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It is our intention to assist in raising the level of consciousness on the planet to Neutral or 250 on the Map of Consciousness®.  Simple ways for us to contribute to this intention is to help you understand levels of consciousness and to put into context where TRUE POWER really exists. Once you understand where TRUE POWER (to have and create a life of meaning and Grace) exists, you can then choose where to align your intentions at higher levels of consciousness and let go of the lower levels that are only destructive and downward pulling, like crabs in a bucket.

Which Way of Being Has More Power?


Calibrates on the Map of Consciousness at:



Calibrates on the Map of Consciousness at:



Calibrates on the Map of Consciousness at:



FAITHFUL at 365 on the Map of Consciousness® is a very powerful energy field that is constructive and uplifting at 10 to the 365th power. There are very few people that reach this level on consciousness on our planet, which is not to say it’s unattainable, but it needs to be put into context so spiritual aspirants can have a better understanding of its energy field.

To put this into context…only 50% of the United States calibrates at 200 or above. The percentages drop precipitously as you go up the levels of consciousness.

Genius level individuals throughout history like Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Isacc Newton calibrated at 499. Reaching 500 is rare and only  .4% (4/10ths of 1%) of the world’s population ever reaches 540.

To be KIND calibrates at 220 on the Map of Consciousness®. Based on the fact that 50% of the United States calibrates above 200, then it is safe to say many people are kind, regardless of what the media may be showing us! People in the 200’s are easy going and contribute to life and are typically our blue collar workers that help build infrastructure, as an example.

Being FEARFUL is a serious energetic sinkhole and a power-less way of being at 100 on the Map of Consciousness®. Don’t judge yourself for being fearful, as we all have fears. However, if you have some chronic fears, it’s advisable that you bring them up and let them go best you can. A sign that you are dealing with your fears is if you start to feel craving wantedness and desire, anger and hatred, or righteous pride about the fearful issue. This is a sign that you are moving up the emotional scale into more powerful energy fields. When you start to feel you’ve stepped into Courage on the issue, now you are FREE and empowered!

I hope you found this week’s Dose of Higher Consciousness helpful. Let me know in the comments below. :)

If you’d like a deeper dive into understanding levels of consciousness, check out my comprehensive blog on this topic here.

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All calibrations are based on Dr. David R. Hawkins decades of research into consciousness, and the Map of Consciousness that came from this research, so as to put into context where true, constructive power really exists and where it doesn’t.

The Map of Consciousness is a logarithmic scale of 0-1,000, where 100 on the Map of Consciousness is 10 to the 100th power, 200 is 10 to the 200th power, etc. The higher you go up on the Map of Consciousness, the more quantum in nature the power level comes.

Any calibration below 200 holds no truth and no power and is destructive in nature.

TRUE POWER begins at 200 on the Map of Consciousness (10 to the 200th power) and it is the level of COURAGE. In order to turn around anything that’s negatively oriented in your life, you need to step into courage on the matter in order to do so.

Want to Understand Levels of Conscious a Little Bit More?

Check out one of our Lighthouse Presentations below, where a part of each presentation covers understanding levels of conscious in different contexts.

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