Discover practices to enliven your energy & transform old patterns

Everything in the universe is energy. 

Kundalini is the energy of awakening, it represents your potential as a human being. 

Kundalini unlocks the “you within you…” It’s a path for your deepest transformation yet.

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Awaken Your Kundalini Summit
November 5-8, 2019

The Awaken Your Kundalini Summit


Kundalini is the energy of awakening, it represents your potential as a human being. Kundalini unlocks the “you within you…” It’s a path for your deepest transformation yet.

This event — presented by The Shift Network — will feature more than 25 of today’s highly sought-after Kundalini experts and teachers —including Guru Singh, Kia MillerPandit Rajmani Tigunait, Gurmukh, Maya Fiennes, Jai Dev Singh, Tommy Rosen, Jeanie Manchester, Gurucharan, Raja Choudhury, Francesca McCartney, and many more—sharing stories of personal awakenings, systematic practices to raise your kundalini, and ways to access more vitality and joy. Additionally, each presenter shares a valuable practice with you.

During this groundbreaking 4-day event, you’ll discover:

  • Awaken Your Kundalini Summit, November 5-8Kundalini practices to liberate you from the monkey mind and transform emotional patterns
  • A comprehensive, practical Kundalini toolbox (handbook included!)
  • Kundalini as a path to creativity, purpose, and wholeness
  • Tantric practicethat bring you holistic healing
  • Energy-based techniques to move you from your intellectual mind to your intuitive mind
  • The power of energy mastery, which allows you to take full responsibility for your life, actions, and thoughts
  • Wisdom and tools to break through the density of trauma, pain, and conditioning
  • Understand the experience of neutrality and non-reactivity
  • Ways to access more joy and your authentic inner power with Kundalini
  • How to work with Kundalini energy, safely and effectively
  • Centering techniques to elevate your frequency, clear your mind, and access divine wisdom 

And so much more!

The practical experience of Kundalini cleanses and resets your energetic body. The moment you enliven and elevate your energy, you start to release mental and emotional patterns that have kept you at a certain level of consciousness and held you back from creating the changes you want to make in your life… physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Join the amazing gathering of presenters to discover the tools you need to discover true healing and powerful inner awakening. 

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Liz Gracia Editor in Chief & Publisher Scout It Out Guide

Liz Gracia

Liz Gracia
Founder & Host of Your Weekly Dose of HIgher Consciousness

P.S. Here’s some of what the brilliant speakers will be sharing with you…

  • Be among the countless people on the planet who are experiencing a spiritual and energetic awakening and evolution, with Guru Singh.
  • Kia Miller will share the intention behind the summit and how and why Kundalini awakening is accessible to everyone. She reveals 5 powerful lessons to guide you through this time.
  • Pandit Rajmani Tiguait will reveal the origin of Tantric Kundalini practices.
  • Anand Mehrotra will speak to the process of unlocking the innate potential of BEING through systematic practices and a holistic approach.
  • Experience Maya Fiennes’ energizing Kundalini breathing exercises to increase healing and joy.
  • Jai Dev Singh will demystify the so-called “dangers” of Kundalini and share practical tips to awaken the spiritual force within you.
  • Wake up your creative genius and sense of oneness by awakening Kundalini Shakti with Jeanie Manchester.
  • Rachel Hunter will unpack a step-by-step approach to Kundalini through the integration of yoga and natural elements consciousness — including the practices of Shavasana, emotional purification, Mauna, Yoga Nidra and meditation.

… and more!

RSVP here for the Awaken Your Kundalini Summit — at no charge.