART COHERENCE TIME
Just as harnessing electricity changed the outer world, when we learn how to harness the true power and intelligence of the heart, everything will change about how we think and feel, and how we relate to one another. Hear how a new understanding of “heart” is emerging and is so needed during this important time in history.

Chapter 2 The Intelligent Heart Mind ConnectionCHAPTER 2: THE INTELLIGENT HEART
The qualities of the heart have become a scientifically proven source of intelligence. New science is mapping the influence of the heart on the brain and body and how the heart communicates an amazingly wide spectrum of information from health and wellness functions to higher qualities like wisdom and compassion.

Chapter 3 The Science of the Heart Coherence TrainingCHAPTER 3: THE SCIENCE OF THE HEART
Learn about the physical heart’s communication and discover the power of heart coherence, an optimal state where your heart, brain and body align to create transformative outcomes.

Chapter 3 The Science of the Heart Coherence TrainingCHAPTER 4: QUICK COHERENCE
Learn and experience a simple, heart-centered training and practical HeartMath technique to access your heart’s intelligence, energize your system and restore balance.

Chapter 5 the Emotional WorldCHAPTER 5: THE EMOTIONAL WORLD
Understanding our emotions provides a key to creating a more fulfilling life with less stress. Experience the Inner Weather Report exercise to gain important insights about your everyday emotional patterns and choices.

Chapter 6 in The HeartMath Experience Attitude BreathingCHAPTER 6: ATTITUDE BREATHING
Experience a technique that will help you move from depleting emotions to renewing emotions – from old life to new life.

Chapter 7 Accessing More IntuitionCHAPTER 7: ACCESSING MORE INTUITION
Learn how to access practical intuition to help bring clarity to big or small decisions. Experience a technique for building your connection to intuitive, heart-based intelligence.

Chapter 8 Social Coherence The HeartMath Experience programCHAPTER 8: SOCIAL COHERENCE
There is a cultural shift moving us towards greater connection and cooperation. Learn about the science of social coherence and experience an important technique you can use for deepening your own heart connection; learn how you can contribute to creating a more heart-connected world.

Chapter 9 Global CoherenceCHAPTER 9: GLOBAL COHERENCE
As a global society, we have opportunities for a significant shift in human consciousness through heart-based living. Learn what this means and how science is showing that we’re all energetically connected with each other and the Earth. Receive a summary of the techniques learned and practice suggestions for moving forward.

An introduction to the Inner Balance and Global Coherence apps and sensor that provides real time coherence scores that you can use to train yourself to access more and more heart coherence.
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All of This Transformational Power of the Heart Coherence Training for ONLY $29.95!



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