The Inner MBA: Self Mastery and Conscious Leadership Training & Self-Mastery Begins September 2024

The Inner MBA 2024: Discover the first-of-its-kind conscious leadership training and self-mastery training for entrepreneurs, CEOs, corporate executives and managers, consultants, coaches and trainers, professionals, non-profit and social leaders, high performers, and visionaries.  Join renowned CEOs, business leaders, spiritual leaders, and wisdom teachers. Let’s Master Your Inner Game, too! See the impressive list of faculty members here.

2024 Inner MBA Classes Begin September 18th, 2024

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Take Your MBA to a Whole New Level with Conscious Leadership Training and Self Mastery

Learn How to Manage Your Nervous System for Success in Business an Inner MBA Discussion

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I am very excited to share that conscious leaders are coming together to teach the significance of self-mastery in business for the first time.  Discover mastering your “Inner Game” related to conscious leadership in business at an MBA level.

This pioneering curriculum is being brought together by conscious leaders from Sounds True in collaboration with the most significant business networking group (LinkedIn), the premier conference on consciousness in technology (Wisdom 2.0), and an established university (New York University as MindfulNYU).  Sounds True is bringing together something that’s been missing from the current business landscape.

Now you can join top CEOs + business trainers, neuroscientists, and spiritual teachers who will share the stories and best practices that keep them aligned, resilient, and on purpose. They come together in a “conscious leadership” and business collaboration called The Inner MBA 2024, starting September 18th, 2024. This first-of-its-kind conscious leadership training and self-mastery for “Mastering Your Inner Game” has a limited enrollment and application period. Find out more here.

So What is Conscious Leadership Training and Why Does it Matter?

How to Ask Big Bold Questions That get Results with Former Patagonia CEO, Rose MarcarioThe intention behind conscious leadership training is to shift the way business is done by focusing on how inner skills and your inner game—like mindfulness, compassion, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and empathy—drive outer results … and how businesses of the future will need to deliver on multiple bottom lines.

As a teacher of consciousness, I’d like to explore a little bit more the relationship between conscious leadership training related to the Map of Consciousness® and operating from higher levels of consciousness.

It makes understanding conscious leadership easier when you put it into context.

Wouldn’t knowing how you need to “be” as a conscious leader to affect change and operate from a level of consciousness that has true power would be helpful?

Introducing the Map of Consciousness®, a Tool for Conscious Leadership Training

Map of Consciousness by Dr. David R. HawkinsThe Map of Consciousness®, created from decades of consciousness research by Dr. David R. Hawkins, puts conscious leadership and conscious leadership training into context. (You can explore the scientific research and results in Dr. Hawkins’ renowned book Power vs. Force)

Before I begin pointing out what level of consciousness conscious leadership training needs to work around, let’s put the Map of Consciousness® into context. The MOC is a logarithmic scale from 1 to 1000. Each point on the MOC is a log 10, meaning 1 on the MOC equals 10 to the 1st power, and 1,000 on the MOC is 1 to the 1000th power.

The higher you go up the map, the steeper the grade and the inherent “power” of higher consciousness.

Lower Levels of Consciousness:

Anything below 200 on the MOC is downward pulling and negative aspect-oriented. It is inherently destructive and has no power to “create” or manifest what you want. You will certainly NOT be an effective leader if you operate below 200 on the MOC. There’s no energy there to create. There’s no “gas in the tank,” so to speak.

These are considered lower levels of consciousness*.

Example of ways of being that are lower levels of consciousness include:

  • pride,
  • perfectionism,
  • righteousness,
  • anger,
  • resentment,
  • hatred,
  • grief & loss,
  • blame, shame, and guilt

Blame, shame, and guilt, by the way, are some of the lowest levels of consciousness you can operate from. If you intend to be a conscious business leader, you need to grasp this truth. You will not be an influential and beloved leader if you always blame, shame, and guilt others for any reason.

This type of behavior is a downward pulling destructive field of consciousness. You don’t necessarily want to get caught in this trap!

If you intend to be a conscious leader in business, it’s helpful to know that you need to “let go of” lower levels of consciousness to be effective, beloved, and powerful.

