Accepting Things I Cannot Change, Life Lessons from Ram Dass.  Accepting change is a major point of resistance for many of us, especially when it requires accepting the change seemingly coming from outside of yourself.

Listen in to today’s Life Lesson from Ram Dass. It’s a little slow going at the beginning but stick with it as there are good humor and an invitation to acceptance as he goes along.

Share the changes you are willing to accept in our comments box at the bottom of the page. Let’s step into courage, neutrality, willingness, and acceptance together as we ripple out an energetic pathway of light and higher consciousness.

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Accept the Things I Cannot Change Comes from The Serenity Prayer

O God and Heavenly Father, Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Ram Dass opens this mini lecture on accepting change with the question, “How are you with change?”

Accepting Things I Cannot Change with Ram Dass on The Serenity PrayerDid your immediate response feel resistant or welcoming?

If it was welcoming, then the good news is that you have likely let go of resistance and egoic binds that hold you back.

This is an indication you are now willing and open to change!

These ways of being are of higher consciousness. Openness calibrates at 240 on the Map of Consciousness® and is a doorway to the much higher level of consciousness of willingness that calibrates at 310.

Now…if resistance popped up, then be thankful.

Without resistance, you wouldn’t know that something was blocking your willingness to change. Emotional blocks calibrate below 200 on the Map and come from lower consciousness. These blocks likely come from the unconscious that has been suppressed and repressed throughout your life.

No worries!

Don’t disparage yourself, as you maybe didn’t know better until right now.

Let’s put this into context…

The Serenity Prayer is a Super Power. It’s no wonder it’s a part of 12 Step Programs.

The statement, “I accept things I cannot change.” calibrates very high at the level of consciousness known as ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance calibrates at 350 on the Map of Consciousness®. This quantum leaps up from WILLINGNESS at 310 because the Map is logarithmic, meaning 350 = 10 to the 350th power, whereas 310 calibrates at 10 to the 310th power.

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Effective Inspirational Life Lessons Badge Badge 300x300Ram Dass calibrates at a high level of consciousness in the 400s. This fulfils our intention of bringing you life lessons of higher consciousness.

Why does this matter?

In the absence of the Map, you wouldn’t necessarily know what teachings carry real truth, and align you with TRUE POWER that is of a higher nature vs. teachings that “hold no truth.”

I think it’s fair to say that 80%+ of all “experts,” “gurus,” and “bestselling authors and teachers, lack integrity (perhaps unwittingly) and awareness of higher truths. So what they purport doesn’t necessarily help you; it misaligns you with lower consciousness where change doesn’t happen. They are the proverbial wolf in sheep clothing at some level.

Again, most of them don’t know any better because anger and righteous pride feel good, especially if you’re coming up the Map from even lower levels.

So let’s get back to what Ram Dass is sharing with us today about “accepting things I cannot change.”

What he recognizes is that change within yourself are changes of:

  • Motivation,
  • The Role You Play in Life: Like a mother who has an ego investment in her motherdom until her fledglings have left the nest,
  • Health,
  • Relationship Status,
  • Financial Status,
  • Job Situation,
  • Self-Image
  • Your Body, etc…

Ram Dass tells a funny story well worth the listen. It’s a story about a frog looking for help, at about 3:45 in the video.

The resolution to the story is such a refreshing perspective on accepting change and, in turn, new perspectives and values in life.

Ram Dass’s invitation is to find a change or take a look at a significant change going on in your life.

What change can you look at from a perspective of higher consciousness?

How can you “be the change” you want to see in your life?

Remember, whatever level of consciousness you view something is the lens that clouds or sheds true light on that thing.

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it.”

Accepting things that I cannot change” is a powerful doorway to solving problems (at 350 on the Map), and stepping into courage (200) is the begging to effective change (210+)

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About Ram Dass

Conscious Aging with Ram Dass LecturesRam Dass a contemporary spiritual teacher who wrote the 1971 bestseller Be Here Now.

He is well-known for his association with Timothy Leary at Harvard University in the early 1960s, both having been dismissed from their professorships for experiments on the effects of psychedelic drugs on human subjects. Alpert accepted a permanent position at Harvard, where he worked with the Social Relations Department, the Psychology Department, the Graduate School of Education, and the Health Service, where he was a therapist. He was also awarded research contracts with Yale and Stanford.

In this video, Ram Dass speaks of change, and how it affects us all. Please click the following link for additional Ram Dass teachings on Change:

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