How Can One with Empaths Traits or Highly Sensitive Persons Step Into Your Strong Suit?

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Do you know if you have empaths traits or that you may have the empaths personality of a highly sensitive person?

Maybe you feel like you are overly sensitive and always thought there was something wrong with you? If so, this could be your lucky day, as you are not alone!

Join me in The Mind Body Spirit Network’s High Vibe Tribe expert interview with special guest, Bevin Niemann. Bevin is stepping out into her empathic leadership role as Host of The Shift Network’s event : The Evolutionary Empath Summit; Inspired Strategies for Empaths, Empathic Intuitives and Highly Sensitive Persons. (click here to register thru May 13 2019)

She is also sharing more about what she does to guide empaths, highly sensitive persons, and (what she calls) super intuitives to own their unique gifts and step into their own sovereign powers. She has first hand experience that embracing, understanding and aligning with your empathic abilities is well worth your effort!

So do you have some of the empaths traits Bevin speaks of in this video?

Do you feel you are an empathic intuitive?

If so, we’d love for you to share your comments and experiences below!

Bevin mentions that there is a difference in empaths traits between an empath and a highly sensitive person. The empath tends to be more intuitive and highly sensitive.

Which one do you think or feel you may be if either one? Are you an empath or a highly sensitive person?

If you’d like to connect with Bevin and find out more about her Guild of Perceptive Souls click here.

Interested in The Evolutionary Empath Summit? You have until May 13th to view the FREE recordings.

Register here.

Check out all of our HSP Training and Empath Training Online Courses here.

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