*You can watch my videocast all about the lower levels of consciousness here.

According to Consciousness Research:

Only 15% of the world operates at 200 or above on the Map of Consciousness. 50% of the United States operates at 200 or above.

Higher Levels of Consciousness* Necessary for Conscious Leadership Training

How to Lead Without Ego - Conscious Leadership Training with Inner MBA Michelee MaldonadoTo be an effective and powerful business leader, it’s helpful to understand the levels of consciousness necessary to be a conscious leader and to master your inner game.

350 on the MOC (or 10 to the 350th power) is the level of acceptance on the MOC.

According to consciousness research, it is the level of consciousness that is required to solve problems.

It is also the level of consciousness that is willing to accept that you are the creator of your own experience.

Suppose you are a student of the Law of Attraction and are familiar with the Teachings of Abraham from Esther and Jerry Hicks. In that case, you will remember that they always ask you to “accept that you are the creator of your own experience.”

Conscious leadership training should, in one way or another, address this very significant understanding and level of consciousness.

You have to be willing to accept responsibility as a leader. You can’t blame, shame, and guilt the people you lead. You also have to cease from playing the victim of anything. You have to let go of lower levels of consciousness (and all forms of victimhood) to step into the power of this compelling and transformative level of consciousness.

Again, 350 on the MOC is the level of consciousness required to solve real problems. If you find you cannot solve a problem, it could be pointing you here. You need to become self-aware and willing to look at the level of consciousness you may be operating from. You need to operate at 350 and above to solve many problems.

How to trust your intuition as a leader workshop Self-mastery and “Mastering Your Inner Game” come from a level of consciousness that is beyond courageous. You are willing to be wrong, reasonable, and rational.

It is also the level of the energy or “power” of forgiveness. This is where self-mastery comes in. Being willing to forgive yourself is hugely powerful in consciousness.

Compassion for yourself and others is a more advanced lesson in self-mastery, as compassion is at the level of consciousness of unconditional love at 540 on the MOC.

Let’s take a look at some of the higher levels of consciousness that are hallmarks of conscious leadership and where conscious leadership training will operate.

Higher Levels of Consciousness from Dr. Hawkins book Power vs. Force and his Map of Consciousness:

Other “ways of being” that are indicative of self-mastery  of your inner game include:

  • Happy, which calibrates at 395
  • Healthy 360
  • Wise 385
  • Sense of Humor 345
  • Faithful 365
  • Equitable 365
  • Reasonable 400
  • Rational 405
  • Loving 500
  • Unconditionally loving, joyful & compassionate 540*

Please note numerous ways of being calibrated above 200 on the Map. These are just a few energy levels around and above 350 on the Map, which is considered a spiritual gateway into higher consciousness and self-mastery.

*According to consciousness research, only 4/10ths of 1% of the world’s population calibrates at 540 on the map. Lovingness and compassion are actual “power plays” in consciousness!  Most of us would not believe it because we’re not even close to being there yet. But no worries! We’re an ever-evolving planet.

"You can't solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it."

Quote from Albert Einstein

Current State of Conscious Leadership Training in 2024

Mindfulness X© is a comprehensive 8-session mindfulness training package that includes everything you need to offer mindfulness trainingConscious leadership training is crucial to modern organizational development, emphasizing self-awareness, empathy, and sustainable practices. Key components of conscious leadership involve internal reflection, presence, and understanding of the roles of emotions and mindset[1]. Leaders who embody conscious practices can create positive outcomes for themselves, their teams, and society at large[2]. This leadership style is grounded in self-awareness, mindfulness, and a deep sense of purpose.

Several organizations and initiatives offer specialized training programs to foster conscious leadership. We endorse the Inner MBA program from Sounds True and encourage you to look into the Conscious Leadership Group and Positive Psychology as well.

The Conscious Leadership Group (CLG) provides an array of coaching, consulting, forums, events, and keynotes to promote conscious cultures within organizations[3]. Their trainings, such as the two-day online intensives and the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, aim to embed integrity, trust, and joy in the workplace[4].

