What is a lead magnet and why they matter for list building and generating leads that convert.

Are you wondering why your website isn’t contributing to building your business or generating any leads?

Then this lead magnet video presentation will help illuminate the path to consistently generating leads from your website and growing your online business.

Meet  TherMindBodySpiritNetwork.com founder and Certified Online Marketing Expert Liz Gracia for a lively and informative conversation where you will learn what you need to know about developing lead magnets and building your email list.

You will walk away with key understandings as to the importance of lead magnets in building your contact list, how to go about developing leads and how to decide what to offer.

What is a lead magnet and why do they matter?

Can you answer any of the following lead magnet related questions with certainty?

  • Do you know what a lead magnet is?
  • If so, have you created some that people actually opt-in for?
  • Are your lead magnets turning into sales conversations and customers?
  • How did you decide what to offer as a lead magnet?

If you aren’t clear about lead magnets, how to develop great lead magnet ideas and how to generate leads into your business and provide return on your website investment then this video presentation is just what the doctor ordered!.

You will also get access to our 8 POINT LEAD MAGNET CHECKLIST!

In this short presentation you will have a greater understanding of the importance of developing solid lead magnets that convert, one of “The [ many ] Foundational Basics for Your Online Success” and where you may need to “Shore up” your online marketing efforts for long term success and the type of professional support you may need to consider to do so.

TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com helps small businesses and solopreneurs and companies in the holistic health in the mind body spirit conscious and mindful living realm with their small business keyword research, analysis, reporting and consultation marketing services and lead magnet development.

TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com is located in Golden, CO, not far from Denver and Boulder Colorado and offers a small business keyword research, analysis, reporting and consultation marketing services to solopreneurs and companies all over the United States and Canada.


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TheMindBodySpiritNetwork.com hosts weekly online Meetup Groups for small businesses and solopreneurs interested in growing their businesses, generating consistent leads into their businesses every day and dramatically  expanding their business reach through proven online and digital marketing efforts.
Though the group was created for professionals who would consider themselves or businesses part of the mind body spirit health realm, all small business owners are welcome.
Hosted by Liz Gracia, Founder and Director of Marketing at TheMindBodySPiritNetwork.com