Foundational Basics #6: A True Story About a Quantum Spiritual Awakening

& Your Happy Host for “Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness” & Trumpeter of Truth Liz Gracia

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In 2003 I had, what can only be described as, a Quantum Spiritual Awakening.

Based on my understandings of levels of consciousness and reading about the different levels of consciousness as described in Dr. David R. Hawkins books including Power Vs Force, I came to understand that what I felt to be a quantum spiritual awakening was in fact quantum in nature as I jumped anywhere from 200-500 points on The Map of Consciousness® at (at last count) 24 times, for extended periods of time, over the course of 10 years.

Let me qualify this by saying that I personally may have not jumped to these higher levels of consciousness, but was in the presence of these higher levels of consciousness. These higher levels are totally radical yet subjective, ineffable experiences of the presence of Divinity, God-intoxicated ecstasy, Oneness, connectedness and more!

The problem with having a quantum leap and spiritual awakening like this is that I wasn’t prepared for it. I didn’t have the “foundational spiritual basics” underneath me to handle and recognize the experience.

So the experience set the proverbial pendulum in motion and the swings from high ecstatic states were met with horrific encounters with the complete opposite of the Presence of God or Divinity or whatever you may call it.

The intention for this podcast is to use what I’ve learned from observing the different levels of consciousness to help you learn how to be happy and love yourself, and learn how to let go of negativity and lower-level emotions that create problems in life.

I will do much of this within the context of understanding levels of consciousness and where TRUE Power and TRUE Connection really exists.

I will be sharing numerous stories of this quantum spiritual awakening that all began…30 miles at sea on the remote Island of Nantucket! What an amazing experience it was!

Stay tuned!

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