Emotional Intelligence MasterclassMoreover, mindful leadership training emphasizes emotional intelligence and big-picture thinking to overcome challenges like distractions, thus boosting morale and efficiency[5]. Integrating psychometric assessments further helps leaders understand their competencies across key dimensions of conscious leadership, such as responsibility, curiosity, and integrity[6].

Platforms like CLG offer resources like handouts, meditations, and online content to support lifelong learning [7]. Workshops and events, such as the Festival of Consciousness, also raise collective awareness and drive systemic change[8].

The diverse training methods, from one-on-one coaching to virtual courses, underscore the tailored approaches necessary to cultivate effective conscious leaders. These programs not only advance individual growth but also aim to transform entire organizations into spaces of ethical and practical leadership[9].

By investing in conscious leadership training, organizations can foster environments where trust, transparency, and sustainable success are paramount.

Passage: Conscious Leadership and Positive Psychology

What is conscious leadership?

Photo by Darina Belonogova

Conscious leadership is a transformative approach that integrates self-awareness, presence, and emotional intelligence into leadership practices. This leadership style emphasizes the importance of internal reflection, recognizing the roles of emotions and mindset, and their impact on effective leadership[^1]. The key principles of conscious leadership align closely with the core tenets of positive psychology, which focuses on harnessing strengths, fostering positive emotions, and creating a culture of growth and resilience[^2].

Positive Realtionships MasterClass from Positive PsychologyOne prominent theory in positive psychology is the PERMA model, which stands for Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment[^3]. This model can seamlessly integrate into conscious leadership, promoting an environment where leaders and their teams thrive. Leaders can cultivate a work environment that propels individual and organizational success by prioritizing psychological safety, clear purpose, aligned paths, and measurable progress [^4].

Emotional Intelligence MasterclassEmotional intelligence (EI) is another critical component of conscious leadership. EI training equips leaders with the tools to manage emotions, recognize limits, and navigate high-stakes conversations effectively[^5]. This training fosters a positive organizational culture, enhancing employee well-being and performance[^6].

MOtivation and Goal Achievement Masterclass from Positive Psychology

9 CCEs Masterclass

Practical implementation of positive psychology in leadership includes techniques such as positive reframing—turning problems into opportunities by exploring growth possibilities[^7]. Positive leaders also emphasize strengths over weaknesses, fostering virtuous behavior and providing growth opportunities[^8]. Renowned leadership researcher Kim Cameron highlights the importance of creating a positive organizational climate and maintaining positive relationships[^9].

Meaning & Valued Living Masterclass© from Positive PsychologyTraining programs on platforms like offer resources and exercises for adopting positive leadership practices and helping individuals and teams thrive[^10].

Continuing Coach Education from Positive Psychology


Boost Your Career With The Gold-Standard in Coaching. is a Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Provider with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Learn more about our programs that provide professional development opportunities and gain CCE Units.

Explore the 3 Top-Rated Continuing Coach Education Programs (CEC) from Positive Psychology

The Life Navigation© Masterclass Series

Earn 42 CECs with the Life Navigation Masterclass from Positive Psychology

Life Navigation© is a complete positive psychology certification program consisting of 9 video-based masterclasses that teach science-based, practical strategies to practitioners who want to grow their expertise and make a bigger impact on the lives of their clients.

Take the next step in your practitioner journey and impact more lives with positive psychology.

Emotional Intelligence Masterclass©

Earn 9 CECs with Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass© is a complete, 6-module emotional intelligence training template for helping professionals.

Besides the masterclass for you, the practitioner, it also includes all the materials you need to deliver high-quality science-based EQ training sessions.

Realizing Resilience Masterclass©

REalizing Resiliance Masterclass Earn 8 Continuing Education Credits

Help others become more resilient with this complete, 6-module resilience training template for practitioners.

Besides the masterclass for you, it also includes all the materials you need to deliver high-quality resilience training sessions that are science-based.

