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Discover Why to Love Yourself More is a “Power Play” in Consciousness
S1 E26

Discover why learning how to love yourself is a power play in consciousnessDo you realize the inherent power in consciousness to learn how to love yourself?

Even more powerful is to actually love yourself and let go of the lower level emotions and inner blocks to loving yourself more.

What does it take to love yourself more? Well, first of all, an understanding of the levels of consciousness that are required to step into true power would be a 1st good step in understanding. It’s a step in the direction of aligning with the power to love yourself more.

In the higher levels of consciousness, you need the following levels of consciousness to align with the energies to love yourself more:

What’s Step 1 in Learning How to Love Yourself More?

Step into COURAGE* on any issue in your life masteron for novice dosages that keeps you from loving yourself more.

Make a list of all the things you judge and disparage yourself for on an ongoing basis, whether that be consciously or unconsciously. Decide if you are willing to let go of the pattern of judgement and criticism of yourself. Are you willing to accept they are likely old patterns created throughout your life and that you didn’t know any better?

*Courage calibrates at 200 on the Map of Consciousness® and is the gateway into true power. The “energy” to change and let go of the past begins here. I created an entire episode on the significance of courage here.

What’s Step 2 in How to Learn to Love Yourself More?

Step into a NEUTRAL* position about your list of judgements and disparagements about yourself.

How to Learn to Love Yourself MoreI discovered that there is great power and tremendous freedom in letting go of positionalities. Stop trying to prove yourself right about anything, especially misguided beliefs you may have about yourself. These beliefs are likely derived from experiences from childhood that weren’t true about you in the first place.

Stop trying to prove yourself right to anyone. If someone is trying to prove themselves right about anything…let them! Let go of the energies of resistance (which are inherently downward pulling). Let the tug of war end.

*Nuetrality calibrates at 250 on the Map of Consciousness®. It is EVEN MORE powerful than being courageous!

What’s Step 3 in How to Love Yourself?

Be WILLING* to change & to love yourself!

Willingness is another “Power Play” in consciousness. The “energy” to change exists in the impersonal attractor field known as willingness. A good place to start in loving yourself more is to affirm:

  • “I am willing to love myself more.”
  • “I am willing to foregive myself for the past and not knowing any better about levels of consciousness and where true power exists.”
  • “I am willing to accept it takes time to align with the energies of loving myself.”

*Willingness calibrates at 310 on the Map of Consciousness (or 10 to the 310th power). There is EVEN MORE “energy” in willingness. Use it to your advantage! Check out my podcast all about the level of consciousness of willingness here.

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Here’s Step 4:

ACCEPTANCE* is the level of consciousnes where problems get solved & foregiveness happens. 

Love Yourself MoreAcceptance and forgiveness (of yourself)  is aligning with even more power and “energy” to let go of lower level of consciousness about yourself. Practice coming into acceptance on any topic in your life that keeps you from loving yourself more.

When something comes up for you or someone is really pushing your button, pratice this:

  • Become neutral on the topic. Let go of your patterned reaction and watch the energy shift into neutral. Notice the freedom of letting go of a reaction.
  • Be willing to accept this issue and the lower levels of consciousness that they repesent are only energy patterns. They have no meaning except for ones you may want to place on them.
  • Forgive yourself for the past and any way of being you want to let go of about yourself.
  • Forgive yourself for not knowing any better about levels of consciousness.
  • Accept the pattern and be willing to at least come to neutral on them, or be willing to let them go all together.
  • Affirm out loud:

“I am willing to accept this pattern in my consciousness doesn’t serve me any more and I am willing to let it go and experience the energy out.”

If you sit with it, with this intent, you will notice the energy start to diffuse and shift into a lighter one. This is a sign you are letting go of old energies. Learn how to let go in episode 10 here.

Accept where you are today. This is VERY POWERFUL! Acceptance has the “energy” to make things change, manifest differently and more positive aspect oriented.

*Acceptance calibrates at 350 on the Map of Consciousness or 10 to the 350th power. It’s extremely powerful to align with this impersonal attractor field! I encourage you to watch my episode on the higher levels of conciousness here and the lower levels of consciousness here.

Finally Step 5:

Just start loving yourself! Find something that’s easy to love about yourself every day. I’m sure you can find at least one little thing you (if not love but) like about yourself and start to fuel the fire with these things.

Love calibrates at 500 on the Map of Consciousness. That’s 10 to the 500th power! The inherent power in this level of consciousness is HUGE. Use your understanding of this to the best of your ability. Practice some form of lovingnss every day. And by the way…VALOR is the courage to love and acceptance yourself exactly as you are.

If you can work with this understanding, you are well on your way to loving yourself more in the coming  year.

When you understand the power in consciousness of loving yourself, you will “get” that all other New Year’s resolutions will be supported by the power in consciousness to manifest all of your intentions and goals for the New Year.

Watch this videocast (above) about how to love yourself more in 2020.

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