Are you running Facebook ads or Google PPC ads to your website and getting little to no results? Are you perhaps running ads to the home page of your website? Found out why this can be a BIG mistake and a literal drain on your investment in online marketing with little to no return.

It could be a landing page issue!

Join The Mind Body Spirit Network and Liz Gracia, Founder and Director of Marketing and Certified Paid Traffic and Lead Acquisition Specialist as we discuss the importance of developing a landing page strategy for all of your online marketing and paid ad campaign strategies.

So you want to grow your business online and you’re trying your hand at Facebook ads or Google PPC ads or maybe you’re diving into Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest ads, but you’re coming up with little to no ROI (return on investment)…in other words a Big Ole’ Goose Egg!

Where are you sending your clicks to? What is the URL address? What “landing page” does your traffic clickers go to?

But before we go there let’s take a look at some basics…..

So what is a landing page?

A landing page, also known as a:

  • squeeze page,
  • lead capture page,  or
  • opt-in page

is a stand alone web page that is used exclusively for very specific, Call-To-Action (CTA) ad campaigns. Those ad campaigns could be run thorough a Google AdSense ad campaign, Facebook ad campaign, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc..

When someone clicks on a link from one of your ads, that link (ideally) should go to a landing page, NOT the home page of your website or any page on your website that has too many CTA’s (Button, image or text links) so as to cause confusion and take the web visitor off track from why they clicked on your ad link in the first place.

Too many options causes confusion and therefore lower conversions and lower qualified leads.

The name “Squeeze Page” is very apt as it forces someone (or puts the pressure on you or squeezes you )to take action….opt-in for your offer or leave the page.

What is a landing page?

Are you aware that:

• It’s “Best Practices” to develop a landing page strategy for each paid ad campaign objective?

· You can optimize conversion rates for your landing page when you test and split test different design/elements of a landing page?

• You can get a far greater ROI on paid ad campaigns with landing pages?

• Sending traffic to your website can be a BIG mistake? (I’ll tell you why!)

Now there are some other “Best Practices” in regards to developing a landing page, and we’ve taken some tips from Digital Marketer (One of the web’s premier online marketing companies) on their Top Landing Page Checklist. (Watch the video)

In this short presentation you will have a greater understanding of landing pages and why they matter to your bottom line, one of “The [ many ] Foundational Basics for Your Online Success” and where you may need to “Shore up” your digital marketing and paid ad campaign efforts for long term success and the type of professional support you may need to consider to do so.

Need Help with Building Landing Pages and Developing a Landing Page Strategy?

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Certified Online Marketing Expert Liz GraciaAbout Our Presenter:

Liz Gracia is Founder and Director of Marketing for, a Division of New Mouse Media, LLC. Liz has been helping conscious service based solopreneurs and small businesses reimagine, uplevel and leverage their online marketing investments with simple innovate SEO search and WordPress website design so they can feel great about their online presence, get found on local Google searches, generate highly targeted leads for their businesses and get return on their website marketing investments within months of going live.

Liz is a Certified SEO-SEM Specialist and Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist and has been helping 100’s of small businesses with their online marketing and web design efforts since 2009.


The Mind Body Spirit Network helps small businesses and solopreneurs and companies in the holistic health, transformational, personal development, and the mind body spirit conscious and mindful living realm with their landing page marketing, lead generation and online business growth intentions. is located in Golden, CO, not far from Denver and Boulder Colorado and offers a comprehensive landing page marketing strategy services to solopreneurs and companies all over the United States and Canada.

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