More About The Inner MBA: Conscious Leadership Training & Self Mastery for the Modern Business Leader

Discover the Conscious Marketing Code-- part of conscious leadership training in the Inner MBA program

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Have you ever heard that saying “You are like the five people you spend the most time with”?

The first wave of students has enrolled in the Inner MBA, and we keep hearing that they’re joining because of WHO they’ll get to meet, learn from, and build their support and resource network with.

“Mastering Your Inner Game” in The Inner MBA has been designed as entire 9-month immersion, conscious leadership training, and self-mastery experience to bring you into contact with that “one person who changes everything.”

If you’ve ever had a chance encounter in life (well, it seemed like “chance”) that brought you into a new depth of wisdom, an opportunity for growth, advancement, or a turn in your career or business …

Then you know exactly what we’re talking about here.

Conscious leaders from Sounds True, LinkedIn, Wisdom 2.0, and Mindful NYU are bringing together 22+ people who care so much about values-driven success and making sure we leave a better world behind for the generations to come …

And they want to do this through business, whether that business is a therapy or healing practice, a new app, a clothing company, or even a management position with a company.

We’d really like to get you into the same space with the world’s greatest business minds and your peers, who are disrupting business as a major force for good in the world at this time.

The world-renowned Inner MBA  faculty includes CEOs and executives from companies like LinkedIn, Google, Patagonia, and Eileen Fisher … as well as Chinedu Echeruo, who recently sold his first travel app to Apple. See a list of all of our world-renowned teachers, mentors, and wisdom leaders here. 

Network with other students who will undoubtedly be changing the world with their ideas and rising to the top of their careers.

We hope that while you are getting a world-class education on creating major success while “Mastering Your Inner Game” and staying aligned with your values …

You’ll also meet that “one person” who changes everything for you.

Apply today!

THE LAST CHANCE to Get In on This Year’s Inner MBA Program is September 18th, 2024

Payment Plans Available Here

Self-Mastery - Discover the Inner MBA Program for Conscious Business

Payment Plans Are Available to Self-Mastery of Your Inner Game Students

Meet Your Hosts of The INNER MBA: Conscious Leadership Training for Modern Business Leaders

Tami Simon Host of The Inner MBA

Tami Simon
Founder Sounds True

At age 22, Tami Simon started Sounds True, now a multimedia publisher, with a dream and a tape recorder. Though she had no business experience and only a vague idea of what she wanted the company to be, Tami had her guiding principle strongly in place: to disseminate spiritual wisdom.

Over its 35-year history, Sounds True has produced over 3,000 titles, been nominated twice for the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies, and is North America’s leading publisher of spoken-word spiritual teachings.

One of the world’s very first organizations to focus on multiple bottom lines as part of its founding mandate, Sounds True has expanded steadily over the years while staying true to its original mission. Partnering with the leading spiritual teachers of our time, Sounds True now has a successful book publishing program (distributed by Macmillan), and has grown to produce events, certification programs, and transformational online learning experiences.

Tami hosts the popular Sounds True podcast, Insights at the Edge, which has now been downloaded more than 15 million times. She is also the founder of the new Sounds True Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing spiritual education to people who would otherwise not have access. She lives in Boulder, Colorado and in British Columbia with her wife, Julie Kramer, and their two spoodles, Raspberry and Bula.

Soren Gordhammer Host of The Inner MBA

Soren Gorhammer
Founder & Host of Wisdom 2.0

Soren Gordhamer is the founder and host of Wisdom 2.0, the premier conference exploring living mindfully and wisely in the digital age. Past speakers at the Wisdom 2.0 event include the founders and CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and eBay, along with wisdom teachers including Prince Ea, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and more.

He has spoken on or taught mindfulness to people around the world—from youth in New York City’s juvenile halls, to trauma workers in Rwanda, to staff at Google’s corporate headquarters. He is also founder of the award-winning non-profit Lineage Project, which has served at-risk and incarcerated teens in New York City for over 20 years.

Soren is the author of Wisdom 2.0, one of the first books to explore living with mindfulness and wisdom within the context of our modern technological age. He works with members of the business and technology communities on living with greater mindfulness and purpose in our technology-rich age

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