What are the Stages of a  Sales Funnel? This is one of my webinar presentations from our Online Meetup Group. This is part 2 in a 2 part webinar about understanding sales funnels. Part 1 is an introduction to what a sales funnel is. Part 2 dives deeper into stages of a sales funnel.

The Mind Body Spirit Network was created to help make this whole process easier to entertain when you take simple steps all along the way.

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You can watch Part 1 What is a Sales Funnel here.

Looking for a sales funnel template or the stages of a sales funnel? If so, you’re in luck! Today’s weekly online Meetup Group for TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com provides the simple steps to take to set up your first sales funnel.

The simple steps and stages of a sales funnel look something like this:

  1. Do SEO keyword research first! It doesn’t make sense to dive into any online marketing or web development initiative without it. Watch the video and you’ll hear why! (If you don’t know how to do this or need some help…visit here.)
  2. Develop a lead magnet (or a few) based upon that SEO keyword research. (Sales funnels require a fair amount of set-up work! You don’t want to move forward without having that market analysis first)
  3. Create an opt-in (lead capture) landing page
  4. Create a “Thank you” (for opting in) landing page. This gives you a chance to remind people what to do next. you could even create a landing page with a thank you video. It’s a great way for people to get to know you!
  5. Create an email automation series of at least 7 emails, making sure the lead magnet is delivered immediately in that 1st email. You’ll get some good ideas for simple lead magnets in the video…take a listen.
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    (Studies show it takes 7 touchpoints before a “Top Funnel” lead will grow to trust you.

  6. Build a Paid ad campaign (We’re assuming Facebook in this example)
  7. Determine your target audiences. Again your SEO keyword research can inform you as to audiences you can target.
  8. Create a simple lead generation ad.

Watch the flow….

Key Sales Funnel Stages Take-Away?

Don’t dive into any online paid lead generation strategy without careful planning and understanding your online market and target audience!

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Make sure you have  a product or service to deliver to an online audience for which their is significant search volume and financial viability.

If you missed Part 1 of this 2 Part Series…watch Part 1″What is a Sales Funnel” and what audiences in different parts of the sales funnel look like. Click here.

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